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I. The Christian today has little understanding of Scripture.
a. The Bible outsells all other books.
b. There is a religious fervor but a lack of Bible literacy.

II. Two reasons are given.
a. The Bible is no longer relevant to our times.
b. The Bible is too difficult and boring
c. Luther sought to make the Bible available to the common man.

III. The basic message of the Bible is clear.
a. Luther maintained that the message of redemption could be understood even
by a child.
b. The principle of Perspicuity or clarity became the heart of the Reformation for
c. The Cross was primitive and obscene.

IV. It is our DUTY to study the Bible.
a. God commands His people in Deuteronomy 6:49.
b. God requires diligent and careful study.

V. It is our PRIVILEGE to study the Bible.
a. We find unbelievable treasures of wisdom.
b. We learn to live.