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G-04, Dubai International Academic City, P.O. Box: 345050, Dubai, UAE

School of Engineering and Information Technology

Program / Semester B. Tech / II
Specialization MECH, CIVIL, AUTO ( Common to all branches)
Course name Engineering Chemistry
Course Code CHM 102

Assignment Submission Details
Assignment/ Activity No. 1
Last Date of Submission Sunday, March 9, 2014 before 8:30 am
Submission format hardcopy
Marks 5

This activity will introduce you the construction of fuel cell and its importance to the Industry/
country and environment.
Activity Description
Refer the reference books and visit the website of the Fuel cell and collect the following
information to construct:
1. Construct Phosphoric acid fuel cell and analyze its advantages and disadvantages
with application
2. Construct Proton exchange membrane fuel cell and give detail study about its
advantages and disadvantages with application
3. Explain the construction and working of direct methanol fuel cell
4. Construct: molten carbonate fuel cell with properties and working
5. Construction and working of solid oxide fuel cell- explain
6. How chromium plating could be done in the industry, work it out?

Submit a detail report for the given activity before the deadline.
Website: Fuel cell related
1) Diagrams and equations are compulsory
2) Add Supporting pictures (industry application oriented)
3) Write with neat handwriting