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Huma Cheema

Research Question- How does the Islamic art Reflect through Islam?

Islamic art reflected through art by the quran, and clothing. Islam itself is a big word, and
Islamic art is just as beautiful as the word. Islam was founded in in the 7th century C.E. by
Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Then the community took shape about the Quran and
teachings about the prophet in Mecca and Medina in todays Saudi Arabia. The most beautiful
art in Islam is the Quran. The Quran is the record of word revealed from God to Muhammad
(P.B.U.H). There have been many interpretations of the Quran-only the original arabic word.

One main art that tells everything about Islam is the Quran. The Qur'an is organized
according to the length of individual chapters, so that early, and later revelations are mixed
together; it does not follow a rigid organization of thoughts. In addition, the beauty of the
powerful, poetic writing styles is not always apparent in English translation, where most of the
Arabic language are lost. The Quran comes in all different languages, for example in english,
urdu, etc. But the original language is Arabic. People believe that the Quran is the very word of
God Almighty. The Quran is the key to every muslims faith and practice. The Quran tells the
right and wrong to do in life, basically is like when you read the quran you are communicating to
god. The quran is like series of book. They are 30 sections of the quran (known as spara in
arabic). I have finished the whole series once and now now i am reading it again. In the Quran it
says that if you don't finish the Quran before you die it is a sin. The Quran is so beautiful and the
colors are just amazing.

Talking about the Quran, a big topic or a question is that why cant we picture
Allah. I always imagine or think why cant we see Allah . I asked my mom and she said
that Allah is a light so you can't see light .But I wanted to do more research about this
topic, because I always think about this. They say god is beyond any limitations, a human
eye cannot witness him. Also it says that how we cannot think of Him in any terms of
quantity, size, direction, or color because He is the creator of all these things in the world.
There is one verse in the quran that says-{No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is
over all vision: He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things.}
(Al-An`am 6:103. This quote means that he is above all, nobody can beat him no matter
what. Even though we might not see Allah, he is around us everywhere.He is in our
hearts, in our minds, and everywhere.So no matter what-we cant picture Allah, and even
on judgemnet day we wont get to see him.

Then some artifacts tell a lot about Islam.We went to the Metropolitan Museum
and I found a lot of artifacts and all of the artifacts had some kind of an arabic word on
it. For example one artifact was the Mihrab (Prayer Niche).This was located in Iran,
Isfahan. The framing of it of the Mihrab containing hadith of Prophet Mohammed in
Kufic script. The prayer Niche was originally set into the qibla wall of theological school
in Isfahan, now know as a Madrasa Imami, built just after the collapse of the Ilkhanid
dynasty. The mihrab was created by joining a myriad of cut glazed tiles to produce its
intricate arabesque and calligraphic designs. The result is one of the earliest and finest
examples of mosaic tilework.This reflect through islam because this is where the priest
reads the prayer and it has all of the arabic writings of like the Allah names.Also this tells
where the person reads when they pray. So this tells how Islamic art reflects through

There is a lot of creative art in Islam, but that doesn't mean all art is allowed be
drawn as islam art. For example you cannot have a human being picture in front of you
and on the sides if you are praying. Also in general in Islam a human picture is not aloud
or what we say Haram. Islam religion is monotheism. Islam is a arabic word that means
submission to go. Images of human or any living creature are banned in Islamic art to
avoid the possibility that these images may lead to polytheism and might lead people to
the wrong path of worshiping partners to God. You can see many people throughout the
world worshiping images and paying full respect and submission to them. However,
Muslims, as the people of monotheism, worship and submit to God alone with no
partners.The art that is allowed in Islam is nature: as trees, rivers, waters falls, skies,
clouds, etc.

In conclusion, religion is really important in Islamic art. Now days Muslims still
follow the rules even though it has been thousand of years since the rules were made.
Even though the religion Islam is old, the rules and its feature look and sound like Islam
was just found.