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P. 20 > Now Kidero slashes parking fees for city matatus COUNTY NEWS Owners of
P. 20 > Now Kidero slashes parking fees for city matatus
Owners of 14-seater
PSVs will now pay
Sh3,650, down from
Sh5,000 monthly
PSVs will now pay Sh3,650, down from Sh5,000 monthly ∆ ∆ Nairobi | Friday, July 25,
PSVs will now pay Sh3,650, down from Sh5,000 monthly ∆ ∆ Nairobi | Friday, July 25,
PSVs will now pay Sh3,650, down from Sh5,000 monthly ∆ ∆ Nairobi | Friday, July 25,
PSVs will now pay Sh3,650, down from Sh5,000 monthly ∆ ∆ Nairobi | Friday, July 25,

∆ ∆

Nairobi | Friday, July 25, 2014

KSh60/00 (TSh1,700/00 : USh2,700/00 : RFr900/00)


No. 18008

DEVOLUTION | Parliament moves quickly to unlock impasse over Sh226 billion for counties after protests

Salaries may not be paid by today as has been the case. If Parliament passes

Salaries may not be paid by today as has been the case. If Parliament passes the Bill by this week, we will be able to pay by next week.’’

Council of Governors chairman Isaac Ruto
Council of

Governors run out of cash to

pay July salaries

GENDER | Activists demand changes in Bill on domestic violence Anti-domestic vio- lence activists in
GENDER | Activists demand changes in Bill on domestic violence
Anti-domestic vio-
lence activists in a
peaceful protest in
Nairobi yesterday
before they peti-
tioned Parliament
to change some
clauses in the Do-
mestic Violence Bill
2013. Their petition
was received by
Jubilee nominated
MP Johnson Sakaja
and Kisumu East
MP Shakeel Shabir.

>> Even if money is released, 44 counties will be left out as their budgets have been rejected

>> Row between MPs and Senate over funding of Level 5 hospitals blamed for crunch >> MCAs from all 47 regions in court to challenge rules on how they should spend allocations




G overnors yesterday warned that operations in the counties may ground to a halt because

MPs had delayed passing the law to release Sh226.6 billion for devolved governments. The counties would neither pay salaries for this month on time nor finance medical services as there was no money in their bank accounts, the governors said at a press conference in Nairobi. The July salaries, expected to be


Quit, Cord tells Coast MPs on Mung’aro ouster




Cord yesterday made good its threats and dropped Mr Gideon Mung’aro (right) as the Minority Chief Whip

and dared dissenting Coast MPs to quit the Opposition if they are not satisfied with the decision. Minority Leader Francis Nyenze wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Justin Muturi, inform-

ing him of the decision to replace Mr Mung’aro, the Kilifi North MP, with his Wundanyi counterpart, Mr Thomas Mwadeghu. Cord MPs said that Mr


Thomas Mwadeghu. Cord MPs said that Mr CONTINUED ON PAGE 2   ON OTHER PAGES INDEX





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2 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

POLITICS | Opposition writes to Speaker informing him it had picked Mwadeghu to take over as its Chief Whip

Cord drops Mung’aro, dares rebels to resign


Mungaro’s removal was only the first step of getting Op- position members in line. He said other leaders who fail to support Cord’s position would similarly be purged in line with the Political Parties Act. Cord decided to act a day after 20 Coast MPs, joined by four from the ruling Ju- bilee Coalition, disagreed with an earlier resolution by the joint Cord Parliamentary Group meeting to replace Mr Mung’aro. The meeting had asked Coast MPs to pick one of their colleagues to replace Mr Mung’aro. Mr Mwadeghu will take over immediately, the Minor- ity Leader said in the letter delivered to the Speaker yes- terday. The MP who is serving his second term was said to be on official duty in India. Addressing a press confer- ence at Parliament Buildings yesterday, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed said the purge has actually started. Although Mr Nyenze did not attend the press conference at Parliament ad- dressed by ODM legislators, Omar Mwinyi (Changamwe), Mr Mohammed, Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay Town) and Sena- tor Omar Hassan (Mombasa, Wiper), his letter signified the resolve with which the coalition has taken the matter. “Gideon is just the first casualty,” said Mr Mohammed. “There are other casualties on the line. We are ready to remain

with 20, 30 members who are ready to adhere to the aspira- tions, principles and values of the coalition.” He also said Cord was ready for by-elections in areas where its MPs opt to switch their party loyalties. Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir had earlier told jour- nalists that his colleagues were opposed to Mr Munga- ro’s removal because it was not done in “the right man- ner”. He said the group would meet again and come up with

a position.

But according to Mr Kaluma, the position was given to Mr Mung’aro by the Opposition Parliamentary Group and it could be taken away on the strength of a resolution by the group. “There was no hearing or interview before he was

given. Cord is now taking that position back to give someone who can serve the coalition


It’s not even about

a fair hearing,” Mr Kaluma

said. “Honourable Mwadeghu has also been appointed to that position in absentia be- cause we deem as Cord that he can serve in that position better for now.” He said Cord had drawn the line and would rather have five people who can serve the coali- tion’s ideals than a crowd that will drag them back. “If you want to mingle, we are giving you freedom to min- gle, but out of our coalition,” Mr Kaluma said.

to min- gle, but out of our coalition,” Mr Kaluma said. FILE | NATION Kilifi Country


Kilifi Country Assembly member Lawrence Kilabo (left), with fellow MCAs, addresses journalists at the Kilifi Bay Beach Resort where they threatened to quit Cord if MP Gideon Mung’aro was stripped of the Minority Whip position. Cord defied protests and replaced Mr Mung’aro yesterday.

from the Coast as “unfortunate and in total disregard of the best interests of the coali- tion”. On Wednesday, the 20 MPs had signed a statement criti- cising Cord’s decision to drop Mr Mung’aro. The 20 included Jubilee MPs Ali Wario (Bura, TNA), Ibrahim Sane (Garsen, URP), Hassan Dukicha (Galole, UDF) and Peter Shehe (Ganze, UDF). Deputy Majority Leader Naomi Shaban attended the meeting that preceded the announcement but did not sign the statement. Reacting to the dissenting MPs yesterday, Mr Mwinyi said: “We find it suspect that the Jubilee Coalition would involve itself so intricately in the affairs of the Cord coali-

tion. It indeed put into better perspective the unholy alliance calculated to undermine and weaken the Opposition, which is the constitutional avenue in the audit of the government.” He said Cord had put on notice the Jubilee leaders, who were dining and wining with leaders of Cord with the aim of luring them to weaken the Opposition. Speaking on behalf of Sen- ate Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula, Mombasa Sena- tor Omar Hassan said the Cord Parliamentary Group had identified areas of weak- ness and decided to strengthen them as its leaders embark on the push for a referendum to determine the future of the electoral commission, the sharing of revenue between the national and county gov- ernments and the security situation in the country. “We have given everybody notice that it is either you

“We have given everybody notice that it is either you Cord is now taking that position

Cord is now taking that position back to give someone who can serve the coalition better It’s not even about a fair hearing.”

Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma

support the referendum or there are avenues that you can express yourself democratically within the purview of the Con- stitution,” said Mr Omar. “We have given Mung’aro his dismissal letter and per- mission to leave and we are telling anybody else who feels they can leave to do so. The Constitution allows one to be an independent candidate, to change your party,” he said. He accused some Cord MPs of wearing the Cord team’s jerseys while playing for other teams. “If they want to play for an- other team, let them kit you,” he said. He said it was unfair to con- stantly claim that the Coast region was being victimised, yet its leaders have been unable to show that they have a firm political position. Mr Hassan suggested that the dissenting Cord MPs were working with Jubilee and have been using harambees to perpetuate the idea that they were bringing development to their people. “The decision (to drop Mung’aro) was taken by the Cord PG. The Cord PG can appoint you and when neces- sary, it can disappoint and, therefore, it has decided that we can reorganise ourselves and if anybody is not satis- fied with the decision, we have taken your challenge. We’re ready,” Mr Hassan said.

Ramadhan Timetable

25th July 2014

SUHUR 5.14 IFTAR 6.56 SUHUR 5.09 IFTAR 6.51 SUHUR 5.06 IFTAR 6.47 SUHUR 5.11
SUHUR 5.14 IFTAR 6.56 SUHUR 5.09 IFTAR 6.51 SUHUR 5.06 IFTAR 6.47 SUHUR 5.11




























SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30
SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30



SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30
SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30
SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30
SUHUR 5.08 IFTAR 6.46 SUHUR 5.01 IFTAR 6.30







Courtesy of Young Muslim Association























SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR 6.36 4.50 6.38 4.51 6.44 4.53 6.29 4.57
SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR 6.36 4.50 6.38 4.51 6.44 4.53 6.29 4.57
SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR SUHUR IFTAR 6.36 4.50 6.38 4.51 6.44 4.53 6.29 4.57

In the statement read by Mr Mwinyi, the Opposition MPs said Cord acknowledges and accords unequivocal respect to the people of the Coast region and shares in their aspirations. “We assure the people of the Coast region that this de- cision takes into consideration the best interests of the Coast region and the coalition,” Mr Mwinyi said and described the position taken by the 20 MPs


Battle of wits is shaping up

Winner: Thomas Mwade- ghu, who is on an over- sees trip, has been picked in absentia as the new Cord Chief Whip. Winner: Cord wins in the first round after it puts its

foot down despite pro- tests from Coast MPs, who opposed decision taken by joint Parliament Group meeting. Loser: Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro loses key position despite backing by 20 Coast MPs. Losers: Twenty Cord and Jubilee MPs lose after their protest, asking the Opposition to retain Mung’aro is ignored.

Losers: Twenty Cord and Jubilee MPs lose after their protest, asking the Opposition to retain Mung’aro


Friday July 25, 2014

National News


SURVEY | Gor Mahia and Arsenal among the most popular football clubs

Brands that pull in the cash and glory

Research shows which companies consumers would rather buy from if they had all the money to spend




K enyans would rather call using the Safaricom network, bank at Equity and watch an Arsenal

or Gor Mahia match, a new research on top brands has revealed. The QUdal meDAL (Qudal) study showed that if money was not an issue, Kenyans would wear Rolex watches and listen to music from Jaguar, Sauti Soul and Beyonce. Researchers from International Cer- tification Association GmbH (Icertias) interviewed 1,200 Kenyans aged 15 and above to find out what products and services they would go for if money were not a factor and quality was the only criterion. At the local level, Safaricom was named the top overall brand and Jaguar was at the top of the list of the best performer. Sauti Sol scooped the award for the best local music group.

Highest quality

David Rudisha topped the best sportsman/sportswoman, while Gor Mahia football club led in the category of best Kenyan club, regardless of which sport. Kenyans interviewed in the Qudal research nominated the following as the absolute highest quality produc- ers: Brookside (Category: Milk); Nescafé (Instant Coffee); Delmonte (Fruit Juice); Keringet (Still Mineral Water); Fair and Lovely (Category:

Facial Cream); Rolex (Wristwatch); Nike (Sports Footwear); Equity (Bank); Britam (Insurance), and Visa (Credit Card). Qudal research focuses solely on experiences and opinions of consum- ers with a given product or service and does not consider the market share, sales or the brand power of a given product. The accolade aims to create a culture in which manufacturer and

accolade aims to create a culture in which manufacturer and Sauti soul & Beyonce Jaguar Brookside

Sauti soul & Beyonce

Jaguar Brookside Milk Safaricom
Brookside Milk

service providers strive to deliver quality in response to the consum- er’s voice. The Qudal project seeks to draw the public’s attention to the importance of quality in their daily product and

Visa Card
Visa Card

service selection. It also emphasises the need for consumers to demand and expect the highest quality by training the masses on which brands, products and personalities to use as a point of reference.

Delmonte Juice
Delmonte Juice
Rolex watch
Rolex watch
Keringet Mineral water
Keringet Mineral water
products and personalities to use as a point of reference. Delmonte Juice Britam Rolex watch Keringet

4 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

DEVOLUTION | Dispute over funding of Level 5 hospitals delays Sh226bn allocation for regions

Counties run out of cash for staff salaries amid row


paid today, will have to wait until the money is released. The chairman of the Council of Governors, Mr Isaac Ruto, said Par- liament should take the responsibility for the paralysis. MPs delayed passing the Division of Revenue Bill after failing to agree with senators on the funding for Level 5 hospitals. Senators had proposed that the Na- tional Government spend Sh3.4 billion from its Budget to fund the hospitals but MPs wanted the counties to foot the bill from their allocations. There was, however, hope by last evening that the money could soon been transferred to the counties after both Houses passed the report of a mediation committee that found a middle ground between the MPs and senators. The revenue Bill will now be for- warded to President Uhuru Kenyatta for assent to give the National Treas- ury the go-ahead to distribute the Sh226.6 billion to counties. “Salaries may not paid by today as it has been the case. If Parliament passes the Bill by this week, we will be able to pay by next week. We will, however, not be able to buy medicine if we don’t get the money immediately,” said Mr Ruto. However, even if the money was to be released immediately, governors will have to contend with County Assemblies whose budgets have been rejected by the Controller of

