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Sitting through this entire round will probably give you cancer

Cohen 14 ( Elizabeth Cohen, June 17

, 2014, Sitting too long may increase your cancer risk,
If youre spending a lot of time sitting every day, either in front of the TV or at work, you may be at
higher risk for developing certain types of cancer, according to new research published this week in the
Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The study found an additional two hours a day of sedentary
behavior was linked to an 8% increase in colon cancer risk, a 10% increase in endometrial cancer risk and
a 6% increase in risk for lung cancer. It did not find the same connection for breast, rectum, ovary and
prostate cancers or for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Researchers came to these conclusions by analyzing 43
existing studies that included more than 4 million study participants and 68,936 cancer cases to
measure the relationship between hours spent sitting and certain types of cancers.