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KASPIL2 Reaction Paper

Abigail Lorico
March 24, 2014

Manila: 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities
My perception of the movie was another historical film; the typical compilation of historical
events documented by research. But it changed, the Manila 1945: The Forgotten Atrocities caught
my attention because it was full of testimonies of actual survivors of World War II. It was very
interesting to hear the things they saw and experienced that time. The pictures were a help for me to
imagine the scene that was narrated in the film. Ive only read in books that the Japanese were cruel
towards Filipinos that is why was very touching for me to see and hear the testimonials.

The title fits the content of the film many have forgotten the violence experience by our
ancestors in Manila. Until now not all were informed about it. The striking part of the movie was
when the Japanese ambassador had a public apology about the matter. I think this is not enough. I
mean, why cant the country of Japan apologize to the Philippines? Is it because the massacres that
happen were part of the war? I think they owe the Filipinos big time because they enforced violence
to the innocent citizens in Manila. When I watch the movie I was thinking that those Japanese men
are insane, practically inhumane. Forcing their way to the Filipinas and randomly killing people on
the streets for fun is not what a man in a right mind would do. In the movie, there are parts that
stated that soldiers were only following orders. Does this mean that Japan did not care about the
lives of the civilians but they only want to gain power from the Americans?

I would like also to point out how McArthur acted towards the Japanese invasion in the
Philippines. During that time Filipinos taught that the American would protect them but the
Americans only wanted to protect their colony to retain the power that they have on the Philippines.
McArthur was a selfish leader for me. He even wanted to declare Philippine independence on his
birthday. He only cared about himself being gloried. During the bombings in Manila both McArthur
and the Japanese soldiers parties were attacking in a hostile way. Their goal was to defeat the others
army and the Philippine Revolutionaries got caught in the middle of it.

The film was definitely evidence of Japanese violence and American betrayal that the
Filipino youth should watch. It showed how difficult it was to live during the times of war and how
the survivors should have given justice regarding atrocities in 1945. If I were an activist, I would join
the Gabriela party and ask, speak up, for Japans public apology. I stand for the brave and innocent
Filipinas who witnessed the abuses during the World War II.