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Pump is a machine that adds energy to the liquids.liquied can be moved from lower
Elevation to higher elevation, from lower pressure to higher pressure by the pump.
It increases the flow rate of the liquids also.
A pump that works on the basis of centrifugal force is called centrifugal pump are;
Impeller is a very important part of the pump; it is mounted on the shaft and rotates
with it. he function of an impeller is to increase velocity of the liquid entering in it
here are three parts of impellers OPEN SEMIOPEN AND CLOSED. hese are
used in the pump according to the condition of the fluids I.e.thin viscous or carrying
solids particles etc. impeller has three important m vanes increase the velocity and
leave out of the tips diameters

!asing is the enclosed space where the impeller rotates with the shift .it has close
clearances with the impeller .it has two ends. "#!I$% A%& &I"!'A()E.
*luid enters in it through suction end and leaves through discharge end .stuffing
+o, is also provided in the casing. he kinetic energy given to the fluid by the
Impeller is converted to the pressure in the pump casing .the pump casing is
discharge %o--le are usually cast as a single pieces, which may also include the
suction no--le .
1-Volute casi!
"-cocet#ic casi!
$-Vo#te% casi!
In this casing the passage increases towards the discharge no--le is to allow for
the in creasing quantity of liquid from the impeller.
he top of the casing is provided with a vent. If air is present the flow can drop
Even stop. Particularly when the liquid has to be draw from a lower level from the
!enter line of the pump.
In another design of volute casing the pressure no--le is placed in the vertical
centre. In this design little or no air remains in the pump casing and due to the
base support it can more easily with stand vertical forces on the casing caused by
the weight
It is self /venting, small quantities of air pass through with the liquid flow.
It is the casing like stationary component used in centrifugal pump.
It converted velocity head into pressure and guides the liquid to the eye of ne,t
stage impeller. +ushing for supporting shaft is also provided in diffusers.