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Executive Summary
This Research discuss about the development of new product called Google glass and how they
manage innovation within firms. On the first part of this research, the researcher will generally
discuss about the background of Google glass itself and the company of it which is Google. Then
the next part is discussing about the feasible consideration in developing Google glass and its
new product development strategy. After that part, there will be a discussion on the multi-
dimensional concept of the Google glass itself. Then the next part is analyzing on how Google
glass manage its uncertainty and what are the dilemmas and issues behind it. In this part also the
researcher will be talking about how Google glass manages its innovation within the
organization. On the next part the researcher is discussing about organizational characteristics of
goggle that lead them to become one of the innovative company in the world. Lastly, in this part
the researcher will be explaining, how this characteristics will impact and support an
organizations or company.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary ........................................................................................................................ 1
1. Discuss and suggest some feasible application considerations when developing a new
product development strategy for Google Glass. (Question 1) ....................................................... 3
1.1. Background ...................................................................................................................... 3
1.2. Considerations When Developing a New Product Development Strategy for Google
Glass .................................................................................................................................... 5
1.3. Multi-Dimensional Concept of Google Glass .................................................................. 7
2. In this highly competitive environment, illustrate how Google Glass better manage
innovation within the organization to stay ahead of its competitor in the industry? (Question 2) . 8
2.1. Managing Uncertainty: Pearsons Uncertainty Map ........................................................ 8
2.2. Organizational Characteristics ....................................................................................... 10
3. Conclusion ............................................................................................................................. 12
4. References ............................................................................................................................. 13


1. Discuss and suggest some feasible application considerations when
developing a new product development strategy for Google Glass.
(Question 1)
1.1. Background
Google is a multinational company that based in US. This company focuses in giving a
service through internet which is as a search engine accessed by internet. Google is the famous
search engine nowadays that everyone in every part of the world uses. Google was first
established in 1998 by Larry Page and Serget Brin. Their mission was to collect world
information and help it to be accessed by everyone so that it can be useful for them. As the time
flies, Google then produce many other service through internet which are email (Gmail), office
suite (Google drive), social networking (Google+), web browser (Google Chrone), translator
(Google translate), map (Google map and Google earth), broadband service (Google Fiber) and
etc. Google also leads a project in developing an operating system for mobile called Android.
Google also started in creating a product like netbook called Chromebook and make a
partnership with an electronic manufacturer in developing high-end nexus devices. They also
acquired Motorola Mobility in 2012. Right now, Google has run more than one million servers
data centers around the world. Daily, Google process around one billion search request and about
24 petabytes of user generated data. (Portal.acm.org, 2009) Therefore according to Alexa
Internet on December 2013, currently Google.com is the most visited website around the world.
Sites which are Youtube and blogger are also owned by Google.
Few years ago, Google come up with an idea in producing an innovation product which
never exists before. Then they come up with an idea in producing a wearable technology. After
days, their mission on it was achieved by producing Google Glass. The first version of it was
design by a developer who won a lottery for their own pair of spectacles. Generally, Google
glass is a device like phones and tablets which is wearable and should be place in front of your
eyes. However according to David Pogue on 2012, it is not design as usual pair of glasses or
headband but it only looks like it. Google Glass basically is a touchpad, display, camera, GPS,
microphone and speaker that all of it is supported by its battery, memory to save data and its
processor where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also available. Everything was being built into a

spectacle frames to be displayed in human vision and stream data and information to the user.
This device allows the user to easily accessed application like email, social networking, as GPS
to give directions, browsing, video conference, take a picture, record a video, translator and etc at
any time. An innovative features is also being putted in the device which is the user can identify
their friend anywhere. It also allows the user to connect to their smartphones and make a call,
send messages and stuffs (Pogue, 2012). This device works almost the same like a smartphone
but the difference is that this device should be control and command by the user voices and
gestures especially eyes gestures. It is hard also for the observer to recognize whether Google
Glass is currently being use by the user or not. All the data and information saved in the device
can be saved into clouds by Googles server. (epic.org)


