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The person of Jesus in the EvMc

The messianic secret. 8.30. William Wrede's Messianic Secret in EvMc. Jesus gives private
instruction (4,10.34, 7.17, 13.3, 9.9). Escape the crowds (6.31, 9.30) 4.11 Secret Mystery. The
secret is not such as 1.1. Jesus is the Messiah, but that kind of Messiah. He had to wait until the
cross. The point is that if the disciples accept the crucified and take up our own cross.
The Son of God: 1.1; 14.62
the Messiah
Son of Man Daniel 7.13 (8.31, 9.31, 10.33 s). He Who forgives sins (2.10), is the Lord of the
Sabbath (2.28) Is Eschatological Judge returns (13.26)

the disciples

They have accepted the radical message of the Kingdom and Magnetism of Jesus and His Gospel
(1:14-15). .
The disciples play a very important role, because they are at the beginning of each section of
EvMc. They are witnesses of Jesus and His works, and to them Jesus gives private lessons (7:1-23;
13.1 ss) and private revelations (9.2 to 8 Transfiguration). They are present at the Last Supper
(14.17 to 25).
The disciples are with Jesus and must do what Jesus does (3:14-15,, 1.15, 6.12). The life and
destiny of Jesus are firmly united in His death, passion and resurrection as can be seen in each of
the 3 Ads (8:31-33 4-37,. 9:30-32, 33-37, 10, 32-34.35-40).
Negative aspect:
1) suffering Justo (Jer 20.6 to 11; Sal 38, 11; 41.9-10, Sb 2.18).
2) The theme of God's love AT disappointed by infidelity and the failure of his people (Ex 32-34; Sal
3) The context of Mark's community: Persecution of Nero. According to Tacitus some Christians
succumbed to persecution and torture and failing disciples in Mark are somehow hope of
conversion to God's mercy.