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Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order

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Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order

This is an outline for the course of study for members of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order
(Ontario) Canada abbreviated RCMO.

In traditional or conventional Martinism as organized under the lodge system by Papus
(Gerard Encausse), there exist 3 levels or degrees of membership. Historically, Louis Claude
de Saint-Martin did not found any Order himself, but willingly attended meetings of similar
minded movements to his philosophy. The Martinist Order of Paris was the first Martinist
Order and was the invention of Papus. From a documented line of succession it is claimed
that he has received a personal quality from a personal initiation of a relative by L-C de S-M.
This is not the same as personal initiation or the laying on of hands by L-C de S-M upon
Papus himself. Therefore there is no unambiguous sacramental link from L-C de S-M to
Papus either, not withstanding the firm desire by individuals needing to equate an endowment
to a distant relative with a personal endowment as if the powers and virtues of Initiation can
be merely inherited, they cannot.

The idea of a Martinist Order is a creation of sincere believers who need to believe that the
laying on of hands is a transmittable quality that can be passed in full potency and virtue from
one person to another. There is the precedent for this in the meetings of Qadiri Sufies,
members of the Peacock Angel cult and of the so-called Toronto Blessing movement. L-C de
S.-M. mentioned no such transmittable quality of initiation when speaking of the
Initiations/Ordinations of Martinez de Pasqually or of his personal teachings.

No mention by L-C de S-M that the transmission of laying on of hands, otherwise personal
initiation could be or should be communicable through successive persons. We can
acknowledge the possibility of such a communication but cannot assert that it is forced or
automatic during any ritual however sincere, as Initiation is between the prepared individual
Martinist and God or otherwise the affirmation of the initiate to an ascension of
consciousness. The initiate binds himself or herself to a philosophy of life called Martinist,
through which raises his or her consciousness.

This process has several names: Regeneration, Reintegration, Self-Realization or as Grand
Master Restivo terms in the RCMO: Ascension, as the member is on a path of ever rising
consciousness, not undertaking a one time only event or process even if believed this one time
reception to be working automatically and or invisibly. As salvation as such can be thrown
away by the occasion of mortal sin, so to the path of Ascension requires constant attention as
one's moral being becomes elevated to higher states of living and behaviour.

RCMO First Degree

The first degree is Cosmological, describing nature and the universe in generally accepted
scientific terms and introduces the psychological framework for the next degree through the
symbolism and allegory of traditional Alchemy and Kabbalah including the relevant works of
Dr. Carl G. J ung. Prepared with a background in symbolism the Martinist so-called Associate
is able to sift through the related literature most profitably.

It is understood that there is a so-called Great Work of re-birth or Reintegration or Ascension
and that the object of that work is individual human nature. Members learn of a process of
developing of being as a more moral and ethical personality in the symbolic sense of stone
polishing, of developing then applying self discipline for higher moral and human behavioural
development in successive degrees.
Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order
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RCMO Degree Lessons are deliberately kept short, about 5 per degree, with lots of
supplementary material suggested as required by a member, usually obtained freely on the
Internet. The explanation of the recipe for baking bread for example may be given once and is
short but must be repeated daily if one wishes to eat bread, similarly the studies are
declarations and explanations of principles to be applied life long and from which results if
only incremental can be observed and graded for successful passing to the next degree,
through the writing of a 6 page double spaced essay on the core subjects taught in the degree.
Help will be given until the essay and education is sufficient to pass and only then can the
member continue to the next degree.

Symbolism of the Order furniture, ritual and regalia is given. No passwords are used.
Simplicity is the overarching quality of the meetings of Conventicles of the RCMO, to
minimize the demands upon officers and members who participate in the opening and closing
rituals and Initiations.

RCMO Second Degree

This, the so-called Initiate degree features the study of humankind, personality, ethics,
spirituality, philosophy towards the cultivation of charitable virtues of selflessness, knightly
beneficence and social and spiritual advocacy. The member is entering a level of personal
formation to be a mentor and advocate if only by example, towards selfless benefit to others.
The member is acquiring the character and virtue of a hero as conventionally understood as
Paul mentions in Corinthians as "a vessel prepared and ready for any good work of God."

The study of the book the Holy Grail by Matterasso is used to understand and grow into the
spiritual virtues symbolized by knightly beneficence and heroism.

