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The document analysis paper I submitted contributed to my general education in further

substantiating correct notation and a clear portrayal of what intentions I had behind
writing this paper. I was able to correctly cite my paper as well as create a bibliography to
further support my paper and the sources I used. In this assignment, I was also reminded
to always use in-text citations even when paraphrasing a source that is already listed. The
formatting and content for any assignment, as displayed in the evaluation of this paper is
important to the structure of any historical discussion.

Furthermore, the flow of thought transcribed to paper is something I have always
struggled with. It is not a lack of ideas of what to write about it is putting them in an
order in which I can accurately portray my discussion in a manner that the reader
understands. That is why, in this assignment, I chose to write chronologically in terms of
events, which helped me keep track of my thoughts in relation to writing effectively.

Overall, I was able to notice my writing style and habits to clarify my logic and content to
the reader as well as work on citation and format which would apply to any paper I would
need to write in the future.