1.2. Considerations When Developing a New Product Development Strategy for
Google Glass
In developing Google Glass as a new product in the market, there are several
consideration and strategy done by the developer or marketer. There are several terms that can be
used as the consideration that has been applied by the developer in developing Google Glass.
However among those several consideration there are two consideration terms that are relevant
with the development of Google glass according to the writer. The first one is ongoing market
planning. Basically, it is like a strategy or decisions chosen by the marketer that then bring an
effect to the product development. There are called Google Glass explorer that have been
selected for a #ifihadglass contest before this device has been launched. Several winners of this
contest also became the Google glass explorer which two of them are the watchmaker called
Alpina and Frederoque Constant. According to the researcher these watchmakers can bring a
good impact on the Google glass itself as one the marketing strategy that will generally introduce
Google glass and its function to the market. As Google Glass marketer use this company as their
marketing place. The company are planning to use Google glass in their training programs,
communication practices and overall merchandising approach. They will also use Google glass
in 2,800 watch boutiques in the world to ensure that their watches are being presented to their
customer according to the branded guidelines. Their other plan also is to use Google glass as
their internal research and development tool. All these planning are going to bring a good impact
to the Google glass as this device will be known many people and they can see how this device is
actually functional. During the testing phase Google glass also has once be marketed in New
York during the New York fashion Week as it debut. On this event Google Gas was being
introduced to the market by showing its function. For example, the reporter on that event used
this device to capture the backstage. It was being used by the models on the runway. (King,
2014) Currently, Google glass has been known by many people around the world even though
the official marketer from the Google itself have not do much on their marketing action. The
researcher also suggest that the marketer should find a strategy so that everyone could realize
that this device is very useful for our daily life and it is worth it to spend a lot of many only for
this devices. For example like conducting a demo that involves the user so they will know how
this device function and work.

The next consideration that is relevant to Google glass is also the ongoing technology
management. This is where a business awareness of technology is high. A business will manage
its technology application wisely for when is the best time to use it. Currently everyone is using
technology in almost everything. As Google sees the potential of technology especially in a
smartphone and tablet, they then come up with an idea in developing this type of technology but
in a very different way and never exist before so they decide to develop an innovation called
Google Glass. The idea of Google is really innovative, different and unpredictable. (Audrey,
2014) Google itself has made a surprise to the technology industry and its market with this
product due to this has never been developed before. Their timing in producing this device is
very right due to everyone currently is aware of technology especially device that will make their
life easier. The technology in Google Glass itself has been proven. However according the
researcher opinion, everyone is now aware of technology and they know how fast and functional
a device can be. As Google glass is a new technology, at first the customer will not consider on
how this devices but as the times goes by the will realize on it and the developer should not make
them upset at this time to stay in the market. In order to achieve this, the researcher suggests that
the developer should aware of how the Google Glass works and how fast and right it is. Even
though it is not a phone but it design to be function and work like the phone. So the capacity on
how it works should be developed the same as the device that people are usually used or the
latest smartphones or tablet does. If not some of the user will switch again to their previous
device like smartphones or tablet.


1.3. Multi-Dimensional Concept of Google Glass
As Google Glass is a new product that has been developed so the concept of multi-
dimensional is relevant to Google glass. According to Trott, P on his book on 2008 stated that
this concept is about the brand, specification, price, quality, technical, packaging and etc. Google
is a well-known company that everyone knows and uses nowadays. All their applications have
been known and used by everyone that is why it has become a trusted company with a good
reputation. In Google itself, they are focusing on technology that innovative in developing a new
product. The latest product they develop is the Google Glass. Google Glass is a multi-
dimensional product because of its technology, specification, features and pricing. The display of
it is 640 x 360 that allows the user to view animation from the glass as well as the reality through
the glass with 5 mega pixel camera that allows the user to take a picture and video with the
results until 720 HD and to be saved in 16GB memory. There are also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
available in the device to connect the device to a connection and internet that is why a web
browser is also available. It also can connect to a calls and messaging through the user phones
and interact with other devices. A build in GPS is also available in Google Glass. This device is a
battery-based device that needs to be charge. All those things make Google Glass a smart device.
When the user does not want to use its function, it can also perform as normal glasses. It
performs all the functions based on the tasks directly. The price of the Google Glass is a bit high
but worth it for a device like Google Glass which is approximately $1500. (Audrey, 2014)


2. In this highly competitive environment, illustrate how Google Glass better
manage innovation within the organization to stay ahead of its competitor
in the industry? (Question 2)
2.1. Managing Uncertainty: Pearsons Uncertainty Map
In Managing Innovation within an organization there is a framework that manages
uncertainty. In managing uncertainty there is a map called Pearsons uncertainty map. According
to Trott in his book entitled innovation management and new product development stated that
this kind of framework is relevant in uncertainty or managing the innovation within an
organization. In Pearsons uncertainty map it divided into two different dimensions which are
uncertainty about the end or output and the target of the project. The other dimension is
uncertainty about means or on how to achieve the target. Then from those two dimensions, it
then separated into four different quadrants.

