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Cover letter for International Journal

To Editor,
Journal of Fuel (Code no)

Respected Sir,

I am submitting my full experimental paper titled Kinetics Studies on Pyrolysis of
Deinking Sludge, for evaluation and further publication in your esteemed journal.
Minimization of solid waste and its proper utilization is a challenging task and has become
the need of the hour. The manuscript focuses on the usage of different methods, (i) Coats and
Redfern method, (ii) Agrawal and Sivasubramanian, (iii) Piloyan and Novikova, (iv) Riech and
Stivala, (v) Horowitz and Metzger to utilize deinking sludge for fuel generation and
comparison of the results obtained by these methods by determination of different kinetics
parameters involved. I hope that this paper will provide a deep insight to the people regarding
the effective utilization of deinking sludge for energy recovery and contribute towards better