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Jessa Mae De Guzman BSED English

Humanities 1
General Santos City is proud to be
the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.
Aside from tunas, the city has also
other things to be proud of. The
tourist spots and festivals of General
Santos City make it a great
destination for tourists.
Gensan by Night
Aerial View of Downtown Gensan/ Plaza
Heneral Santos
Located among the highest peaks
of mountainous Barangay
Olympog, General Santos
City, overlooking Sarangani Bay
and GenSan on the south, the
park which is fully operational
actually has two ziplines.
5th Mountain Zip Line of
Balakayo Adventure Park
Sarangani Highlands

Sarangani Highlands is located on
a hilltop overlooking Sarangani
Bay. It has an awesome view of
both the sea, downtown Gensan
and majestic Mt. Parker and Mt.
Matutum on a clear day.
Kalaja crust
Klaja is found at Barangay Conel,
which is located 15km at the North
East side of General Santos City, at
Barangay Conel, Kalaja is then
surrounded with towers of karsts
formation made millions of years ago.
It produced waterfalls & caves.

Bunga Spring is found in the center
of the Kalaha Karsts Area in
General Santos City. The place has
a campsite for tourists and
stargazing is a great night activity.
Bunga Spring
Sanchez Peek
Sanchez Peak is a good site for
relaxation. You can see the whole
GenSan area and the towns of
Alabel, Malapatan, Glan, and
Maasim, which surround the
Sarngani Bay. It has a wide area for
enjoy the scenic Mt. Sabrina Panorama View & Resort, pride of
General Santos City. Its exclusivity makes it the best place to
unwind and de-stress. Mt. Sabrina confines you with its fresh air
and breathtaking sights, revitalizing your senses and wakes
familiarity with nature.
Mt. Sabrina
Gensan Tuna Fishport
Take the morning flight and proceed to the
General Santos Fish Port Complex and
experience the tuna trade first-hand. The
celebrated yellow fin tuna can be as heavy as
any healthy human at 150 pounds! Weighed,
graded, sold and shipped directly from the fish
port, they can be found in fish markets in Japan
and delis in Seattle. Other species of tuna such
as Bigeye, Billfish, and Skipjack are also
Greenleaf Hotel is the newest hotel in
General Santos City. With 111 rooms and
suites spread across its five floors,
Greenleaf Hotel is also said to be the
biggest hotel in Gensan so far.
Greenleaf Hotel
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