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Human Ecology Grade 8

Course Outline
George Waters Middle School
190 Ferry Road
Teacher: Mrs. M Ngegba
Email: mngegba@sjsd.net
Phone No. (204) 888 4898
Extra help will be provided during lunch.

Course Objective
State and explain knowledge of concepts.
Demonstrate and show evidence of life skills such as teamwork, problem solving,
critical thinking, creativity, decision making and performance skills.
Apply, reflect and improve learning through practice
Develop a practical method that could be used at home or when needed.

Course Description
Work habits
Team concepts
Lab work
Project work

Learning Objectives (Essential Learning)
Demonstrates, applies and communicates Knowledge of concepts
Demonstrates safety practices

Text books
Real objects (practice)
Visual aids

Respect the teacher and other students
Come in quietly and be in your spot
Listen carefully to instructions and put much effort into class work
Respect schools property and behave in a safe and responsible manner

Almost all classwork and assignments are completed in class if students make good
use of the class time.

Supplies Required
Pencil and pen
Pencil crayons / markers
Loose leaf

Home Support
Help students to complete unfinished assignments at home .
Encourage students to practice what theyve learned.
Simple recipes of foods students like will be appreciated.

Students will be assessed formatively, and/or summatively, by the teacher, self and
peer, depending on the unit being covered.
This will be done with respect to the learning objectives/essential learning.
Students will be able to observe, apply understanding, perform task and monitor
their progress to reach mastery learning.
This could be done by, exhibiting knowledge and understanding of the facts through
assignments/class work, tests, quizzes, projects, lab performances and practical
Criteria for Assessment
M Meeting. This is when students have in depth knowledge and understanding
of outcomes and applies learning consistently.
A Approaching. This is when student has basic knowledge and understanding
of outcomes and applies learning inconsistently.
B Beginning. This is when student is developing knowledge and understanding
of the outcomes.
Student will be given the opportunity to meet with teacher to learn or
improve learning.

List Food Allergies

Signature of Student