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Niteen Sonune, Graphic Designer Mobile : +91 9096617165

E-mail : ni3sdesign@gmail.com
Website : www.niteens.weebly.com
Professional Snapshot
Thee yeas o! ga"hic design e#"eience in m$lti"le domains incl$ding %ons$me
&lectonics' (ea)y &lectonics' *achiney' (os"itality' and +anking and ,inancial -e)ices
in the e.eaning ind$sty.
&#"etise in inteacti)e )is$al design conce"ts and ceati)e sol$tions' co)eing all !oms o!
media comm$nication.

Work Experience
1 !rgani"ation: /ed %hi" -ol$tions
#ole: 0a"hic 1esigne
Duration: -ince 2$ne 3011
%eate ga"hics' animations' 045' ill$stations' )ideos !o e-leaning "ojects
%ond$ct eseach and ceate "ototy"es o! e-leaning co$ses
6o)ide ceati)e7conce"t$al ideas to team !o eleaning mod$les
%eate web design' intos and web bannes !o websites
1esign logos and band identity !o new clients
1esign maga8ine ads' boch$es' !lyes and maketing collateal !o m$lti"le clients
1esigned and "od$ced e#cl$si)e 6owe6oint "esentations
$ !rgani"ation9 ,eelance
#ole9 0a"hic 1esigne
Duration9 :"il 3010 to *ay 3011
1esign maga8ine ads' boch$es and !lyes !o m$lti"le clients
1esign and ceate 6owe6oint "esentations and )ideos as a "at o! maketing
cam"aigns !o )aio$s bands
%ca&emics 'ompen&ious
*,: in :""lied :ts ; <ishwakama %eati)e 5-%ollege' 6$ne =>-?4@
+,: in *$ltimedia and :nimation - <ishwakama %eati)e 5-%ollege' 6$ne =T*4@
(-% =%lass A55@ !om -hi)aji %ollege' %hikhli
--% =%lass A@ !om :dasha <idyalaya' %hikhli
(echnical Proficiencies, Specialities an& (ool Skills
%&obe 'reati)e Suite:
,lash %-5
6hotosho" %-5
-o$nd +ooth %-5
5ll$stato %-3 =+asic@
5n1esign %-5 =+asic@
1eamwea)e %-5 =+asic@
6emie 6o %-5 =+asic@
%a"ti)ate =+asic@
'orel Graphics Suite:
%oel 1aw A5 =+asic@
%oel 6hoto-6aint A5 =+asic@
Programming *anguages:
,lash :ction -ci"t 3.0 =+asic@
,lash :ction -ci"t 3.0 =+asic@
(T*.' %--
:tic$late -toyline
%amtasia -t$dio B
-o$nd ,oge 6o 10.0
-wish *a# C
-wi!t 31 5.0
%ool &dit 6o 3.1
*- ?!!ice
'ore 'ompetencies
0ood comm$nication7"esentation skills' e#cellent co-odination' and moti)ation skills
eD$ied to kee" synegy between teams
0ood $ndestanding o! m$lti"le domains' and ability to atic$late sol$tions well
-tong ga"hic design mindset with the $ndestanding o! latest com"$te tools to "od$ce
to"-notch designs
,oc$s towads a""lying the "inci"les o! design and colo$ to e!!ecti)ely con)ey ideas
towads the taget go$"
Personal Details
Name9 Eiteen -heshao -on$ne
Date of +irth9 13-05-19B7
Marital Status9 4nmaied
Nationalit,9 5ndian
*anguages -no.n9 &nglish' (indi' *aathi =&#"et@
'orrespon&ence %&&ress9 >othai %olony' *aha)i %ha$k' +ib)e)adi' 6$ne C11037