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Discussion: Body Image & Social Media

I believe eating disorders are on the rise for both men and women
because of the media. The media is responsible for what people see and it
definitely has an impact on their way of thining. !elebrities and models
are people that most loo up to and want to idoli"e them. Many do not
now or understand that the media alters the reality in regards to models
and celebrities and how they really loo. # picture can be airbrushed and
photoshopped to loo unrealistic and published as so. The audience will
then see the picture and want to loo lie it but will hurt themselves in the
process of achieving an unrealistic goal. $ditors can change the si"e of
nose% their chees% eyes% waist% thighs% height% sin tone% weight &the list
can go on' before anything is published. $ating disorders are on the rise
because society says being sinny is good and having meat on your bones
is bad. Therefore% many starve or eat minimally and e(ercise e(cessively
to obtain an unhealthy weight and image and develop eating disorders
such as anore(ia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.
The reality behind this photograph is the sad truth. I now various
people who loo lie the first girl &unhealthy' but still believe they are and
loo lie the girl in the mirror. Society has taught many that the girl in the
mirror is not se(y and that a person should not loo lie that but rather
achieve an unrealistic goal. The picture depicts how someone battling with
anore(ia nervosa or bulimia nervosa see themselves. 1o matter how
sinny the person is and how unhealthy they are% the person will never see
it as that. They will eep eating minimally or purging and e(ercise
vigorously that may end up illing them in the process. They obsess over
such behavior because of the media.
# photo such as the one I posted has affected my own way of
thining about body image. I loo lie the girl in the mirror. $ven though I
am not at my ideal weight% I will aim to eat healthier and e(ercise regularly
&not obsessively'. I do not want to be the unhealthy and sic% but rather at
a decent weight. I have felt bad before about the way my body is and how I
loo because of pictures I see and how the media obsesses over body
image. But now% I am septical to every picture I see in maga"ines or on
the internet because I now many are edited. I believe we as a society can
post pictures unedited to show how real men and women loo. 2e should
display more body types and not edit them to where the celebrity or model
do not loo lie the person in the photograph. I feel as a society we should
teach everyone that if a person eats well and e(ercises% there is nothing
wrong with their body image and that every person is different. 2e as a
society should not shame people for looing different. If we can do that%
then our perceptions of body image will change for the better.