Budget for ignoring directives on their spending. It emerged yesterday that Control- ler of Budget Agnes Odhiambo had turned down the budgets of 44 coun- ties for not adhering to the recently issued caps on spending. The assemblies have already moved to court to challenge the directive (see separate story on Page 5).

to challenge the directive ( see separate story on Page 5 ). You cannot use money

You cannot use money from any other vote to finance salaries and medical services”

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana

This means only three counties have met the conditions. However, neither Ms Odhiambo nor Mr Ruto disclosed which counties had complied. Earlier, Mr Ruto had criticised Par- liament for the delay in passing of the revenue Bill, saying it was unfortunate that legislators — who were entitled to medical schemes worth millions of shillings — were wrangling on how to fund public hospitals that were the only option for poor Kenyans. “It’s callous for people with medi- cal schemes to deny medical care to Kenyans whose first and last ports of call are public hospitals.” He told off legislators for reducing

public hospitals.” He told off legislators for reducing BILLY MUTAI | NATION Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka


Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka (left) with Council of Governors chairman Isaac Ruto address the press at their Delta House office in Nairobi yesterday. Although they protested that cash for counties was delayed, it emerged that 44 of the de- volved units were yet to comply with new rules to check spending.

the money allocated to Level Five hos- pitals from Sh3 billion to about Sh1.7 billion, saying this was happening at a time when the National Government could not account for billions of shil- lings at its disposal.

Absolved from blame

The Council of Governors absolved its members from blame over allega- tions the counties had failed to utilise billions of shilling in their accounts. They said the money was already com- mitted but could not be withdrawn due to stringent procurement rules. Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, who

is the vice-chairman of the council, said counties had committed the money since March when the report was published and that by June this year, all the cash had been used, leav- ing the bank accounts dry. Makueni’s Kivutha Kibwana said:

“You cannot use money from any other vote to finance salaries and medical services.” His Bungoma counterpart Ken Lu- saka, who is the council’s whip, called on county assemblies and the budget oversight commissions to resolve their differences on spending caps to free cash for counties.

MPs approve Sh227bn for the counties


The National Assembly last evening approved allocation of Sh226.6 billion to the counties for the next financial year, and for the national government to give 11 counties hosting regional referral hospitals an additional Sh1.87 billion. The recommendations of the joint mediation committee were nearly lost after Cord MPs angry at their treatment by Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso voted to reject the report. Some MPs in the Opposition joined the Jubilee side in calling for a physical vote, but when the votes were called in, the motion to adopt the report was passed 79-3 with six MPs refusing to vote.

President for assent

This means that the Division of Revenue Bill will now be sent to the President for assent. This would unlock the allocation of funds to the counties, which will then share it according to the County Alloca- tion of Revenue Bill. The County Allocation of Rev- enue Bill will be considered first by the Senate, with the National Assembly not expected to contest it because the county allocations are based on a set formula. The creation of the mediation committee was necessitated by the rejection by the National Assembly of the Senate’s amendments to the Division of Revenue Bill, mainly concerning the funding for Level Five hospitals. When the Bill was passed, MPs agreed to remove the provision that some Sh3.4 billion be allo- cated as a conditional grant for the 11 hospitals.

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National News


Friday July 25, 2014

DEVOLUTION ROW | Controller of Budget has rejected estimates tabled by counties




MCAs fight to stop budget order

MCAs fight to stop budget order      

I lost Sh20 million worth of trees

Retired General

I lost Sh20 million worth of trees Retired General

Ward reps file case in court to block agencies from putting ceiling on money they can spend

THE ARGUMENT Why they don’t want regulations
Why they don’t
want regulations




Njoroge sowed his seeds of retire- ment in trees which were chewed by beetles. Read how he bounced back.






M embers of county assemblies have challenged a directive by the revenue commission

that curtails their power to spend billions of shillings set aside for counties. The MCAs, through lawyer Tom Ojienda, argued that the Commis- sion on Revenue Allocation and the Controller of Budget had no author- ity to direct how counties spend the funds allocated to them. Prof Ojienda submitted that the CRA and the Controller of Budget lacked any power to impose a ceil- ing on allocations to county budgets or, any legal mandate to approve the budgets. “The respondents, in clear con- travention of the Constitution, have written to all county governments to comply with their new guidelines, failure to which the Controller of Budget will not approve withdraw- als by county governments from the Treasury,” said Prof Ojienda. The CRA last month issued a di-

Rain or no rain I can feed my 50 dairy cows for one year

Rain or no rain I can feed my 50 dairy cows for one year The inspiring

The inspiring story of a Macha- kos farmer who has conquered drought to sell milk in times of scarcity.


rective on budget ceilings to restrict spending by MCAs and assemblies following an outcry over wastage of public funds through allowances and foreign trips. Under the new ceilings, the total cost of funding new structures under devolved units should not exceed Sh13 billion of the total amount allocated per year for the executives and Sh17 billion for the assemblies. The ceilings put a limit on cash that county executives and assem- blies can spend in a move meant to curb misuse of resources and cut down unnecessary recruitment at the county governments. Prof Ojienda, however, argued that the CRA and the Controller of Budget had overstepped their mandate by di-

Timeline: Ward reps say the CRA directive is irregular since it seeks to provide a new timeline to pass budget when they have already complied with the time- lines set by the Constitution. Expired: The circular has been overtaken by events since the counties adopted the Fiscal Strategy Paper for 2014/2015 in February and any attempt to have it reviewed is illegal.

recting the counties on how to spend their funds. “The mandate of CRA is only to recommend the basis for equitable sharing of revenue raised by the na-

From left: Nyandarua MCA Kieru Wambui, lawyer Tom Ojienda and Mandera County speaker Abdikadir Sheikh outside a Nairobi Court yesterday.


tional government to the devolved government. The controller of budget is only mandated to ensure the funds are released,” he said. The suit seeks orders suspending the circular issued by the CRA and an order compelling the Controller of Budget to release county funds. Mr Justice Isaac Lenaola directed them to serve the respondents with the application before the hearing today.