Meditation and other visualization and breathing exercises are practiced to assist the members'
endocrine system in servicing the higher cognitive demands made upon it by the Great Work.
The involvement of the endocrine system including pituitary pineal, parasympathetic nervous
systems, neurotransmitters and other bodily centers in so-called psychic centres involved in
Kundalini Yoga, Toaist Alchemy/Yoga, Qi Gong and Tibetian Yoga are cross-cultural
precedents. At this level of spiritual and physical formation, the Rosicrucian quality of the
Martinist Work is observed and practiced daily.

RCMO Third Degree

In this degree, that of Unknown Server or Society of Jesus, but conventionally called
Unknown Superior, S::I::, one practices the principles learned in the previous 2 degrees and
learns the history and philosophy of traditional Rosicrucianism.

Members now apply their studies in practice as heroes and mentors, leaders and helpers to any
who need assistance to which the member can give aid with little of no encumbrance.
Traditionally, there is only one degree, that of Unknown Superior, according to Papus, the
first two being preliminary. Successful completion of the Third Degree endows the member
with a certificate of the Degree and the Culmination ceremony involving personal laying on
of hands with vesting of the S:: I:: collar and designation of Rose-Croix Martinist a distinction
invented by Papus and preserved through the Order Martiniste et Synarchique and the
strengthened by the RCMO. There are no First and Second degree Initiations and hence
nothing to expose by the unworthy or deceptive. At the same time, consecration to the rank of
Unknown Superior Initiator (S::I::I::) or Unknown Philosopher is possible for the installation
Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order
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of a Lodge Master, the Installation itself may be arranged as a separate ceremony from the
consecration or second laying on of hands involving secondary anointing charisms for
leadership grace.

RCMO Lodge Master

Requires the consecration as S:: I:: I:: and Initiates the culminated S:: I:: degree and
Rose+Croix Martinist distinction only and in lodge ritual form upon the approval of the Grand
Master. No personal one on one only Initiations are permitted. No autonomous activity is
permitted without the Grand Master's permission. S::I::'s are not permitted to initiate but can
function as circle instructors as instruction is supplemented to the regular email directed
course lessons. Initiation must be received in person, not by self-initiation or by mail
order/Internet only.

The S::I::I:: receives the RCMO Masters' Manual for Lodge governance instruction.

RCMO Free Initiator

To consecrate an S:: I:: I;, administratively is required a higher grade or rank, that of Free
Initiator or Initiateur Libre, I:: L::, otherwise called S:: I:: IV. This distinction or rank, it is not
a degree, allows the holder to consecrate S::I::I::'s, perform personal one on one initiations,
and operate a branch or the order unilaterally or even establish a new order along similar lines
as the RCMO. The Grand Master is necessarily a Free Initiator.

There is a provision in the RCMO administration for a college of Grand Initiators who serve
as Grand Officers and Past Grand Masters of various territories, provinces, states or countries.
Generally the Grand Master serves for life, but properly only for so long as for the good of the
Order. Under extreme conditions, the College of Initiators can replace the Grand Master and
even temporarily govern in his or her place.

Administrators serve the membership and if unsatisfied, nothing has prevented disgruntled
members from forming their own competitive orders. Although administration of Martinist
Orders is a "my way or take the highway" one of personal rule as beneficent dictator, every
effort must be made for the benefit of the members lest schisms and defections result. The
RCMO is the only Martinist Order that allows democratic governance through Grand
Initiators to balance the Grand Master. The rank of Free Initiator is always for life as
recognition of a spiritual quality, not bestowal of same. The rank of Grand Master may have
time limits attached as an administrative quality only, not a spiritual one.

Note that the rank, it is not a degree, of S::I::I:: is the highest spiritual quality in the order, is
for life like that of the S:: I:: and RCMO distinction or rank which itself is not a degree but
signifies a member having successfully completed the order's study curriculum. Nothing
impedes a schismatic from just declaring himself or herself as a self-confessed Free Initiator,
unattached or free Martinist, and even start a new Martinist Order after their own vision.
There is a precedent for the condition of so-called free Martinists under Late and Lamented
Bro:: Victor Blanchard, Grand Master of the O.M.et S. (Cf. Martinist History). Free
Martinists would be recognized, if at all, on an individual case basis by other Martinist Orders
or other free Martinists.

Note that the free Martinist description could apply to anyone after reading a book on
Martinism or surfing the Internet and will be considered cynically, if at all, by Martinists with
a known and authentic and recognized line of succession of Initiation back to L.-C. de S.-M.,
Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order
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so the merit of such a quality is of unfortunately small value but better than nothing, say
enough to begin a correspondence or study with a more recognized order. Alas, these
providential circumstances are few and far between and most qualified seekers may fall into
this category of isolation by default and of no blame of their own, yet suffer an unjustified
discrimination of disaffiliation. Internet correspondence through the RCMO can eliminate this
discriminatory circumstance.

