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Standard 1.

3 requires the candidate to show mastery of how to research,

recommend, and implement policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies
to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school, district,
state, and federal technology plans and guidelines. The example I chose to reflect
this standard was the Action Evaluation Plan. This artifact demonstrates all aspects
of the standard. This project was completed in the Technology Leadership Course
which was designed to help candidates learn how to set goals for increased
technology use. The schools technology plan was analyzed and strengths, weakness,
opportunities, and threats were identified. Based on the needs of analyzing the
schools data, the Action Evaluation Plan was designed which outlined a plan for
using technology in conjunction with the school improvement plan. The budget was
reviewed, and technology coaches were assigned among grade levels in order to
attain the goals created for the schools technology improvement plan.

The eight components of the SWOT analysis enabled me to see Mt. Carmels s
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and threats to technology
implementation. It also helped me to design and develop a plan for technology
improvement creating strategies, a timeline, a cost analysis of the plan and the
individuals who would be involved in implementing this plan. The skills of the
grade level teachers was analyzed through a survey sent out through email.
Teachers attitudes and proficiency ratings that they gave to themselves were
analyzed with the data team. Areas of need were identified and a plan was
developed to address the areas of need indicated through the survey. The data
analysis allowed me to develop a plan that I took to administration for approval that
entailed eight professional development sessions that would take place and a time
frame for completion. The administration facilitated the writing of a proposal that
was sent to county office, and teachers who attended all eight sessions would earn
one PLU credit towards renewal of their teaching certificate. The analysis of
strengths and weaknesses in the Action Evaluation plan helped me to understand
the process of designing and implementing a technology improvement plan and how
to implement a plan that was cost effective with the budget constraints we have
been operating under.

The impact of the Action Evaluation Plan can be seen school wide.
Technology has been incorporated into daily lesson plans at a rate of seventy two
percent. This information was collected by administration through observations for
the teacher assessment piece and shared with the technology committee.
Standardized test scores also rose by 8% across the board which indicates that the
tools and strategies are teachers are using are successful.