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1.Dont write a plot and expect the characters to follow it.

Come up with a
series of story beats and hit them when appropriate.
2.Don't set up any scenario with only one solution.
3."Yes and..." whenever possible. f you can't at least try and "!o" but..."
#.$a%e no shit from disruptive players.
&.'nderstand that you very well may mess thin(s up. Don't ta%e it too hard.
)lways remember to *ust focus on havin( fun. +earn from mista%es.
,.Don't obsess over (ettin( every little rule ri(ht. -et the ma*or thin(s ri(ht.
Do what ma%es sense for the rest. $ry not to waste time loo%in( thin(s up
unless it ./)++Y matters.
0.$he mechanical construction of !1Cs is way less important than their
motivations2characteri3ation2role in the world.
4./ncounters will ta%e some (ettin( used to. 5aybe loo% for some pre(en
adventures that are level appropriate. You don't even have to use the hoo%s.
You can *ust see how to construct encounters. n any case" see 6&.
7achs" .in( is slowly drainin( the life force of the nymph" because it revives
him by drawin( life force from people he has recently touched.