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M Enrichment Camp
This program is
three- fold: students build-
ing relationships with stu-
dents, students building
relationships with teach-
ers, and teachers building
relationships with stu-
dents. Our focus during the
summer is to enrich stu-
dents reading and math
skills. In addition, we want
to help students feel safe,
comfortable, and knowl-
edgeable about science,
technology, math and engi-
neering skills. We will work to
capitalize on the strengths
and nurture the weaknesses
of the rising second, third,
fourth and fth grade stu-
dents. It is our responsibility
to model core values and
develop relationships with
students and one another
during the summer camp
We are to believe in
the students because they
are our future. Our motto for
the summer is Growing
Strong STEMS and Strong
readers. We have been
charged with the task to
help our students build
strong relationships while
creating learning experi-
ences in reading, science,
technology, engineering and
mathematics. It is in our
hands to provide a world-
class education that moti-
vates students to achieve
high academic standards,
enjoy learning and develop as
ethical, literate, well-rounded
and self-sucient citizens
that contribute actively to
their communities.
The purpose of the
summer enrichment camp is
designed to provide a dier-
ent approach to learning in
order to stimulate a dierent
response from students who
are considered at or below
Jacqueline Perry-Higgs
Sr. Site Coordinator
Building Relationships
The first week of summer
enrichment camp was all
about building relation-
ships. Each class worked
on ways to get to know
each other, work together,
and support each other.
Learning to communicate
with others was a key com-
ponent of building relation-
ships. Each classroom had
ice breaker activities and
team building activities to
help us get to know each
other. Some of the activi-
ties included Skittles Ice
Breaker, The Human Knot,
Hula Hoop Circle, and
Board Games. Some vocabu-
lary words from our week of
building relationships were:
communication, relation-
ships, sportsmanship, and
respect. The highlight of the
week was the basketball tour-
nament. Throughout the
week each student had time to
practice their sportsmanship
and basketball skills to pre-
pare for the tournament. On
Thursday morning we all sup-
ported and participated in a
girls tournament and a boys
tournament. The tournament
was a way to work together
and have fun; and the stu-
dents all had a great time play-
ing basketball, cheering and
supporting each other.
. Brandi Phillips
S.T.E.M Enrichment
Arts 2
Field Trip 2
Mr. Hymans Crew 2
Math and
Language Arts 3
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Growing Strong S.T.E.M.s Growing Strong S.T.E.M.s Growing Strong S.T.E.M.s Growing Strong S.T.E.M.s
Halifax County Schools Summer Camp
Inborden Elementary School Site
Vol. 1, no. 1 July 10, 2014
Our camp weebly
page is http://

Session 2 is for
rising 4th and 5th
graders. Camp will
run from July 14-31,

Contact us at
Science 3
From the
IC Corner
Response to Books 4
Camp Reflections 4
In Visual Art class
we have been learning
several things. We have
been learning how to ex-
press ourselves with our
arsc talent, and learning
how to connect the dots
with reading novels that
are related to relaonships
and good character. We
are learning how to be an
engineer while learning
how engineering eects
the visual arts. The stu-
dents have enjoyed geng
a chance to draw, color,
paint, and create arsc
Field Trip
The field trip to Bricks was a great experience for
students and teachers. We began the trip by arriving on the
campus and seeing the original houses that teachers and
principals once lived in. We walked through the dining
hall, looked at photographs, post office equipment, and a
church. The stu-
dents were amazed
at the artifacts they
saw. They learned
about Thomas In-
borden for which
Inborden Elemen-
tary School is
named. The tour continued to a large garden full of various
types of vegetables. The students were able to see and learn
why healthy foods are a better option. In our area, fresh
produce is a need. Bricks provided that option for us by
providing each person fresh vegetables to take home. We
continued our journey through the old dormitory and into
the new dormitory. In those buildings we were able to see
more artifacts and photographs of the history of Bricks. The
field trip was very informative and allowed students to be
able to connect their past to the present. It was a great op-
portunity for students and the teachers.
Pamela Hale
It has been a great
three weeks working with
the students. I look forward
to connuing the Visual Art
classes throughout the sum-
mer to build strong S.T.E.M.s
in the 21st century.
Bexton Carmichael
The students have painted
pictures that illustrates posi-
tive relationships, created
bookmarks, and played with
clay to engineer their own
three dimensional figures.
Mr. Hymans Crew
In my classroom, students have engaged in sev-
eral activities that challenged their ability to effectively
communicate, cooperate, take-turns, accept feedback
from others, persevere and show good sportsmanship.
An example of of an activity that facilitated social skill
building was a challenge in which teams of two stu-
dents transferred water from a container to a bucket
using a super soaker (a sponge can also be used). Once
the bucket was filled with water it was given to the team
members to transport the bucket of water to a designat-
ed checkpoint then back to the starting line without
dropping the bucket. Students were not allowed to
touch the bucket with their hands. If the bucket of wa-
ter was dropped or touched, the team would have to
restart the process. They were required to use their
communication, cooperative, turn-taking, and perse-
verance skills. - Vonne Hyman