Mr Justice Isaac Lenaola directed them to serve the respondents with the application before the hearing

tips that

turned my

farm into

a bread


Plus where to buy and sell at com- petitive prices, and experts answer all your questions


Anti-graft agency wants ward reps to stop unruly conduct


The Ethics and Anti-Corrup- tion Commission is seeking to have ward reps conduct them- selves with decorum. The EACC warned that Members of the County As- semblies (MCAs) who engage in name-calling and fist fights risk disciplinary action that could lead to their removal from office. A letter detailing the types of misconduct and sanctions that will be meted out has been sent to the Nairobi County As- sembly. On Tuesday, the ward reps accused the commission and the government of attempting to gag them. The assembly adjourned its sitting to discuss the letter that also sets out pre-condi- tions to be met in the next 30 days. This includes setting up a Leadership and Integrity Code which must be signed by all MCAs. The clerk is expected to work with a newly constituted Pow- ers and Privileges Committee from both sides of the political divide to develop the Leader- ship and Integrity Code. Nairobi Deputy Speaker Ken Ngondi (above) said that even though the commission was bent on arm twisting them, they would not budge. “This letter is vague and full

them, they would not budge. “This letter is vague and full This letter is vague and

This letter is vague and full of mischief. We will not take directives from anyone”

Nairobi Deputy Speaker Ken Ngondi

of mischief. We will not take directives from anyone. “They are giving us time frames yet we have no budget to plan for the sensitisation on whistle-blowing,” he said. Sarang’ombe Ward repre- sentative Pius Otieno said that the communication negated their privileges to speak freely on the floor of the assembly without fear of prosecution.

He said that the letter was a means of intimidating the 47 assemblies, by first cowing Nairobi. “Mr Speaker, for the last two weeks we have been under at- tack from commissions that want to supervise county as- semblies. “We are independent and we will not take instructions from them,” he said. Mr Otieno said that EACC was ‘demeaning its stature by investigating name-calling instead of pursuing millions of shillings being stolen from public coffers.’ Makongeni Ward representa- tive Peter Imwatoka said that the letter was as a result of a debate on powerful govern- ment officials linked to land grabbing last week. “EACC should help us deal with corruption instead of wait- ing for a member to speak out and then write a threatening letter to this assembly,” he said. The letter came just two days after the Nairobi MCAs implicated powerful politicians in a land-grabbing case involv- ing two companies — Renton Company Ltd (404 hectares) and Off Shore company Ltd (650 hectares). The assembly said the politi- cians behind the two companies had encroached onto land set aside for a Settlement Fund Trustee in Ruai.

said the politi- cians behind the two companies had encroached onto land set aside for a

6 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

PARLIAMENT | House adjourned prematurely after uproar

‘Al Shabaab’ remark sparks anger

Duale kicks up storm by equating Cord calls for KDF withdrawal to terror group’s demand




T he Opposition reacted with fury last evening after Ma- jority Leader Aden Duale

accused Cord of “speaking the same language as Al-Shabaab” in opposing the deployment of the Kenya Defence Forces in Lamu and asking for their withdrawal from Somalia. Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso ap- peared to lose control of the House as the House degenerated into near-pandemonium, with MPs from both sides pointing at each other, as Cord representatives demanded the ejection of Mr Duale for making the statements.

Request of the police

The matter started when the Ma- jority Leader said the sending of the Kenya Defence Forces to Lamu County was approved by the Cabinet on the request of the police. Long after the House had moved to another order, Deputy Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo revived the matter, repeating the demand by Cord to have Kenyan soldiers with-


Leaders’ furious exchanges in the House

REACTION Leaders’ furious exchanges in the House ”The least you can do is ask him (Duale)

”The least you can do is ask him (Duale) to withdraw (statement)” Mr Jakoyo Midiwo, Gem MP (ODM)

to withdraw (statement)” Mr Jakoyo Midiwo, Gem MP (ODM) “ Would I be in order to

Would I be in order to declare that Cord is not patriotic? What are they up to?” Mr Asman Kamama, Chairman National Security Committee

Mr Asman Kamama, Chairman National Security Committee ”They are speaking the same language” Mr Aden Duale,

”They are speaking the same language” Mr Aden Duale, Leader of Majority in the Na- tional Assembly

drawn from Somalia. “We did not send our boys to Kismayu to collect taxes. Bring them back,” he said. It was at this point that Mr Duale asserted that by asking for the with- drawal of KDF from Somalia, Cord was echoing Al-Shabaab’s demand. “They are speaking the same lan- guage,” he said. The remark provoked furious re- sponses from the Cord side, whose members wanted Mr Duale ordered out of the chambers as Dr Laboso

declared Mr Duale out of order. “It is on record that we have a terrorist party. The least you can do is ask him to withdraw,” Mr Midiwo said. “Don’t be silly,” Mr Duale replied before Dr Laboso stepped in and ac- cused Mr Midiwo of doing the same thing he wanted Mr Duale expelled for. She then ordered that the exchange between members from both sides be expunged from the Hansard — the

written records of the House. Earlier, the National Security Com- mittee chairman Asman Kamama accused Cord of being unpatriotic. “When they say we should with- draw the army from Somalia and they are also saying that we should not deploy them locally, I think they are saying…would I be in order to declare that Cord is not patriotic? What are they up to?” he said, eliciting a furious response from Cord. So emotional was the debate that Mr Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba, ODM) was ordered out for the rest of the day for heckling, while Ms Millie Odhiambo-Mabona (Mbita, ODM) left the House in a huff.

Human suffering

When the next matter on the agenda was called, there were less than 50 MPs in the chambers and business had to end due to lack of quorum. Earlier, Mr Duale had informed the House that the KDF was posted to Lamu because the attacks there were widespread and characterised by extreme brutality, leading to im- mense human suffering. This necessitated use of equipment only in the possession of the KDF. He said the police needed the sup- port of the KDF and had asked for it to contain the emergency “in a very limited form”. This would be in the use of aircraft, a minimal Special Forces unit and the use of night-vision equipment only used by the KDF.

and the use of night-vision equipment only used by the KDF. Nurseries and primary schools set

Nurseries and primary schools set to be linked



The Education minis- try plans to compel each nursery to be affiliated to a primary school for easy transition of pupils. Children will uncon- ditionally progress to Standard One of a related primary school on attaining the age of six or having at- tended a nursery for a maximum of three years. “The minimum duration of stay for a child enrolled in a pre-primary school shall be one year and shall not exceed three years,” say the Basic Education Regula- tions, 2014.


