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Unit 12 Grammar Worksheet

Interchange Intro Teachers Resource Worksheets Cambridge University Press 2013 Photocopiable
Complete the conversations. Use the verbs in the box.

drink go have help rest take
feel go have listen take work

1. Dr. Hart: Hello, Liz! Whats wrong?
Liz: I feel sick. I _______ a stomachache
and a headache.
Dr. Hart: I see. Here, _______ one of these pills every
three hours. And dont _______ any coffee or soda.
2. Mr. Kent: Whats the matter, Kelly?
Kelly: I think I _______ the flu.
Mr. Kent: Thats too bad. Listen. _______ home, _______
some aspirin, and _______ in bed.
Kelly: Thanks, Mr. Kent.
3. Danielle: Oh, Im so tired. Every day is the same: work,
work, work! Im exhausted.
Roger: Im sorry to hear that. Maybe I can _______.
_______ home early. _______ to some relaxing
music and dont _______ too hard.
A Look at these problems. Write some advice for each person.
1. Beth: I cant sleep at night.
2. Ken: Im a little heavy, and I cant lose weight.
3. Marcelo: I miss my family in Argentina. Im homesick.
4. Sandra: I think I have a cold. I have a sore throat and a headache.
5. Kevin: I have a really bad toothache.
6. John: Im always late for school.
7. Jenny: Im going to have a party this evening, and theres no food in the house!
8. Monica: I dont have a nice dress for Jennys party.
B PAIR WORK Take turns acting out the problems in part A. Your partner
gives sympathy and advice.
A: I cant sleep at night.
B: Thats too bad. So, read a book or magazine. And dont have any coffee!