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November 2012

Television is the leading cause of violence in today's society

Many times we wondered if television is helping the increase in violence
especially in the young people, but is this the only and the main problem?
Some studies claim that television offers daily, the most varied forms of
violence: physical, psychological, sexual, etc. Youngsters watch television between 3
and 4 hours a day, especially reality shows and junk TV. In these programs in prime
time, it continually makes apology of violence, without any control or strong law that
regulate it.
Television can be a powerful influence on the development of values, character
formation and the behavior of people. The child and adolescent psychologists, who
have studied the effects of violence on television, have said that they can imitate the
violence that they see on TV, identify themselves with certain types of offenders and
even accept violence as a way to solve problems. So extensive exposure to television
programs that contain violence, causes increased aggression in children.
But from my point of view, is not just the fault of television, parents are primarily
responsible for what their children watch, and they also try to imitate the family
environment in which they live, so in a family in which physical or verbal aggression are
our daily bread, induce its members to follow the same roll.
Definitely, television is partly to blame, but it is not the only responsible; the
current legislation, the misuse we make of it, and what we allow our children to watch
at home, are also responsibles.

Carlos A. Felipe Rodriguez.
Advanced I 19 - 21 pm