A child progressing from a primary school to a secondary school will not be subjected to any inter- views or pre-qualification examinations before being admitted, if the rules are approved. The regulations give the county director of education powers to take affirmative action to enable children from minority groups and marginalised areas, and those with special needs to be admitted in second- ary schools. Schools will be ex- pected to have records for every child, their place of

residence and parents’ contacts. “For one to qualify to teach in a pre-primary, primary, secondary or any other institution, one will have to be registered with the TSC (Teachers Service Commission) and must have undergone training,” say the regulations. Schools and parents will be forbidden from forcing their children to repeat classes. The rules also make it an offence for a school to force a parent to transfer a student or pupil to another institution without written approval of the county di- rector of education. “No child or learner in an institution of basic educa- tion and training shall be subjected to corporal punishment, intimidation, coercion or any other inhu- man treatment,” warns the ministry.

or any other inhu- man treatment,” warns the ministry. The minimum duration of stay for a

The minimum duration of stay for a child enrolled in a pre-primary school shall be one year”

Basic Education

Regulations, 2014

Cord duping Kenyans, ole Lenku claims


A Cabinet Secretary has claimed that some Kenyans are being duped into signing for a proposed referendum by the Opposition. Interior CS Joseph ole Lenku yesterday alleged that unnamed individuals were collecting signa- tures and identity card numbers under the guise of a land distribu- tion plan, yet they were meant for the Cord referendum. “My office has received credible reports of the dubious scheme pur- porting that the State will issue free land in places such as Moi’s Bridge and Nakuru,” he said in statement to newsrooms. He, however, did not say whether anyone had been arrested. Mr Lenku asked Kenyans to be careful lest they fall prey to an extortion ring. But Cord leaders denied the allegations, saying the CS should be concerned about the rising in- security instead of panicking over non-existing issues. Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed laughed off the claims. They said Cord had not started collecting signatures. “We have only formed a team of experts,” said Prof Nyong’o. “Mr Lenku must stop this propaganda. We are not the mafia, but a well-or- ganised political party,” he said. Mr Mohammed said the col- lection of signatures would be launched officially in one of the counties.

Police recruits reporting day postponed


The date for the new police recruits to report for training has been moved from August 5 to Oc- tober 3 to allow for investigations into corruption allegations. In a letter read to Parliament by Majority Leader Aden Duale, the Police Service Commission said an inter-agency taskforce had been set up for the audit and its report was expected on August 4. “The outcome of this investiga- tion will inform the commission on the next course of action, which may be cancellation and a repeat where there is proof that things were not above board,” the letter says.

Claims of corruption

Officers found guilty of graft will be prosecuted, it adds. Mr Duale said the decision was made in response to an order by Parliament on Wednesday. Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso, who made the order, yesterday asked the National Security and Administration Committee to continue with its investigations into the matter. The House took up the matter after Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa alerted it to widespread claims of corruption, regional imbalance, nepotism and tribalism in recruit- ing the 10,000 new officers.

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 7

8 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

COURT | Aggrieved parties want level playing field

Agency wins reprieve in child adoption row

Decision to exempt welfare society with Uhuru link from supervision opposed




A court has declined to

stop a welfare society

associated with the

President from processing child adoption. Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi exempted Child Welfare Society of Kenya from supervision as required in the Children’s Act in a gazette notice dated October 25, 2013. The exemption on the soci- ety, of which President Uhuru Kenyatta is the patron, has ruf- fled the feathers of eight other agencies. The organisations have sued the CS terming his order as illegal and as it may expose Kenyan children to the risk of trafficking and other forms of abuse.



of adoption

MORE INFORMATION Regulation of adoption Rules: The Children’s Act bars any one from ar- ranging adoption

Rules: The Children’s Act bars any one from ar- ranging adoption unless registered as an adoption society. Registration: Where the adoption committee ap- proves the registration of a society, a certificate of registration is issued.

The parties traded accusa- tions before Justice Weldon Korir when the case came up for hearing yesterday. A lawyer representing the Attorney-General sought an adjournment on grounds that she had been unable to “get senior government officials to

sign supportive affidavits.” The aggrieved parties in their submissions want Mr Kambi’s exemption order in fa- vour of the society quashed. However, the society said that since the President is the patron there “is proof that it has both trust and direct su- pervision of the highest office in the land.” “The society has been receiving direct government support since it was estab- lished in 1955 and gazetted for adoption of children. “The government has been placing abandoned children on a regular basis in this society. It is unlikely that it could provide support for such a long period if the agency was involved in prejudicial activities,” lawyer Kennedy Ogeto said. He said that the children’s agency is the first in the country to lobby for govern- ment funding. The society got Sh261 million for recurrent ex- penditure and Sh300 million for capital expenditure. Justice Korir allowed the adjournment on grounds that hearing the case without all the facts would be unfair.

NO | Activists want House to act

NO | Activists want House to act BILLY MUTAI I NATION Domestic violence activists protest along


Domestic violence activists protest along Kenyatta Av- enue, Nairobi yesterday. They were asking parliament not to amend the domestic violence Bill.



Waiguru seeks to have activists case dismissed

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru wants a case two activists filed against her dis- missed. Mr Okiya Omtatah and Mr Wycliffe Gisebe filed a suit at the Industrial Court claiming Ms Waiguru irregularly replaced Mr Japter Kiplimo Rugut as National Youth Service director and Mr Gor Semelang’o as Youth Enter- prise Development Fund chair- man. In her replying affidavit, Ms Waiguru said the activists had not proved that Mr Rugut and Mr Semelang’o authorised them to file the petitions. The case will be mentioned on July 31.


MP’s bodyguard in coma after losing gun

Police are investigating how a gun issued to an MP’s bodyguard, who has been in a coma for 10 days, ended up at Wilson Air- port. Detectives are also keen to know how Bumula MP Boniface Otsula’s bodyguard, Constable Meshack Baraza, was drugged and lost his firearm. He has not recorded a statement as he is still in intensive care at a city hospital. His Ceska pistol was found by a newspaper vendor at the airport on July 15. Mr Baraza was found unconscious at a bus stage on Latema Road.

was found by a newspaper vendor at the airport on July 15. Mr Baraza was found
was found by a newspaper vendor at the airport on July 15. Mr Baraza was found


Friday July 25, 2014

National News


GOVERNMENT PROJECTS | Move aimed at preventing petty litigation

New law to curb tender wrangles

Losing bidders who go to court to




to make

hefty cash


says CS







A law that will discourage

unsuccessful bidders

from using the courts

to delay implementation of the government’s flagship projects is being drafted. The Public Procurement and Disposal Act will be radi- cally amended to introduce a requirement of hefty deposits of cash in courts for litigants challenging tender awards, according to National Treas- ury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich. The aim, he said, was to stop petty litigation involving procurement and to increase efficiency in the process. Parties challenging tender awards with the Public Procure- ment Oversight Authority will incur heavy financial costs. “To do away with frivolous ap- peals, you will have to deposit a percentage of the value of the tender when challenging the award. This will show that you are serious about the matter,” said Mr Rotich. He said appeals from individu- als and companies were on the rise with litigants hoping the outcome would be overturned in their favour.

