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Grade 11 English 30SC Course Outline Fall/Winter 2014-15

Mr. Grunerud, room 215 dgrunerud@sjsd.net

English 30SC Throughout this course, students will explore a range of literary genres,
complete a variety of reading and writing assignments, as well as have many opportunities
for viewing, discussion and creative expression.

Students will be expected to use their critical thinking skills to evaluate works
read/viewed/discussed in class and on their own time. There will be a focus on media
literacy, which includes understanding and interpreting various forms of spoken, written,
and visual media.

Creative freedoms will be given to those students who demonstrate the ability to work
hard and learn from their mistakes.

Students will be expected to develop their opinions and the ability to express them.

Students are expected to fulfill the classroom guidelines that are developed in the first

As humans we acquire new skills is through their use and practice. Participation in
classroom discussions and completion of assignments will greatly increase these abilities in
general. The only wrong answer: not to try.

Student Assessment is based on the student's overall effort and participation in and of the
material covered in class. Students who have missed class, shown little effort in handing in
self-directed work, or show little effort in participation in class discussions will have great
difficulty meeting grade level expectations. In short: effort that students display in their
own education will be rewarded with their understanding of the material. Students that are
unwilling or unable to demonstrate grade level effort in Learning Outcomes will not receive
a credit.

25% Final Exam

75% Term work (which includes in-class assignments, attendance, participation in
discussions and presentations, homework, and tests)

Most assignments will be assessed according to these General Curriculum Outcomes:
Explore new ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences.
Celebrate and build community.
Enhance Clarity and artistry of communication.
Comprehend and respond personally and critically to spoken, print, visual and other media.
Manage Ideas and Information.

Specific areas of study include the following:
Short Stories
Online Columns/Blogs/Newsfeeds/Social Media
Poetry/Self Expression/Graffiti / Slam Poetry/Art
Novels: The Giver or Killing Mr. Griffin
Shakespeare! Macbeth
Film/ Online Videos/ YouTube Channels/ Discovery Online/ TED Talks

30SC Assessment

You will receive credit in the following areas:
a) daily assignments/homework
b) extended writing assignments
c) Weekly writing Assignment
d) oral work/presentations/response and discussion participation
e) quizzes/tests
f) Final Exam - School Based
Your progress through the course will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Working for Success

If you miss any classes (that would include assignments, assessments, etc.) it is
YOUR responsibility to get caught up. Check with me as to the best time to complete
this catch up.
You will be considered late if you arrive after the bell and the class has begun.
Please enter the room quietly, leave your late slip on my desk, and go to your seat
without disturbing any of the other students.
You will need a three-ring binder, looseleaf, several pens (black/blue ink). All
assignments that are handed in are to be in blue or black ink/or word processed.
OUR room is to be kept clean at all times. Please recycle.
Respect and courtesy are paramount to the success of OUR classroom. This
means everyone in the room has the right to enjoy a safe, positive, and non-
threatening learning environment.