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System Module
The Flexi Multiradio GSM/EDGE System Module provides baseband capacity for 18 or 36
GSM/EDGE TRXs depending on the version (ESMB or ESMC respectively).
Each radio module branch supports up to 6 GSM/EDGE TRXs.
Flexi Multiradio BTS are Flexi Mul-tiradio System Module (ESMB/C), RF Module (FXxx)

The main functions of the ESMB/C are:
GSM/EDGE BTS Operation and Maintenance
Abis interfacing
Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) connectivity
Power distribution to other modules
GSM/EDGE baseband
BTS synchronization

External and internal interfaces in ESMB/C are:
48V DC distribution, 4 outputs and 1 Auxiliary output (5 PWR)
Abis interface (Transmision)
External Alarm and Control Interface
4 optical interfaces (OBSAI RP3-1) Kt ni vi khi RF (4 Optical RP3 port): mi
RF module cn 1 Optical RP3 kt ni.
Auxiliary equipment interfaces
Flexi Power Alarms (FPA)
Local Management Port (LMP)

2. RF Module
3-branch radio transceiver, One transmitter and receiver (one branch) can create one sector
It is possible to chain up to 3 radio modules with OBSAI RP3-1
90 W RF Module variants have fixed full band filters

External and internal interfaces in FXxx are:
48V DC input
External Alarm interface compatible with FPA
3 optical interfaces (OBSAI RP3-1)
6 Antenna interfaces - 3 duplexed and 3 RX diversity 3 cp
Integrated DC line OVP, Class II rated to 5kA pulse (FXFB, 90 W RF Module
Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) support (FXFB, 90 W RF Module variants)?
FXDB v FXEB khng c ?

The RF Module (FXxx) includes the following functional blocks:
RF Baseband (RF BB)
RF control
Provides three optical interfaces with the System Module or other RF modules (OBSAI
Provides the external alarm interface
Most of the module internal connections are made through this block
Processes signals and module control functionalities
Direct conversion from TX interface to TX RF
Digital power control
TX Double Power and IDD support
Predistortion transmitter
Dual down conversion from RX RF to RX baseband signal
Diversity reception
Power Amplifier (PA)
Amplifies signal coming from RF BB TX output and feeds it to TX input of the filters
RF Front end
Includes three duplexers and three diversity RX filters with LNAs and RF test loops
Processes air interface RF signals for selected channels
Provides connection for Flexi Antenna Line to Flexi Multiradio Base Station
Supports usage of NSN Masthead Amplifier (MHA) units
Provides the supply voltage to the Flexi Antenna Line units via main antenna branch
Provides the supply voltage for dual MHA unit via diversity antenna branches or two single
MHAs via both antenna lines
Contains integrated bias-Ts with over-current and undercurrent alarm detection/protection
Power supply unit (PSU)
Contains power input and distribution of internal supply voltages
Fan assembly
Consists of three separate fans and a fan plate which mechanically mounts to the fan shroud