Modern laboratory

The tenders include the Sh327 billion standard gauge railway project, the Sh53 billion Nairobi-Mombasa pipeline, and the Sh24 billion laptops for schools project. Questions have also been raised over NSSF’s Sh7.1 billion Hazina Towers and Sh5 billion Tassia projects. Others include the Sh14.9 billion communications and surveillance tender awarded to Safaricom and the Sh1.3 billion tender for the Kenya Bureau of Standards modern laboratory

How the Nation has reported tender issues
How the Nation has reported tender issues

in Mombasa. President Keny- atta stepped in to end the row over the railway tender awarded to China Road and Bridge Cor- poration. The project has been hit by fresh controversy over a Sh3.5 billion tender awarded to Edon Consultancy International LTD, Apec Consortium and Third Rail- way Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation. The contract to replace and expand the Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline was awarded to Zhakem International Construction Ltd while the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board suspended the laptops tender awarded to Olive Telecommu- nications PVT Ltd. The decision to award the Tassia Scheme and the Hazina Towers projects to China Jiangxi International Kenya Ltd recently stirred up a spat between Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi and Central Organisa- tion of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss Francis Atwoli and Federation of Kenya Employers chief executive officer Jackline Mugo. Senate Finance Committee chairman Billow Kerrow said the changes should include a requirement for litigants to de- posit either Sh500,000 or Sh1

REACTION Senate leaders back proposal “This is to ensure only seri- ous people, who are
Senate leaders
back proposal
“This is to ensure only seri-
ous people, who are ready
to have their money held
up go to court. It would
also propose to limit the
time frame for courts to
conclude cases to maybe
two weeks.”
Mr Billow Kerrow, Senate
Finance Committee

million with the courts when they file contesting suits. “This is to ensure only seri- ous people, who are ready to have their money held up go to

court. It would also propose to limit the time frame for courts to conclude cases to maybe two weeks,” he said. Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki concurred, warn- ing that the controversies were coming at a cost to the Jubilee administration. “Unfortunately, the legal ar- rangement is costing the Jubilee Government as it takes a long time to implement projects which could be half way com- plete by now.” But Suna East MP Junet Mo- hammed warned of existence of a wider syndicate in the Jubilee tenders. “The railway tender was awarded to a Chinese company and now TSDI which is another Chinese firm which together with China Roads and Bridge Corpo- ration are State corporations can undertake the supervision,” he said. National Assembly transport committee chairman Maina Kamanda absolved the Jubilee Government from blame, saying most of the tenders were proc- essed by the previous regime. “Yes, there are teething prob- lems here and there but you can’t blame it all on the Jubilee regime,” Mr Kamanda said.

Team probes validity of Mutunga house value


A Parliamentary team is investi- gating possible collusion between the Judiciary and a valuer in the purchase of a Sh310 million house for the Chief Justice. This follows revelations by the valuer, Ms Nelly Ng’ang’a, that she gave an opinion on the Runda house after a general as- sessment. Her evidence before the Public Accounts Committee appeared to confirm a report by the Au- ditor-General that payment for the house, owned by a senator, was done without an authentic valuation. The Judiciary tender committee on March 27, 2013 awarded Johnson Nduya Muthama Holdings a tender for a furnished house at a cost of Sh310 million.


The money that the Judiciary paid for a house for the Chief Justice

In May 2013, a Judicial Service Commission meeting approved the price on the basis of a valua- tion and security survey done by consultants. Lawyer Andrew Karani for Muthama Holdings told the com- mittee the transaction was purely a business decision. “Whether the procurement was flawed was never an issue, the choice of residence was never faulted,” he said. “I believe the company has no case to answer.” The lawyer said the company had offered two properties and the Judiciary settled on the Runda one, which was priced at Sh425 million, but negotiated downwards. Committee members claim the house was bought at twice the market value and have questioned how the cost was cut from Sh425 million to Sh310 million.

house was bought at twice the market value and have questioned how the cost was cut

10 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

WONDER GIRL | Emily Wanjiru, the girl who thrilled President Kenyatta, entertains school

the girl who thrilled President Kenyatta, entertains school Emily Wanjiru, the girl who wowed participants at

Emily Wanjiru, the girl who wowed participants at the 2014 National Drama Festival, recites a poem yesterday at her new school, St Petrock School, in Runyenjes, Embu County. She has joined the institution after she got a sponsor.


NOT SO CHARITABLE | Court records show 19-year-old made a confession

How sex crimes teen fled Kenya

Police say the missionary accused of molesting children flew out as they awaited medical report


in Dallas, Texas



P olice say an American teenager accused of molesting children in Kiambu County was not ar-

rested in Kenya because he flew out on the day the report was received. Mr Matthew Lane Durham was last week indicted in a US court for sex crimes at an orphanage near Juja Town. Court records say the 19-year-old confessed to raping several young girls and forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him. Ruiru police boss Isaac Thuranira yesterday said a complaint had been received about Mr Durham, but he left

the country as they waited for a medi- cal examination on the children. Mr Thuranira, however, said police could get him back to face the same charges after he is tried in the US. “It is a good thing the US authori- ties were also on the case because the ultimate aim is to bring the culprit to book. We have an extradition agree- ment with the US and the file is before the criminal division,” he said. “We were informed by an official at the home about an American teen- ager, who had confessed to abusing children. But we were also told he had booked a flight and left on the same day,” Mr Thuranira said. Mr Durham, who was arrested in the US a few weeks after he left Kenya, is expected to stand trial in Oklahoma next week. The teenager is said to have volun- teered to work at Upendo Children’s Home between April and June this year where he allegedly committed sex crimes on children aged between four and nine. Court documents show that on his most recent trip, Mr Durham re-

quested to stay at the children’s facility rather than with the sponsors, saying, he wanted to be closer to them. In June, a custodian at the home became suspicious when he saw Mr Durham lying close to some of the children late in the night.


Lawyer’s fury

In a response filed in court, Dur- ham’s attorney, Steven Jones, said: “The events in Kenya the last maybe five, six days that Matt was there frankly reveal some sort of pseudo-tribal psy- chological voodoo practised on him, including confiscating his passport, false imprisonment, keeping food from him one day, delay in allowing him to leave the country, misleading his parents. I don’t think Hollywood could make up what happened at this so-called orphanage.”

