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Presenter: UN Sophaktra
Lecturer: Sok soth
Class: M 4.2
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What is TPR?
Characteristics of TPR
Teaching procedure of TPR
The goal of using TPR
The roles of Teachers and
Pros and Cons of TPR
Real Example of teaching TPR
What is TPR?

• TPR is one of the English teaching

approaches and methods developed by
Dr. James J Asher.
• TPR is a language teaching method built
around the coordination of speech and
action; it attempts to teach language
through motor (physical) activity.
Characteristic of TPR

• Imperative drills are the prominent

classroom activity in TPR.
• Learners monitor and evaluate their
own progress.
• Learners feel free to speak out
whenever they are ready.
• listening and comprehension are
emphasized over production in
language learning.
• Vocabulary and Grammar are more
emphasized than other language
Teaching Procedure of TPR
Goals of Using TPR

• TPR was developed in order to

reduce the stress people feel when
studying foreign languages and
thereby encourage students to
persist in their study beyond a
beginning level of proficiency.
• This method attempts to focus
mainly on encouraging learners to
listen and respond to the spoken
target language commands of their
The Roles of Teachers &
• learners play main roles as a
listener and a performer. The
content of learning is little
influenced by the learners.

• Teacher is a director/commander
and model.

Pros and Cons of TPR
 Pros Cons
- It is a lot of fun and - It does not give
learners enjoy it. students the
- It is not required a opportunity to
lot of preparation express their own
or materials thoughts in a
using the TPR. creative way.
- It works well with - It emphasizes to
mixed-ability much on imperative
classes. mood. Ss will be
considered rude
- It is very effective when attempting to
with teenagers use this new
Pros and Cons of TPR (cont.)
- It is good for - TPR can be
kinesthetic ineffective if the
learners who teacher uses it for a
need to be active long period of time.
in the class. - Teacher will have
- It is very troubles when
memorable. It teaching abstract
helps Ss to vocabulary or
remember expression.
phrases and - Learners feel tired
words well. of learning when
- It involves both left Teacher use to
and right-brained the same style.
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