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The Ghost Of The Canterville Chase

The Ghost of the Canterville Chase was the spirit of Sir Simon de Canterville who had murdered
his wife in 1584 and later on, after the disappearance of his body in mysterious circumstances,
was changed into a ghost due to his guilt and haunted the castle for three centuries. He looked
terribly frightful, with eyes as red as burning coals. His long cut grey hair fell over his shoulders.
His garments were of antique cut and were soiled and torn. Despite Sir Simon's attempts to
appear in the most gruesome guises, the Otis family refuses to be frightened, and Sir Simon
feels increasingly helpless and humiliated. Sir Simon schemes, but even as his costumes
become increasingly gruesome, his antics do nothing to scare his house guests, and the Otises
beat him every time. The ghost reveals to Virginia the tragic tale of his wife, Lady Eleanor de
Canterville. Virginia's ability to accept Sir Simon leads to his enlightenment. He believes she is
full of love and love is stronger the death.

Mr.B Otis
Mr. B Otis was a middle aged American Minister who was determined ,inflexible,
rational, practical and pragmatic, and a true American. It is he who bought the
Chase from Lord Canterville despite his warnings that it was haunted and he should not
go in for it. He had twin sons ,a daughter and a son from her wife Mrs.Otis. At the
beginning, like any forward looking modern American, he did not believe in ghosts and
spirits but later when he personally encountered the ghost he became indifferent to it. In
fact, upon hearing the clanking noises in the hallway, Mr Otis promptly gets out of bed
and pragmatically offers the ghost Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator to oil his chains. He
believed in doing many better things and making money than wasting time in talking
about it and believing in ghosts and spirits. He is also a good person who wants to do the
right thing. You can tell because he gives Sir Simon a proper funeral, and he makes sure that
Virginia gets the box of jewels which Sir Simon had left her. . Other characteristics about him
include the fact that he enjoys horseback riding, he seems to be a good husband to Mrs. Otis,
and he loves his daughter Virginia.
Mrs. Otis
She was the wife of Mr.Hiram B Otis. She had been a celebrated New York belle
and a very good looking middle aged woman with beautiful eyes and a wonderful
profile. Though American by birth, she was quite British and an excellent
example of the fact that they had everything in common with America. She was
not scared of ghosts and even asked the ghosts if he need a remedy for his
stomach. Her expression of "modern" American culture surfaces when she immediately
resorts to using the commercial stain remover to obliterate the bloodstains and when she
expresses an interest in joining the Psychical Society to help her understand the ghost. Mrs
Otis is given Wilde's highest praise when he says: "Indeed, in many respects, she was quite

Virginia Otis
Virginia Otis was the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Otis. She was a little girl of 15 years.She
was a wonderful amazon with blue yes. She once had raced old Lord Bilton on her
pony, winning the race to the great delight and joy of the young Duke Of Chesire, who
proposed to her on the spot. She was, however, very kind and considerate to all, and
was the only member in the family who was scared of the ghost. Virginia had a
compassionate nature. Unlike the rest of the family, she did not trouble or ridicule the
ghost.She listened to the ghost and understood his plight. At the end, she managed to
get the ghost forgiven by God with the power of her love. Virginia accepts the ghost
unconditionally tats why he confides in her. He believes she is full of love and love is
stronger the death.
Washington Otis
He was the elder son of Mrs Otis. He was named Washington by his parents in a
moment of patriotism which he never stopped regretting. He was a good looking fair-
haired young man, who had qualified himself for the American diplomacy and in London
was well known as an excellent dancer. The ghost was really afraid of him.He was a
practical lad since he wanted to remove the blood stains practically, with Pinkertons
champion stain Remover, which also shows his indifferent attitude towards the
existence of the ghost.
The Twins
They were the twins of Mr. and Mrs. Otis, and usually called The Stars and Stripes ,
were delightful boys and the only Republicans in their family. All along the story, they
played tricks on the ghost to make him highly depressed and desperate. They kept
making fun of the ghost all through the story and even dressed up as ghosts. The
ghost falls victim to trip wires, pea shooters, butter-slides, and falling buckets of
water. In a particularly comical scene, he is frightened by the sight of a "ghost"
rigged up by the mischievous twins.