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1. Why did Zitkala sa feel that early mornings at the school were discordant?
2. What did she notice when they were walking in single file to the dining hall?
3. Why was she embarrassed when she reacted to the sound of the first gong at
the breakfast table? What was expected of them?
4. What was the scene of the dining hall?
5. How does the writer describe the system of dining hall?
6. What did the writer’s friend Jedewin inform her? How did she react to it?
7. What did the writer do to save herself?
8. How was the narrator’s haircut?
9. Why did Bama take triple than the normal time while coming back form
10. Give some of the attractions that the narrator enjoyed along her way?
11. What unusual scene did the writer see one day?
12. How did her brother react when she told about this unusual scene to him?
13. What was the reaction of the writer after she knew the fact form her brother?
14. What solution did Annan think to the problem of untouchables?
15. How does the narrator describe her first day at school?
16. What made the girls uncomfortable?
17. Which was the hardest trial for the narrator?
18. Why does the narrator compare herself to an animal driven by a herder?
19. Why did it take her half an hour or more to reach home after school?
20. What sort of entertainment did the streets offer?
21. Contrast the landlord with the people at work?
22. What did the narrator find amusing?
23. What explanation did her brother give?
24. What was the impact of Annan’s words?
25. What does Gertrude mean by ‘eating by formula?
26. What did Judewin warn Gertrude of? Why was it terrible?
27. How did Gertrude show her defiance in the boarding school?
28. What indignities were suffered by Gertrude in the boarding school?
29. What was it that Bama found comic one day on her way back form school?
Why did she say she’ did not want to laugh anymore?
30. How did Bama’s brother advise her to fight out the indignities?
31. What evidence is there to prove that Zutjaka was unaccustomed to the ways of
the Whites?
32. What did the writer’s friend, Judewin tell her from what she had overheard
and what was her feeling about this? What did the writer feel about the same?
33. Why was the writer so averse to having her hair cut? What did she do to
escape this ordeal?

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34. What did Bama notice with regard to an elder from their street? What
explanation did her brother give her for this strange behaviour?
35. What advice did Bama’s brother give her so that she may overcome the
humiliation of being born an untouchable?
36. What was Bama’s reaction n to the way the people of her community were
37. What is the thread of commonality that runs through the childhood
experiences Bama and Sitkala?
38. What communities did Bama and Zitkala belong to? Why did the two feel a
deep sense of alienation?
39. Bama’s experience is that of a victim of the caste system. What kind of
discrimination does Zitkala experience depict? What are their responses to
their respective situation? (Long)
40. “No I will not submit. I will struggle first” said Z. Describe the circumstances
that incited her to feel this way? (Long)
41. “….for now I was only one of many little animals driven by a herder’ This
was the sentiment expressed by Z . What does it signify? Trace the events
that made her feel this way?
42. “I lost my spirit” What are the incidents that led the writer to feel this way?
43. Why did Bama spend time drawling in the market place instead of hurrying
home? What does this tell you about her? (Long)
44. What was the incident that shattered the innocence of Bama’s childhood?
How did the incident impact her feelings then and in later life? (Long)
45. “Our people should never run errands for these fellows” This was a remark
made by Bama. What was it that had transpired to make her feel thus? (Long)
46. The two accounts that you read above are based in two distant cultures. What
is the commonality of theme in both of them?
47. It may take a long time for oppression to be resisted but the seeds of rebellion
are sown early in life. Do you agree that injustice in any form cannot escape
being noticed even by children (Long)
48. Why does the writer say ‘the first day in the land of apples was a bitter –cold
one”? (Long)

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