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1 G00 Positioning

2 G01 Linear Interpolation

3 G02 Circular Interpolation (CW)
4 G03 Circular Interpolation (CCW)
5 G04 Dwell
6 G20 Home Position Command
7 G21 ATC Home Position Command
8 G22 Torque skip command
9 G28 Torque Limit command cancel
10 G29 Torque Limit command
11 G30 Skip cycle
12 G31 Fixed thread cutting cycle: Longitudinal
13 G32 Fixed thread cutting cycle: End Phase
14 G33 Fixed thread cutting cycle
15 G34 Variable lead thread cutting cycle: Increasing lead
16 G35 Variable lead thread cutting cycle: Decreasing lead
17 G36 Machine spindle-feed rod synchronized feeding (forward)
18 G37 Machine spindle-feed rod synchronized feeding (reverse)
19 G40 Tool Nose Radius Compensation: CANCEL
20 G41 Tool Nose Radius Compensation: LEFT
21 G42 Tool Nose Radius Compensation: RIGHT
22 G50 Zero Offset. Maximum Spindle Speed Designation G62 Mirror image designation
23 G64 Mirror image control OFF
24 G65 Mirror image control ON
25 G72 Compound Fixed Thread Cutting Cycle: Longitudinal
26 G71 Compound Fixed Thread Cutting Cycle: Transverse
27 G73 Longitudinal Grooving Compound Fixed Cycle
28 G74 Transverse Grooving Compound Fixed Cycle
29 G75 Automatic Chamfering
30 G76 Automatic Rounding
31 G77 Tapping compound fixed cycle
32 G78 Tapping cycle reversed thread
33 G80 End of Shape Designation (LAP)
34 G81 Start of Longitudinal Shape Designation (LAP)
35 G82 Start of Transverse Shape designation (LAP)
36 G83 Start of Blank material shape definition (LAP)
37 G84 Change of cutting conditions in bar turning cycle (LAP)
38 G85 Call of Rough Bar Turning Cycle (LAP)
39 G86 Call of Rough copy Turning Cycle (LAP)
40 G87 Call Finish Turning Cycle (LAP)
41 G88 Call of continuous thread cutting cycle (LAP)
42 G90 Absolute Programming
43 G91 Incremental Programming
44 G94 Feed Per Minute Mode (MM.MIN)
45 G95 Feed Per Minute Mode (MM/REV)
46 G96 Constant Cutting Speed "ON"
47 G97 Constant Cutting Speed "OFF"
48 G101 Linear Interpolation in Contour Generation
49 G102 Circular Interpolation in Contour Generation (FACE) (CW) M
50 G103 Circular Interpolation in Contour Generation (FACE) (CCW)
51 G110 Constant speed cutting on turret A
52 G112 Circular thread cutting CW
53 G113 Circular thread cutting CCW
54 G132 Circular Interpolation in Contour Generation (SIDE) (CW)
55 G133 Circular Interpolation in Contour Generation (SIDE) (CCW)
56 G136 End of Coordinate System Conversion or Y-Axis Mode OFF
57 G137 Start of Coordinate System Conversion or Y-Axis Mode OFF
58 G140 Designation of Machining Mode Using Main Spindle
59 G141 Designation of Machining Mode Using Sub Spindle
60 G161-G170 G-code macro function MODIN
61 G171 G-code macro function CALL
62 G178 Synchronized tapping cycle (forward)
63 G179 Synchronized tapping cycle (reverse)
64 G180 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: CANCEL
65 G181 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: DRILLING
66 G182 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: BORING
67 G183 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: DEEP HOLE DRILLING
68 G184 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: TAPPING
69 G185 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: LONGITUDINAL THREAD CUTTING
70 G186 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: END FACE THREAD CUTTING
72 G188 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: TRANSVERSE STRAIGHT THREAD CUTTING
73 G189 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: REAMING/BORING
74 G190 Machine Compound Fixed Cycle: KEYWAY CUTTING CYCLE
76 M00 Program Stop
77 M01 Optional Stop
78 M02 End of Program
