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Nadi Astrology

by-Umang Taneja

Nadi Astrology is a valuable gift to us by our
ancient sages And Shri Umang Taneja is a
great astrologer who brought us this concept
among us in a conceptual manner!.

Concept of Nadi Astrology?

Nadi Astrology is a Process based on Nakshatras whose
prediction data written on the palm leaf and those who read these
leaves is known as Nadi AstrologerNadi Astrology uses Sub lords,
Nakshatras and Planets all put together for accurate predictive
results. This is the only system of astrology which has a method of
prediction. Nadi astrology is the only method of Hindu Astrology
which contains a method of prediction which gives accurate results.
Mr. Umang Taneja out prediction results on the basis of 12 planets,
27 Nakshatras, and 243 sub-lords.

Rules of Nadi Astrology
Nadi astrology contains five simple rules and on the basis of
which predictions on all events of life are given accurately:
house from every house kills significance of the house.
house to every house increases significance of the house.
Sub lord is stronger than Nakshatras and Nakshatras is stronger
than the planet.
Dasa is stronger than Antar and Antar is stronger than
Combination of houses give result. Single house do not give any

Get introduced with Umang Taneja
One of the renowned astrologers who is having 15 years of teaching
experience in astrology. He rendered his services with utmost
perfection who introduced the concept of Nadi-Astrology among us .
A person who is known for bringing accuracy in Prediction results.
Number of astrology books, courses, seminars ,consortiums and
online classes he has acquired and presented effectively
Different interpretations, predictions and recommendations from him
clear your doubts and conflicts in horoscopes.
His writing methodology in astrology books is quite easy to keep
remember and right from implementation perspective.

His books on Astrology:

"Accurate Predictive Methodology
"Dictionary of Significators in Astrology
The Textbook of Astrology
Nadi Astrology & Profession
Prashna - Contemporary Treatise
El metado mas exacto de prediccion astrologia
Marriages and Relationships


Get online horoscope reading
Simply birth details i.e. Date, time and place of birth is
required to answer any of your query which can be submitted
on the site http://www.nadi-astrology.com/astrology-
services/question.asp to get your answer. In addition to birth
details a number in between 1 to 249 is taken by the
queerest as horary number to cross check the answer by
horary astrology. People who are not sure about their birth
details can also get answers of their questions by submitting
horary number in between 1 to 249. Experience has shown
that Nadi Astrology gives most accurate results.

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