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The Michael Jackson album

poster is very surreal and eyecatching, the poster shows

Michael Jacksons life on the
poster as this was the album
released after he died.
The poster shows his best and
biggest moments from his
music career showing that he is
the king of pop, this combined
with the crown on his head
gives us this impression of a
greater being. the angels
putting the crown on his head
also gives this impression of a
great man being taken care of
by angles.
The title and text are again very
simple and yet effective
because everybody knows his
name and who the person on
the poster is, it doesn't tell you
where you can buy the album just a date because people seeing this poster
would be so hyped-up just by seeing Michael Jackson face that it will make
them want the album, the poster is also very memorable and in some ways
like a homage to his life.