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Problem 1:

An impulsive stage of a steam turbine is supplied with dry and saturated steam at 14.7 bar. The stage
has a single row of moving blades running at 3600 rev/min. The mean diameter of the blade disc is 0.9
m. The nozzle angle is 15 and the axial component of the absolute velocity leaving the nozzle is 93.42
m/s. The height of the nozzles at their exit is 100 mm. The nozzle efficiency is 0.9 and the blade
velocity co-efficiency is 0.966. The exit angle of the moving blades is 2 greater than at the inlet.
(1) The blade inlet and outlet angles.
(2) The isentropic heat drop in the stage.
(3) The stage efficiency.
(4) The power developed by the stage.

Problem 3:
In a simple steam Impulse turbine, steam leaves the nozzle with a velocity of 1000 m/s at an
angle of 20 to the plane of rotation. The mean blade velocity is 60% of velocity of maximum
efficiency. If diagram efficiency is 70% and axial thrust is 39.24 N/kg of steam/sec, estimate:
(1) Blade angles.
(2) Blade velocity co-efficient.
(3) Heat lost in kJ in friction per kg.

For maximum efficiency,

Problem 4:

A reaction steam turbine runs at 300 rev/min and its steam consumption is 16500 kg/hr. The
pressure of steam at a certain pair is 1.765 bar (abs.) and its dryness fraction is 0.9. and the
power developed by the pair is 3.31 kW. The discharge blade tip angel both for fixed and moving
blade is 20 and the axial velocity of flow is 0.72 of the mean moving blade velocity. Find the
drum diameter and blade height. Take the tip leakage as 8%, but neglect area blocked by blade