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Volume 1, Issue 1
In the Growing Strong
S.T.E.M.S. Summer Enrichment
Camp, students were engaged in
building relationships, collaborating,
and making new friends. They were
able to work together and communi-
cate with each other to complete
different engineering activities. One
activity consisted of students using
spaghetti noodles and marshmallows
in order to build a tower. Their tow-
er had to stand on its own and stu-
dents had to share their ideas and
strategies with each other to display
their finished product.
Students were able to go
outside and take measurements of
the flower bed around the marquee
in front of the school.
They were able to use
tape measurers, rulers,
and yardsticks in or-
der to find the perime-
ter of the flower bed.
Afterwards the stu-
dents were able to
watch a video clip to
show the students
how to find the area of
the flower bed. Stu-
dents were required to
collaborate with their team mates in
another event in order to complete a
cup stacking activity. They were not
allowed to use their hands in order
to stack the cups. They were given a
rubber band
with four
strings at-
tached or
they could
have used
their feet in
order to
stack the
cups. They
had to take
turns and
give each
other specific directions to make sure
the cups were stacked correctly In
the end they learned how to work
together and be a team player.
Latonya Whitaker
around the school. For en-
hancement of the learning
experience, everyone partici-
pated in preparing the area
underneath the marquee
for flowers. Students re-
moved weeds, watered and
planted flowers. Then, we
looked at a video about
what a plant needs to survive and fol-
lowed it with a very in depth discussion.
Students also had the oppor-
tunity to visit an actual farm while on a
At the summer enrichment
program, students had lots of fun work-
ing with nature. Our lessons were taken
from a biodiversity unit. The stu-
dents began with exploration of plant
life around the school. We collected,
sorted, discussed and displayed some of
the artifacts that were collected. Some
of the classes added measurements for
To further engage the learn-
ers, some of the classes went outside in
the morning and collected plants from
fieldtrip. They discussed
plant diversity and we able
to take some vegetables
home. At the school, stu-
dents completed attentive
reflection pieces that are on
display in the hallway. Stu-
dents demonstrated learn-
ing through making real
world connections with the importance
of vigilant plant care, team work and the
beauty of nature!
Bridgett Pridgen
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Math and Engineering
Science : PLANTastic Experiences!
Volume 1, Issue 1
and Harry, and completed a bubble
map describing Mr. George Baker.
Frindle is the story of a free
spirited boy, Nick who enjoys wast-
ing class time. Little does he know,
one of his time wasters will be his
greatest learning experiences. With
this story the 3rd grades have held
class discussions about the stories
events, compared characters,
made connections with the story
and their own school experiences,
and completed webquests about
the origins of words.
All of the classes are com-
pleting a technology infused final
project based on their story and
their understanding of the technolo-
gy they have been able to use. Stu-
dents are using different Web 2.0
tools such as Tellagami, Educrea-
tions, Animoto, Weebly, etc.
Brandy Whitman
Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts
During our Summer En-
richment camp 2nd graders had
been reading Mr. George Baker
and the 3rd graders have been
reading Frindle.
Mr. George Baker is the
story of an older man learning to
read with a first grader. To help
students dissect and understand
this story on a deeper lev-
el students have done a variety of
activities. They did a dramatic
reading of the story for their class-
mates, compared the main charac-
ters of the story, Mr. George Baker
who says dog means dog?
- Andrew Clemens, Frindle
Caption describing picture
or graphic.
Volume 1, Issue 1
The rst session of STEM and
RTA Summer Camp has been absolute-
ly phenomenal. There has been a
wealth of growth in our students over
this three week experience both in
behavior and academics. Students be-
gan the session by taking a pre-test in
both reading and mathematics so that
teachers would have a greater under-
standing of their students needs dur-
ing the session. After testing was com-
pleted the fun and excitement began.
The students have been engulfed in
activities related to Mr. George Baker
and Frindle. RTA teachers are
making sure students are on
track for testing at the end of
the summer session. Reading
centers, small group instruc-
tion, and vocabulary strategies
are some of the many strate-
gies used by our teachers to
increase our RTA as well as
STEM students reading com-
prehension. The students have
also participated in hands-on
experiences such as planting
owers by the marquee,
creating multi-media pro-
jects related to their read-
ing, team building Thurs-
day, a science explosion
and a eld trip to Bricks.
Academically our students
have been engaged in 21