The first quadrant is discussing about all the activities in a high degree of uncertainty and ends.
Where the ultimate target and how to achieve the target is not defined clearly. This quadrant has
been called as exploratory research. On the second quadrant the target and end has already clear
however there is still uncertainty along the process. The second quadrant is called development

engineering where the developer will continually examine the production process in order to find
efficiencies and to reduce. Next is the third quadrant where starting from this the uncertainty of
process becomes low but the uncertainty of output is high. This quadrant is where a discovery on
the technology and its effectiveness are being held. The name given to this quadrant is
application engineering. In this part also there will be a lot of new materials come up. Lastly, the
fourth quadrant is called combining market opportunities. In this quadrant the innovative
activities is already certainty where an improvement of an existing products is being held in this
part. Sometime there is also a creation of new innovative products by combining market and its
opportunities with minimal a new technology that focus on the appearance. A speed of
development is one of the key successes in this stage. (Trott, 2008)
Based on the Pearsons uncertainty map, the development process of Google are in
quadrant three which the uncertainty on the final ends is still high however the uncertainty
during the process is already low. When Google come up with an idea in developing it, the
developer has not sure about their market and the target market. Their product may be a very
innovative product however it is the first in the market that is why there is still uncertainty about
the future or the end. Through the development some process has been done and some
technologies have been discovered to be effectively used in Google. However the developers
also are not sure if this device can be effective for the user. Until now there are still many issues
and problems in the development process of Google glass and Google Glass itself especially the
on final output of the device and the device purposes. Some of the issues have been mentioned
earlier. In order to manage this innovative product and to discover the uncertainty, the developers
of Google glass decides to make first trial to be used to only specific people as further research
and testing for the developer. From that, the developer can see how the device really function
and how beneficial and effective this technology to the human life. Most importantly from the
result of the trial it can change the uncertainty to certainty output where the developer will also
know which part of the device that still less and they can correct it to be better and certain.


2.2. Organizational Characteristics
According to Trott, P on 2008 the organizational characteristics can also facilitate the
innovation process. In the opinion of the researcher also in managing innovation within the
organization and the firms the organization characteristics also can give impact to the innovation
management. There are many different characteristics in organization in managing innovation.
The organization behind the development of Google glass is the well- known company which is
Google. According to Trott, P there are ten organizational characteristics such as growth
orientation, organizational heritage & innovation experience, vigilance and external links,
commitment to technology and R&D intensity, acceptance of risks, cross-functional cooperation
and coordination within organizational structure, receptivity, space for creativity, Strategy
towards innovation and coordination of a diverse range of skills.
In terms of Google, this company has almost covered all this characteristics. This is why
Google becomes an innovative company that has been success in developing innovative service
and products. Google is such a company that prefer a long-term growth so they can analyze and
discover everything in order to develop every their innovative technology and always take
advantage upon technology. During this long term Google is very aware of any kind of threats as
well as the opportunities. When they see any opportunities they are willing to take it even though
there are risks. They will accept the risks and also changes. If there are any dilemmas during the
development they can well managed it. Google has only small group of employees compare to
other large company. However all the employees are the chosen people that very respective to
each other and willing to work together. These people have many different skill and knowledge
with creativity and different innovative ideas on every individual. The company itself provides a
channel within them for example like Google Cafes so that the employee can interact each other
as well as entertaining. Within the company there are also called Google moderator which is a
management tool designed by their engineers. This tool is function to allow the employees to ask
question and other employee will vote for the question they will answer. By using this tool, the
employees can also discover existing ideas, suggestion, question, that organized by topics,
meeting and event. However, the employee also can freely ask question to the top management
of their weekly event which is on Friday. There also a systems in Google which file all the issues
within the company and review them. The name of the system is Google Universal Ticketing

Systems. Whenever they have problem to solve, all the related employees will be focusing 24-
hours and giving their 100% effort in solving the problems. They will also ask a feedback to
other employees in giving their ideas in solving the problem. There is regular survey on every
manager. By the result of this survey, the company will recognize the best manager and not. The
best managers will set them as the role model in the company and the worst manager will recive
an intense training and support. This is one of their strategy in motivation their company also.
All those things that have been mentioned above are the reason why Google can well managed
their innovation. Lastly, the vice president of Googles People Operation Laszlo Bock stated that
Google has cultivated a creative and passionate workforce that holds the key to the companys


3. Conclusion
Google is a well-known company that is very famous nowadays. This company has
developed many products and services on the internet and those services and products have been
used by many people nowadays. Google is currently working on their latest product which is
never been exist before called Google glass. Google glass basically is a wearable device that
function almost the same like smartphones and tablets. This device is work based on the human
gestures which is voices and eyes. In developing Google glass there are few considerations apply
in developing new product development strategy. The considerations apply is the ongoing
market planning and the ongoing technology management. There are also some suggestions
given by the researcher and a multi-dimensional concept of Google glass. In the other hand,
Google need considerate more on new product development before it launch to the market so
users can give good feedback on Google glass in the future. Through the development of Google
glass there are some uncertainties of the ends of the product. By the use of Pearsons map of
uncertainty the uncertainty can be manage. In order to manage innovation within the
organization, it depends also on how the company manages the uncertainty and also about the
organizational characteristics itself that can set the innovation in the Google company itself.


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