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Kenosis23 Kenosis23 scribbled: Eternity tells no tales_ 44 minutes ago @ Reply Kenosis23: To existis to be the subject of a narrative, of a story, and inthis sense the eternal does not exist. 40 minutes ago g Kenosis23: Time binds, but Etemity frees. 40 minutes ago g Kenosis23: From Time | snatch moments of eternity, 39 minutes ago Kenosis23: “The span of earthly things is as a dream; buta fair welcome is given him who has reached the West.” — Eqyptian Harper from the 1st intermediate Period 38 minutes ago Kenosis23: The order we experience in time is the order of a story 36 minutes ago Kenosis23: We talk and write filling the spaces surrounding this necessarily silentvoid with the hape that some other will, from the shape ofthe filling, be able to shape this hole, to understand what is that we are nottalking of, this echo-less silentvoid that alone is the desire of our heart, that alone has any importance for us. 34 minutes ago Kenosis23: A Moment is when we have temporarily suspended the drive ta become for the Satisfaction of Being; itis to put your Trust in Being. 33 minutes ago Kenosis23: Lagic, the split between the Temporal and the Etemal begins with dissatisfaction. 31 minutes ago Kenosis23: All of our dreams have led to this moment, butwe look around us, and see thatall these dreams have ldo this nightmare that we desperately wantto wake from and we dont know how. 28 minutes ago Kenosis23: The Christ, in the larger sense, is that within us, that God given part, which knaws haw to dream an awakening fram the this nightmare. So the question becomes “how do we manifest, listen to, the healing dreams; how do we find the Christwithin?” 27 minutes age Kenosis23: We need to believe that we are important to someone else's story, that we are notalone. 12 minutes ago Kenosis23: A “story’ is a “time” and a “time” is a “Story.” “Space” is what binds all separate ‘stories” inta one common whole, “Time. 11 minutes ago Kenosis23: God, the Eternal, strives to berbecome part of the Story, or Time. 44 minutes ago Kenosis23: The Etemal, is that which is story-less, that which is nat part, and can not be a part, of any story. Moments are moments when we forget our story and for that brief moment we live in the Eternal, the divine realm. 8 minutes ago Kenosis23: Words are too dull of a toal to use in our search for the knowledge that we thirst for. 7 minutes ago Kenosis23: To Love is fo pursue a common dream, to inhabit a 2 comman Reality, to imagine a comman destiny, to perceive one’s self as enveloped in @ community of cur great commen dream. Each one of us is the means, molive and opportunity for that great comman dream. What is that great common dream? Itis, | think, nothing less then Man's atonement (at-one-ment) with God. 5 minutes ago Kenosis23: Dreams are what holds life (realty) together. Without dreams our reality becomes incoherent, scattered and meaningless with out a common story to hold ittogether. 3 minutes ago