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Courtyard Theatre Plan Notes (11-01-11)

The AutoCAD plans are saved as 2000LT though they can be made available in
earlier release versions on request.
We are happy to send hard-copies unless other!ise stated these !ould be at
"#2$ scale.
%ur policy is to al!ays dra! at &ull-si'e.
%ur dra!ings generally &ollo! the A(TT CAD standards !ith layer names
colours and to some degree linetypes con&orming. Line!eights ho!ever are
restricted to 0."$ 0.2 and 0.2$.
The )D* plans are ta+en directly &rom the basic CAD dra!ings.
These !ill print at "#"00 scale on a sheet o& A,
)D*-s !ith in&ormation &rom other layers .L/ or 0ound &or e1ample2 can be
created on request.