79 M03 Spindle CW
80 M04 Spindle CCW
81 M05 Spindle Stop
82 M06 Tool Change
83 M08 Coolant ON
84 M09 Coolant OFF
85 M12 Machine Spindle STOP
86 M13 Machine Spindle CW
87 M14 Machine Spindle CCW
88 M15 C-Axis Positioning
89 M16 C-Axis Positioning (NEG)
90 M17 CEJ MATIC :Request of Data transfer
91 M18 Post-process Gauging RS232C: Request of Data transfer
92 M19 Oriented Spindle Stop
93 M20 Tailstock Barrier OFF or spindle interference monitoring OFF (opposed two-spindle models)
94 M21 Tailstock Barrier ON or spindle interference monitoring ON (opposed two-spindle models)
95 M22 Chamfer OFF
96 M23 Chamfer ON
97 M24 Chuck Barrier OFF, Tool interference OFF
98 M25 Chuck Barrier ON, Tool interference ON
99 M26 Thread Lead Along Z-Axis
100 M27 Thread Lead Along X-Axis
101 M28 Tool Interference Check Function OFF
102 M29 Tool Interference Check Function ON
103 M30 End of Program
104 M32 Straight In-feed along thread face mode (on left face)
105 M33 Zigzag in feed in Thread Cutting
106 M34 Straight In-feed along thread face mode (on right face)
107 M40 Spindle gear Range Neutral
108 M41 Spindle Gear Range 1
109 M42 Spindle Gear Range 2
110 M48 Spindle Speed Override Ignore Cancel
111 M49 Spindle Speed Override Ignore
112 M55 Tailstock Spindle Retract
113 M56 Tailstock Spindle Advanced
114 M58 Chucking Pressure Low
115 M59 Chucking Pressure High
116 M72 ATC Unit Position at Approach Position
117 M73 Thread Cutting Pattern 1
118 M74 Thread Cutting Pattern 2
119 M75 Thread Cutting Pattern 3
120 M76 Parts Catcher Retract
121 M77 Parts Catcher Advanced
122 M78 Steady Rest Unclamp
123 M79 Steady Rest Clamp
124 M80 over cut Advanced
125 M81 over cut Retract
126 M83 Chuck Clamp
127 M84 Chuck Unclamp
128 M85 No Return to the Cutting Starting Point after the completion of rough turning cycle (LAP)
129 M86 Turret Indexing direction: CW (reverse)
130 M87 Cancel of M86
131 M98 Tailstock Spindle Thrust Low
132 M99 Tailstock Spindle Thrust High
133 M109 Cancel of M110
134 M110 C-Axis J oint
135 M134 Z-Axis Thrust Monitoring OFF
136 M135 Z-Axis Thrust Monitoring ON
137 M136 Designation of Multiple fixed cycle configuration
138 M137 Touch setter interlock release ON
139 M138 Touch setter interlock release OFF
140 M139 Lead Machining Function - Learning Operation
141 M140 Tapping Cycle M-Tool Constant Rotation Answer Ignored
142 M141 C-Axis Clamp or not Selection
143 M142 Coolant Pressure Low
144 M143 Coolant Pressure High
145 M146 C-Axis Unclamp
146 M147 C-Axis Clamp
147 M152 M-Tools Spindle Interlock ON
148 M153 M-Tools Spindle Interlock OFF
149 M161 Feedrate Override Fix (100%)
150 M162 Cancel of M163
151 M163 M-Tools Spindle Speed Override Fix (100%)
152 M168 Ignoring M-Tool Spindle Constant Speed Answer
153 M169 C-Axis NoClamp
154 M191 M-Tool Spindle Orientation Direction Specified CW
155 M192 M-Tool Spindle Orientation Direction Specified CCW
156 M197 Thread Cutting Phasing Stroke Clear
157 M211 Keyway Cutting Style: Minus Direction
158 M212 Keyway Cutting Style: Zigzag
159 M213 Keyway Cutting Style: Designated Depth Infeed
M214 Keyway Cutting Style: Equal Depth Infeed
161 A-Angle measurement
162 B-Angle measurement for threads
163 C- Coordinate values on linear axis
164 D-Lap
165 E-Secondary feed rate
166 F-Feed rate
167 H-Thread height (LAP)
168 I- Arc center offset
169 J -Lead value for threading
170 K-Arc center offset
171 L-Lap command
172 M-See list above
173 N-Sequence number
174 O-Program name
175 S-Spindle speed
176 SB-M-Tool speed
177 T- Tool #, Tool offset #,Tool nose radius
178 W-LAP command
179 X -Diameter dimension word
Z-Longitudinal dimension word
Other Codes used in okuma programming