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Lesson Plan Template

Grade Level(s) 1
Grade Content Topic Math Addition and
Subtraction Stories
Key: SW Students !ill TW Teacher !ill "#TS"i$her%order
Thin&in$ S&ills
Lesson Title: 'What Can ( Addend)
Content Standard: *escribe survival traits o+ livin$ thin$s, includin$ color,
shape, si-e, te.ture, and coverin$/
0 (denti+yin$ addition, subtraction, and e1ual sy2bols
0 *escribin$ a variety o+ !ays to solve addition and subtraction e1uations/
Content Source: Co22on Core Math #b3ectives/
Key 4ocabulary Materials, 51uip2ent, Supplies
addends Addition and Subtraction Strips
addition "ot #nion 6all
subtraction S2art 6oard (T%chart)
"#TS: List higher-order questions, skills or activities included in this lesson.
Turn and Tell !ith "i$her order 1uestions/
Connections !ith 7rior Kno!led$e86uildin$ 6ac&$round
9ollo!%up lesson on addition &no!led$e +ro2 previous school year/
9ollo!%up lesson on subtraction &no!led$e +ro2 previous school year/
Content #b3ectives
Source #b3ectives in Student%+riendly Lan$ua$e
CCSS Math CCSS/Math/Content/1/#A/6/:
Apply properties o+ operations as strate$ies
to add and subtract/
Add and subtract !ithin <=, de2onstratin$
>uency +or addition and subtraction !ithin
1=/ ?se strate$ies such as countin$ on@
2a&in$ ten (e/$/, A B ; A B < B C 1= B C
1C)@ deco2posin$ a nu2ber leadin$ to a
ten (e/$/, 1: % C 1: % : % 1 1= % 1 D)@
usin$ the relationship bet!een addition and
subtraction (e/$/, &no!in$ that A B C 1<,
one &no!s 1< % A C)@ and creatin$
e1uivalent but easier or &no!n su2s (e/$/,
addin$ ; B E by creatin$ the &no!n
e1uivalent ; B ; B 1 1< B 1 1:)/
?nderstand the 2eanin$ o+ the e1ual si$n,
and deter2ine i+ e1uations involvin$ addition
and subtraction are true or +alse/
Lan$ua$e #b3ectives
Source #b3ectives in Student%+riendly Lan$ua$e
4enn *ia$ra2 TSW !or& !ith addition and subtraction e1uations/
7arallel Lines 8 "ot
TSW re2e2ber +acts and in+or2ation/
6lended Content%Lan$ua$e #b3ectives
TSW !rite addition and subtraction
TSW de2onstrate ho! to create addition and subtraction sentences
Meanin$+ul Activities and 7eer%to%7eer (nteractive #ral Techni1ues ((7#TS)
"ot #nion
7arallel Lines
Turn and Tell
"ot #nions
7arallel Lines
Key 4ocabulary: addends, addition, subtraction/
Key Concepts:
#b3ectives Met:
Group Me2ber Group Me2ber Group Me2ber
Chris Wi$$ins
Grade Level(s) Content%area Content Topic
Grade Science8Lan$ua$e Arts Ani2al (Alli$ators)
5L7 Level(s)
1 < :
General *escription o+ Lesson
The students !ill parta&e in a variety o+ $roup related to addition and
subtraction/ The students !ill !or& in a variety o+ s2all $roups to co2plete
the activities/ The activities are desi$ned to help students better
co2prehend !hat addition and subtraction/
*iGerentiation Supportin$ 5n$lish Lan$ua$e 7roHciency Levels
The s2all $roup activities are desi$ned to pair Level 1Is !ith both Level <Is
and :Is/ The activities !ill allo! all 5LLs to practice, Feadin$, Writin$,
Listenin$ and spea&in$/
Teacher Jotes (process, procedure, sa+ety, hints, tipsK)
The s2all $roups !ill be bro&en up in a variety o+ !ays/ The students !ill be
$iven a na2e ta$ that has a nu2ber, star, circle and rectan$le/ This is ho!
the $roups +or the activities !ill be deter2ined/