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Reflection paper

Hope for the flowers

Submitted by;
Mar Sean Jan Gabiosa
PHILO 2 TFR 2:30-4:00

A tale partly about life, partly about revolution and about hope is
something kind a general and shallowly standard story to think of it in first. But as
the story figuratively moves and builds up, the idea gradually wipe outs. The story
that is lovable to children actually grants the older ones the concern to think of
the storys objectives, as well as the perception how well the story can be

As the story fills up more in a caterpillar state, I can say that the cycle
purports to be in a cycle of a caterpillar not as usual the cycle of a butterfly.
Because as Stripe was born, his aim was only to grow bigger, but as soon as he
wonders that there must be more to life, then he seeks for more satisfactions and
purpose in life, being in a caterpillar form where he had really no idea of
becoming a beautiful butterfly someday. Just like in our childhood, we are very
innocent what can life offer to us. What the world had already showered upon us,
thinking only about happiness and all the good forms in life we can do.

Days go by and by and time passes, we grow older and older and we have a
particular goal in life: to gain success, to reach the top. We dream to be someone
someday. Just like Stripe, looking around, getting his curiosity work, he found the
pile of caterpillars. Even though nobody knows what exactly is up there, it must
be faith that made him join to that challenging and unsure undertaking. Learning
to compete with others as Stripe climbs up the top is also truly the nature of
humans to satisfy ourselves. We ought to do it and sometimes in bad ways. But
consequences are there, we learn from it. And eventually, we could not notice but
there was always something on us that has changed.

Along the way up the pile, Stripe meets a caterpillar that has the big doubt
of what could possibly be out there. He felt awful to her not knowingly why. And
it was possibly love, love that is unexplainable even in the story. The same in the
real world they say. That love will find its way to you, in the most unexpected
time and place, where everything seems to be a destiny.

But so absurd that there sweetness has fallen out. Stripe had to think back
about the pile. Seeking for more purpose in life, going back and questioning
himself if he did the right or wrong choices. For Stripe didnt want to live in regret.
Similar to us, for we always look back in the past. We regret for something we did.
Our understanding today actually leads to disappointment. But then we realize,
that these distresses are to overcome, that we are now willing to take the
experience into practice. That something has exchanged for the good of today.

Yellow, in seeking her purpose, met someone who showed her that there is
more to life. Though she is more skeptic that caterpillar like her can fly, she was
willing to risk everything. She found a role model, , someone who believes in his
principles so much that she became convinced that worms like her can reach the
sky without crawling all day. I guess in real life thats just what everyone needs
someone to show them another way of living, another purpose. It seems like
people just need someone with conviction, something lacking in us, for us to be
motivated and inspired.

Stripe on the other hand was very determined and disciplined in what he
was doing. He did not let anyone come in his way. He had to reach the top. But
once at the top he still was not satisfied. Sometimes where are just attracted by
things that other people are wanting, not realizing that what others want may not
be what we want. So after all the hardships, we still do not feel triumphant. We
are still not satisfied.

Yellow became a beautiful butterfly. She wanted to share her
transformation with Stripe so she visited him at the pile. Stripe saw her but didnt
recognize at first though she felt the immense love coming from her. He suddenly
knew what to do. He has to leave everything and follow her. At that point Stripe
was undergoing his own transformation. His belief was being transformed. He
was being enlightened. As he followed the butterfly, he saw the cocoons hanging.
Somehow he knew what he was supposed to do call it love or faith. He felt he
needed to let go of everything which he did. Then he became a beautiful butterfly
as well.

For me, the story depicts that the purpose in life was not to be expected;
the decisions had to be taken as well as the results it bears. The struggles are
main parts of the journey, and finding and believing comfort on others are very
helpful to reach the end. Each of us is unaware of the life more than what we
expect and imagine for today. We are usually afraid to step back as well as to step
forward in our decisions. We evaluate our past and think of the regretful doings
we considered in the first place. And each of us is afraid of leaving the present life
and state because of some indeterminate things. But because of these, the cycle
goes on; we do not rule or dictate the upcoming story, but we make the story to
goes on.

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