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Suggestions for CA Final Books
Paper 1: Financial Reporting: M.P.Vijay Kumar
The best book for accounts. Most of the problems originate in this book and get adopted into all their books. May 2014 attempt saw a 16 marks problem coming
directly from this book.
Accounting Standards: D.S.Rawat Along with this book if you want to solve practical questions , you can solve it from PM.
Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management: A.N.Sridhar
I personally liked this book very much. It is totally in line with exam pattern and weightage.100 short questions given in this book is an added advantage along
with mock test papers.(theory comes for 16 marks and reading 100 short questions is more than sufficient to get whole 16 marks!!)
Shridhar has one more book for SFM in which he has provided only Practical Questions.
Paper 3: Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics: Surbhi Bansal
Surbhi Bansal is direct to the point and almost covers all topics including most of practice manual questions and has been very helpful is last minute revision.
Auditing Standards come around for 40marks and can be easily read fromthis book.(when attempt gets tough then that means more weightage is given to
standards, so dont leave them!!!)
Paper 4:Corporate and Allied Laws: Munish Bhandari
Munish Bhandaris Handbook is to be definitely combined with a reading of Practice Manual, as he misses out a few topics from allied laws.
Paper 5: Advanced Management Accounting: Padhukas
This book is a gemfor those who want to crack AMA in the first go. Doing this book twice gives you a total grip on AMA. Problems are best sorted out difficulty
level wise and whole syllabus is covered. There is an increasing trend of theory questions in the paper, weightage being around 30 marks, but dont get
disappointed because most of them are easy and repeated questions. Padhukas has covered all the theory questions and is enough, no need to do practice
Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit: Jignesh Cheda
Jignesh Chedas ISCA book has a comprehensive approach towards the subject. Diagrams and Memory codes make it a little easy to remember the topics. ICAIs
language has been kept intact (you get marks only for writing ICAIs language).Reading practice manual is suggested due to paper having many repeated
questions and to know how to present an answer. One can also buy FLASH CARDS of jignesh Cheda. Trust me it is very helpful. With the help of this cards You
can revise ISCA while travelling.
Paper 7: Direct Tax: Vinod Gupta
I personally recommend buying Vinod Guptas book for direct tax. He has explained all provisions with examples. The set containing of 7 books has incorporated
all previous years exam questions. The summary module (Module 7) is very helpful for last minute revision of whole syllabus.(Module 7 alone can be bought for
Along with this book if you want to solve practical questions , you can solve it from PM.
Paper 8: Indirect Tax: Yashwant Mangal
If you take coaching, then read that material along with Practice Manual.
But if you do self-study, u can buy Yashwant mangal as it is totally exam oriented and all topics are given in question and answer format.
Many people refer Bangar but one can not revise Bangar on last day of exam, you can revise yashwant mangal.
Along with this book if you want to solve practical questions , you can solve it from PM.