He said when he asked the children what happened, some told him he had touched them inappropriately and had asked them to touch themselves as he watched. The caretaker then reported the matter to the home’s sponsor. Upendo Children’s Home is part of the charity network Upendo Kids International founded by Kenyan- American couple Robert and Eunice Menja. The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology alumni are said to have settled in Oklahoma to “serve God.” A janitor at the home, who asked not to be named, said the orphanage had about 30 children, and missionar- ies often visited it as well as schools around Juja Town. Police said medical examinations indicated that one of the children was HIV positive, but it was not clear whether the infection arose from Mr Durham’s alleged misconduct. Police in Oklahoma apprehended him on July 17, and he appeared in court the next afternoon. He is being held without bond and his case will start on August 1.



Police guard man over girlfriends’s death

A 29-year-old man is under po- lice guard at Tigoni District Hos- pital in Limuru, following the kill- ing of his girlfriend on Friday. He is reported to have attempted to commit suicide by taking a drug overdose. The body of the woman identified as Anne Wanyoike, 28, was found along the Kabuku – Kamandura road. It had several stab wounds. Limuru police boss Moses Owiti said the man was being treated as a key suspect.


Elder sues county over 700-acre land

The County Government has been sued for allegedly encroach- ing on 700-acres of private land in Nkareta area of Narok North sub-county and declaring it a government forest. Community leader Kitilai ole Ntutu wants the Environment and Lands Court in Nakuru to issue orders permanently barring the county government and its rangers from trespassing or accessing the land. Lady Justice Lucy Waithaka will hear the parties’ on October 8.


Tourist shot dead in daylight street attack

A German tourist was shot dead and her Ugandan boyfriend criti- cally injured in Mombasa yester- day. The holiday maker becomes the second one to be killed at the Old Town district of Mombasa after a Russian tourist was shot dead a month ago. According to Old Town community security chairman Khalid Ibrahim, the German, Ms Christine Tester, was attacked by three youths. Speaking to the press at the Coast General Hospital, Mr Khalid said they had toured Golf Club, Mama Ngina, Fort Jesus. But when they reached Old Town at the Mlango wa Papa in Kuse, they were shot from behind by three youths. The boyfriend sustained gunshot injuries in the neck. Tourism Cabinet Secretary Ms Phyllis Kandie condemned the attack.

The boyfriend sustained gunshot injuries in the neck. Tourism Cabinet Secretary Ms Phyllis Kandie condemned the


Friday July 25, 2014

National News


DEDUCTIONS | The remittance to start on August 1

High school teachers to pay new agency fee

Sossion alleges it is a plot by the teachers’ employer to salvage dwindling numbers of a rival







S econdary school teach- ers, who do not belong to any trade union, will

pay Sh400 to Sh1,000 in agency fee when a new rule comes into force. The money will be deducted from their salary and paid to the Kenya Union of Post Pri- mary Education Teachers. This will affect about 25,053 post primary teachers. Teachers Service Commis- sion chief executive Gabriel Longoiboni said in a notice yesterday that the monthly deductions will start on Au- gust 1. “The monthly deductions in agency fees are at the rate of 1.5 per cent of basic salary,” Mr Longoiboni said. Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi in a legal no- tice this month, directed the teachers’ employer to start de- ductions after Industrial Court Judge Linnet Ndolo ordered him to gazette the fee. Post primary union chair-

1.5 The percentage that teachers’ employer wants to deduct as agency fees from non- unionisable
The percentage that
teachers’ employer
wants to deduct as
agency fees from non-
unionisable staff
We see this
as an act of
provocation by the
government. This
can cause unrest.”
Knut Secretary
Wilson Sossion

man Omboko Milemba allayed fears that the charges could drive away members Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman John Awiti said they will delib-

erate on the issue on July 31. “We are meeting at the end of the month to come up with a position on agency fee,” said Mr Awiti. Post primary teachers union deputy secretary-general Moses Nthurima said the agency fees is being sought be- cause his union bargained for the commuter allowances. He said that arising from the collective bargaining agreement, the union was now pursuing a medical scheme and responsibility allowance. However, Kenya National Union of Teachers secretary- general Wilson Sossion said that the agreement cited by Mr Kazungu and the teachers’ employer is inconclusive.

Labour unrest

He said that the notice by the Teachers Service Commis- sion was ill-advised and could trigger a labour unrest if not reversed. “We see this as an act of provocation by the govern- ment,” Mr SossioN(above) told the Nation by telephone. Mr Sossion said that this was an attempt by certain in- dividuals to fleece money from unsuspecting teachers. He said the teachers’ em- ployer was hiding behind the fee to salvage the dwindling numbers of the secondary schools teachers’ union.

Additional Reporting By Isaac Ongiri

SWOOP | Police impound bhang, brew

SWOOP | Police impound bhang, brew JARED NYATAYA | NATION Administration Police take stock of what


Administration Police take stock of what they impounded during a raid at King’ong’o area in Eldoret Town yester- day. Police seized bhang worth Sh250,000, 25 litres of chang’aa and 250 litres of kangara from a den and ar- rested one suspect while the other escaped.



Reservist in custody after man shot dead

A police reservist allegedly shot dead a man in Lodwar after an argument over why he was on the streets at night. Turkana Central police boss Kipkemoi Kirui said Mr Solomon Emoni, 28, was shot on Wednesday as he left a shop where he had gone to buy milk. “The man had been stopped for questioning on why he was still out at that time of the night,” said Mr Kirui. He said the reservist is in custody.


Woman stabbed to death in her house

Police in Kayole are investigat- ing the death of a woman whose body was found in her house on Wednesday night. Area police boss Joseph Ndegwa said Ms Agnes Ndenge was found dead by her husband, Mr Patrick Mulwa, at 9 p.m. “Her husband found the house locked from the outside and when he went in, he found the body on the bed with stab wounds,” Mr Ndegwa said.


Man charged after witchcraft claims

A man who neighbours claim is a wizard was yesterday charged with being a nuisance. Mr Peter Kageche was arrested in Huruma as residents tried to lynch him for allegedly practising witchcraft. They claimed he had been spot- ted smearing human waste on Ms Ruth Auma’s house. Makadara magistrate Victor Wakumile freed him on Sh20,000 bail and set the trial for November 10.