RCMO Status

The RCMO admittedly goes beyond the principles of Martinism through Rosicrucianism and
has not applied for any so-called recognition.

The RCMO stands alone, from its own unique curriculum, is exposed to no copyright
violation claims and is not schismatic. Admittedly small in numbers, was not J esus Christ's
apostles' number but 12? Yes it was. Martinism is about quality not quantity and ensuring the
protection of the work and satisfactory provable progress of the membership has consumed
decades of the successful spiritual progress of the Grand Master Mike Restivo, Sar Ignatius,
I:: L::. Membership numbers are never revealed except to S::I::I::'s for whom that information
is important and may be required.

The RCMO maintains a friendly attitude to most individuals, especially Martinists of any or
no affiliation. All RCMO members, notwithstanding whatever degree obtained previously,
must take the complete RCMO curriculum and degrees to ensure uniformity of education of
not just so-called Martinist education, but more advanced Rosicrucian education not available
elsewhere under any description. The uniqueness and good report of the order is a positive
quality on the world stage as witnessed in frequent authoritative citations in Internet
Wikipedia for example and online web site featuring the most comprehensive Martinist
History thanks to Frater Melchior, Milko Boogaard and Grand Master Mike Restivo.

It is due to the history and explanations of Grand Master Restivo that the terms Free initiator
and free Martinist suddenly appeared in Martinist correspondence from about 1995, as well
meaning groups and individuals asserted whatever qualities they could from these terms
previously held secret even from initiated Martinists.

The Martinist status of Grand Master Mike Restivo is usually accepted in correspondence, but
recognition as Grand Master is rare. The RCMO receives the only recognition that counts
from the existence of its satisfied ascended membership. Other comments are but personal
opinions of competitors.

The RCMO is a private organization, but incorporated in Ontario. It is not a commercial
business and as such the profit motive is not ultimate in its Work. It is a teaching initiative by
volunteer members. Dues as such are not levied for anything, but members need to pay for
their regalia and may be asked to donate towards lodge furniture if not rental quarters.
Meetings usually transpire in a member's home for privacy. Introductory meetings have
traditionally been conducted in caf's or restaurants with no proprietary information revealed.

The debating quality and moral imperative of Grand Master Mike Restivo is widely known
from Internet Google history and acknowledged even by contestants. Initiates of Grand
Master Mike Restivo do have an advantage of a good provenance or succession the envy of
most Martinists and receive a head start thereby as a member of the RCMO will be considered
the most serious, capable and ascended Martinist and Rosicrucian possible unless proven
otherwise consequently.

Curriculum Outline of the Rose+Croix Martinist Order
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The RCMO formation to hero and then upwards to magus-priest is serious business and
definitely required for internet survival and success in the world at large for oneself and for
others. This standard is indeed a tall measure to reach, but is definitely attainable as Grand
Master Restivo has proven so the hard Way as it were from personal experience, so can the
RCMO membership in turn following his example but at an accelerated, satisfactory and safe

In the life of the seeker, firstly the lesser moral mysteries are studied and learned (University,
Freemasonry, esoteric studies of some kind including some Martinist studies), then the higher
moral mysteries of beneficence are studied and learned (RCMO), then the highest mysteries
as Rosicrucian magus-priest are practiced and extended for the remainder of one's life as a
member of the RCMO.

Note that terms of Rosicrucian and Rose+Croix are self applied terms and do not represent
any Rosicrucian succession or lineage, but an order, the RCMO, following traditionally in the
Rosicrucian spirit. As author and esotericist A.E. Waite proved, there are no Rosicrucian
Orders of any unbroken succession back to 1620 C.E., 1640 C.E., 1770 C.E. or any other
date, only self styled claimants to this esoteric western Path of Initiation and life.

The RCMO does not make Freemasons, nor claims, even by innuendo, to do so, nor is
parasitic, Masonic critical or poaching upon the Craft. Regular blue Lodge members should
have no moral or Grand Lodge conflict with dual membership in Freemasonry and the
RCMO. The Freemasonry to which the RCMO addresses is always so-called esoteric or moral
Freemasonry, not secular only Freemasonry which may be deviating completely from the
original self admitted principles of the Craft itself. Of this secular Freemasonic type, the
RCMO maintains a charitable silence, seeking by fraternal example to accept all fraternal
members and suggesting the acceptability of esoteric Freemasonry in a non-adversarial or
non-threatening manner especially by example, fraternal acceptance and charity.