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Table Formatting Options

Create a time table format using TimeTable1.csv and perform following formatting options
1. Set the table in Medium Shading 2 Accent 5 style.
2. Apply Serif font,12pts on all headers (row & column).
3. Apply Sans Serif Font,11 pts on cell values.
4. Merge the column having Lunch value as one column.
5. After merging, set the text lunch in vertical alignment.
6. Set it in the center of cell.
7. Change the background colour to Yellow and foreground colour to Red.
8. Insert the Caption before the table as Time Table of Class 8-A.
9. Keep it in Bold, Underline and Center Alignment of the table.
10. Set Header Column width as per contents of the cell (Fit Text).
11. Save this work as YourName-A15 in word document format.