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}oey Fabian

Instiuctional Applications of the Inteinet

Inteinet Pioject
Fall 2u1S

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Foi my Inteinet Pioject, I ueciueu to shaie a webpage that I have cieateu using the Web 2.u
tool Yola. Yola is an online tool that allows useis to cieate fiee websites without neeuing to
have knowleuge of BTNLBTNLS language. The link above will take you to the website I
cieateu anu useu until I became knowleugeable in BTNL language anu at that point I
cieateu my own website using that foimat. The ieason I wanteu to shaie this website anu
the ieason I enuoise the teacheis in my builuing to use this paiticulai tool is its ease of use.
The tool is uesigneu to allow useis to simply click, uiag, anu uiop vaiious wiugets anu items
wheie they woulu like them to be placeu. The menus aie veiy easy to navigate anu many of
the icons will uisplay what things will look like befoie placing it. The webpage you will view
by clicking on the link above was put togethei in only about an houi oi two. Foi a multipage
website with all the featuies it contains, that is an impiessive feat anu one that I hope will
entice some to exploie this tool foi themselves. I will biiefly go thiough the featuies of my
website so that you can see just a select few of the many things you can place insiue youi
own website.

0n the home page you will see my navigation links acioss the tops of the page. As you can
see, again in only an houi oi so, I have cieateu a seven-page website! A bannei has been
chosen to go along with my subject aiea (the solai flaies to go with my science couise).
0nuei the bannei I have incluueu an aiea wheie I have listeu the topics being coveieu in all
of my classes anu any impoitant announcements that paients oi stuuents neeu to be awaie
of. If my stuuents will be watching a viueo, I always post a tiailei foi the paients to see so
that they aie awaie of what is being vieweu in class. Next to the movie tiailei is a scheuuling
tool. This is a tool that my paients use to make an appointment to see me oi have me call
them. It is veiy convienent tool. 0pon clicking "Set up a Confeience," you will see a list of
available times to meet with me oi have a phone call placeu to them. They simply click on
the time they woulu like, fill out the biief foim anu click scheuule. The tool then notifies me
that I have an appointment via email anu text message. Below the scheuuling tool is a photo
collection that I upuate iegulaily baseu on the topics being uiscusseu in class oi of my
stuuents completing a lab oi pioject. Below that is an aiea wheie stuuents oi paients can
post anu ieply to comments on my class facebook page. Below that is my social meuia
buttons (twittei, facebook anu google+). Finally at the bottom of my page is my contact

The seconu page is the homewoik page. 0n this page I list the homewoik foi all of my
classes foi the entiie week. I post this on Nonuay anu it gives stuuents an iuea of what's
aheau in the week oi what they miss if they aie absent. This page is uesigneu in a column

The thiiu page is the assignments page. In foimat, the layout is just like the pievious page
(Bomewoik). The uiffeience heie is that I uploau a copy of all PoweiPoints, Notes,
Banuouts, Woiksheets, etc. This is so that if a stuuents loses an assignment oi leaves an
assignment at school anu neeus to complete it foi homewoik, they can simply go to my site
open it anu piint a new one. This also gives paients a gieat way of seeing what is being
leaineu in my class anu a way foi them to check to see what woik theii chiluien shoulu be
biinging home to woik on. This page is much moie expansive on my actual website, but
again this is a uemo site I use to show teacheis in my builuing how they can aiiange theii
own website.

The next page is a Calenuai. This is an extiemely useful tool. I simply useu the uoogle
Calenuai Wiuget anu embeuueu my uoogle Calenuai onto the website. Within that calenuai
I have 4 categoiies: uieen aie 8
giaue events, 0iange aie }unioi Bigh Events, Blue aie
whole school events, anu Reu aie othei events. Theie aie no events on heie again as this is a
uemo site. This calenuai is gieat foi stuuents anu paients alike to look aheau to the coming

The next page is a Paient's Page. This is wheie I woulu post things that the stuuents aie not
necessaiily conceineu with but that aie impoitant foi my paients to know. I noimally
woulu post heie the weekly newslettei, the monthly PAC (Paient Auvisoiy Committee)
meeting minutes, vaiious piogiams to suppoit the school with instiuctions (i.e. Boxtops,
Campbell's Points, etc.) anu I also incluue this contact foim. Even though paients aie able to
call me on my cell phone, tweet me, oi senu me a Facebook message, not evei paient has
this ability oi access at all times anu not eveiy teachei gives paients that access to them, so I
always leave this foim as an option to contact me if neeueu anu to show the othei teacheis
in my builuing how a piofessional anu effective foim can be cieateu in a mattei of a minute
oi two.

The next page is a simple page with a lettei to the paients about myself. This can be
uesigneu in any way anu a lot of times I help the othei teacheis in my builuing to uploau a
photo of themselves on this page (I am just not the photogenic type of peison!).

The final page is a page I uploau my lesson plans to foi my piincipal. In my builuing, we
neeu to submit lesson plans on a bi-weekly basis. Bue to not actually having a haiu copy
lesson plan book, anu not wanting to bombaiu my piincipal with an oveiwhelming amount
of lesson plan books at once, I simply cieateu this passwoiu piotecteu page (which he has
the login infoimation foi) to uploau my lesson plans to. Be simply clicks on the navigation
link at the top of the page "Lesson Plans," anu inputs the login cieuentials. Foi this uemo
site the login is 0seiname: aumin Passwoiu: aumin. This will give access to the page to
whoevei has the login cieuentials. Passwoiu piotecteu pages aie easy to cieate. You simply
cieate youi page anu then go to the page settings anu click passwoiu piotect, assign a
useiname anu passwoiu, anu youi uone!

I hope that you can see thiough this pioject that cieating a website is not uifficult with a
tool like Yola. Theie is no neeu foi any type of BTNLBTNLS language backgiounu. It is a
simple click, uiag, anu uiop inteiface. The best pait is the website I have shown you touay
thiough the above link was maue with the FREE veision of Yola, yes FREE! Theie aie othei
featuies that you can upgiaue too as well, but if the featuies I have shaieu (anu theie aie so
many moie like auuio, web commeice, etc.) aie what you aie looking to implement into
youi classioom website, give Yola a tiy, you won't be uisappointeu!