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1. What is MATLAB?
2. Who is the father of MATLAB?
3. List out the memory management functions in MATLAB.
4. What are the advantages of MATLAB?
5. What is a stem in MATLAB?
6. Is there MATLAB complier in MATLAB?
7. Why MATLAB is so called MATLAB?
8. What are the types of display windows in MATLAB?
9. What are the disadvantages of MATLAB?
10. Function of semicolon (;) in MATLAB.
11. Need for clc command in MATLAB
12. What are the arithmetic operations in MATLAB?
13. Mention the various exponential functions of MATLAB.
14. List out the commands for managing variables in MATLAB.
15. Function of percentage symbol (%) in MATLAB.
16. What is the use of disp function in MATLAB?
17. What does MATLAB stands for?
18. Mention the main function of command window.
19. What are the types of M-file?
20. Difference between clear all & close all.
21. Function of for loop in MATLAB.