century activities that will
enrich their lives and give
them a new appreciation of
Syvillia Futrell
Q: Why are relationships important?
A: Relationships are important be-
cause it is not fun to have no one to
play with you. If you have no relation-
ships then you are lonely.
Markayla Tann
A: Relationships are important be-
cause you want to be around people
that treat you kind and want to be
Q: Why is it important to know my
strengths and weaknesses?
A: I can be happy about what I am
good at and I can work with my teach-
er to get better at the things that I am
not so good at. - Makayla Carr
A: I need to know my strengths and
weaknesses because it will make me a
better person. ZyAsia Brooks
around you. Christian Draughan
Q: How can you build new relation-
ships with new people?
A: You can build new relationships by
being nice to people. You also build
new relationships by asking someone
that you do not know to play with you
and not laughing at people that you do
not know. Nyquaveon Davis
from the Instructional Coachs Corner
Building Relationships
Response to Books
Mr. George Baker was 100
years old. He could not read. That is
sad. He was going to school to learn
how to read.LamarjaNique Gregory
Mr. George Baker is a great
book to inspire students to never give
up. He was a man that was a hundred
years old and he was learning to read.
This teaches us that we are never too
old to go after our dreams.Mrs. Hale
I think Mr. George Baker was a great
book. He was 100 years old and he
couldnt read. He was learning to read.
It teaches thatyou can still go to school to
read even if you are old.Dezaria Hill
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Caption describing
picture or graphic.

Eventually the newspaper
wrote an article about Frindles and the
battle over words going on at school.
Will Frindle become a new word?
Will the whole country use frindles?
Will the word just disappear and stop
being used? If you are interested in
this word and the battle of words go-
ing on at Lincoln Elementary School;
start reading frindle to find out what
happens. - Mrs. Phillips
All throughout the story the
word frindle evolves from a word being
used by fifth graders to a word being
used in the whole school.
Camp Reflections
I learned to read because
I use my blog. I learned my Math
by getting on Moby Max. I
learned how to say good morning
in different languages. I learned
that you can call a pen a frindle.
Kierra Miller
This summer I planted lowers and I
learned that roots will take up space
for lowers. We did some science exper-
iments: I used invisible ink and made
slushy. I played basketball. I studied a
book called Frindle which is actually a
pen. Legacy Harrison