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My First Love.....

My First Heartbreak
Hydz Trinidad
I never thought I would love someone like you
Never in my dreams that I would meet you
But then as I travel in my li!e"s #ourney
$ou walk into my li!e and I !all !or you.
I never know how is it to be in love
%ntil that very s&e'ial moment
$ou brought wonder!ul things in my li!e
$ou o&ened my eyes to see the beauty o! love.
$ou are my (rst kiss
$ou are the (rst guy who hugged me tenderly
$ou are the (rst man who held my hand lovingly
$ou are my (rst love.
$ou are the one who taught me how to love sin'erely
$ou showed me the way to your heart
$ou"ve taught me everything that I should know about love
I told mysel! the story o! my li!e is all about you.
$ou 'ared !or me and I really a&&re'iate it
$ou showed me how to love unsel(shly
But you never tea'h me the art o! letting go
$ou never tea'h me the 'ure o! hurting so mu'h.
I thought my (rst love will be my last
I thought its you that I belong to
But now what I on'e thought remains as thoughts
For you are now waiving goodbye.
)ll your smiles are !or me
But now its !or somebody else"s
$our stare so !ull o! love
Its !or someone"s 'om!ort.
The hug and kiss that I on'e have
$our heart on'e all mine
Now they all belong to somebody
It hurts to know you are already gone.
*ee& in me I made a &romise
I will never !all in love again
%nless its you my (rst love
My one and only...