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High-Profile Baiul vs.

Saga Continues
A legal dispute between former Olympic figure
skater Oksana Baiul and media giant NBCUniversal
has reignited in recent weeks. In February 2013,
Baiul filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against NBC
and skating promoter Steven Disson for their use of
her name and image in a limited advertising
campaign for television shows in 2011 and 2012.
According to the suit, the skater initially agreed to be
a part of the event, but withdrew weeks after the
agreement and never appeared on the shows.
Judge Katherine Forrest dismissed the case in April
of this year on the grounds that Baiul had provided
no evidence that she suffered any real damages
from the alleged misconduct. Steven Disson's
attorney, Joe Tacopina, praised the ruling, noting
that Judge Forrest "saw right through" Baiul's efforts
to gain media attention.
In late May, NBC announced it would seek to
recover legal fees incurred in defending against
Baiul's lawsuit. In its filing, the company claimed that
Baiul's lawsuit had been an attempt to "extort"
millions of dollars in undeserved royalties over the
previous two decades. This particular language has
drawn significant fire from Baiul and her attorneys in
the weeks since NBC's filing.
As the parties surrounding this lawsuit continue to
wrangle, this celebrity case promises to remain in
the media spotlight for some time.