KAHAWA WENDANI CAMPUS P. O. BOX 921-00100, Nairobi. At Kahawa Wendani Opposite Kahawa Barracks,AlongThika Road
P. O. BOX 921-00100, Nairobi. At
Kahawa Wendani Opposite Kahawa
Barracks,AlongThika Road Highway.
Located Along Tom Mboya Street at
Phildelphia Hse 3rd Floor,
Opp Afya Centre
Website: www.krestoncollege.ac.ke
REG. NO. MOHEST/PC/1794/012
Dip/Cert in Community Health
, 9
C- , D-
Dip/Cert in Community Development & Social Work
Dip/ Cert in Nutrition and Dietetics
, 9
C- , D-
Dip/Cert in community Health & HIV Management
, 9
C- , D-
Dip/Cert in Medical Health Records
, 9
C- , D-
Dip in Medical Engineering
Dip in Environmental Health Sciences
Dip/ Cert Hotel & Tourism Management
, 9
C- , D-
Dip/Cert in Food & Beverage Management
, 9
C- , D-
Dip/cert in Housekeeping Management
C- ,D-
C+ , D-
Dip / Cert in I.T/I.C.T
@ 2700 (1 MONTH)
Hotel and Catering Management
Electronics,Plumbing,Welding, Dress making & Tailoring
Hair and Beauty therapy
8 months
0721912902 / 0707962128

12 | Opinion

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

12 | Opinion DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 Investigate both sides for war crimes in

Investigate both sides for war crimes in Gaza

T he Israeli-Palestinian conflict is taking an

unacceptable toll on innocent men, women

and children.

The world, no doubt, is horrified by the images of the terrible destruction wrought by Israeli air and ground bombardments in the Gaza Strip. Such indiscriminate bombings and the mounting death toll is what has persuaded the United Nations to warn that the Israeli bombings may amount to war crimes. UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay condemned Israeli raids that have killed innocent people on beaches, schools and hospitals in disregard of international humanitarian law. She said the conflict needed urgent attention due to strong indications that the law had been violated “in a manner that could amount to war crimes”. She also condemned the radical Palestinian movement, Hamas, for indiscriminate rocket at- tacks on Israeli civilian neighbourhoods, again in disregard of international conventions. These are not warnings to be taken lightly, but they will only have effect if the UN moves beyond warnings and institutes investigations against both Israel and Hamas. The UN Security Council should move with speed to establish a special tribunal that ultimately, should prosecute any persons found to be culpable for war crimes. In the meantime, the international community should hasten efforts to force both sides into an im- mediate ceasefire pending renewal of the search for a comprehensive peace settlement. Any moves towards justice and peace must start on the premise that both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to nationhood and peace within secure borders. Both of them also have the right to act in self-de- fence if attacked, but neither has the right to seek obliteration of the other or to rain bombs and mis- siles on innocent civilians.

Probe police recruitment

T he recently concluded police recruitment has been widely criticised for alleged irregulari- ties.

To assuage public concerns, it is right that the recruitment secure a clean bill of health. Parliament has already ordered, though jurisdic- tion may be in doubt, that formal employment for the succesful recruits be suspended until investiga- tions are complete. The National Police Service Commission has in turn proposed to put admission to training school on hold until October as it deals with the com- plaints. Claims that senior police officers were bribed, and of meddling by top politicians and government officials, augurs badly for the image of the police service. In the circumstance, the authorities must com- mission independent investigations. Where mal- practices obtained, the results should be nullified and the culprits punished. In the long term, however, there is need for seri- ous examination of the recruitment process. The present method may have been suitable for the colonial era, but it is highly doubtful whether what resembles a cattle parade should be applicable in this day and age.


LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Officer TOM MSHINDI: Ag. Group Editorial Director MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor

Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited POB 49010, Nairobi 00100 Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396 editor@ke.nationmedia.com Registered at the GPO as a newspaper

Registered at the GPO as a newspaper LESSONS FROM HACKERS | Matunda Nyanchama As Kenya invests

LESSONS FROM HACKERS | Matunda Nyanchama

As Kenya invests in technology, we need to find ways to deal with risks

A few days ago, the

Twitter handle was

Kenya Defence Forces

taken over by hackers. The same happened to the Twitter handle of the defence forces spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir. Those familiar with the two accounts obviously noticed the change in tone in the updates, inconsistent as they were with traditional expectations from the forces and its spokesman. It is not the first time that hackers have embarrassed the government. A few years ago, several government websites were hacked. That said, these are the cases that we know of; what goes unreported? In the private sector, recent news suggested Kenyan banks had lost in excess of Sh600 million in two months. In July, it was reported that the estimated annual bank losses, due to poor information protection, was in excess of Sh5 billion. Some say these are conservative figures. Nonetheless, they are staggering losses and someone has to pay. Kenya has embraced the use of technology. We have seen the phenomenal use of cell-phones and with it, services that ride on the technology infrastructure. M-Pesa has revolutionised the mobile money space and is perhaps the most successful service using this infrastructure.

But as we embrace

the following in my day-to-

spent on easy-to-acquire

technology, it is important to realise that nothing

day interaction with those in the same business in Kenya:

First, Kenyans don’t

devices like Closed Circuit Television.

comes without risk. To get the full potential of any invention, one must weigh the gains and risks.

appear to take seriously breaches of the kind illustrated above. They seem

Fourth, many technology managers keep things obscure and profess security. I was once in a

Unmitigated risks


treat such happenings

discussion with a senior

“we cannot disclose what

obviously lead to losses, which can be material as in the cases of banks. It could also be harmful to the reputation, leading to loss of confidence and trust. For example, messages from the Kenya Defence

like “small irritants” that do not impact on their businesses. For the private sector (and banks especially) they could simply underwrite these losses by passing them on to the consumer.

official in government and heard things such as:

measures we have taken to protect government information because the same can be used by you people to target us.” He

Forces and its spokesman


small marginal variation

failed to appreciate that

may lose their full weight if the source cannot be trusted. In financial


losses of the magnitude mentioned.

interest rates can recoup

you can still be hacked with the use of known reconnaissance approaches.

services, customers may

Second, we need to make


we are serious about

opt for alternative means

the conscious decision

addressing this matter, let’s

of transacting if they lose


invest in technology

get some of our top talent,

confidence in the banking system. As we invest in

management and the risks associated with that technology.

give them security clearance and challenge them to build systems that assure security.

technology, we need to


friend recently told

invest commensurately in associated risk management. We need to invest in information security. As an information

The country needs to put concerted efforts to

develop skills in this area to tackle or forestall looming problems. Third, the country seriously needs leadership

the story of a manager who was protected by his benefactors, but who was not performing. He would avoid bringing in talent that might help

security practitioner of


technology risk in the

him build robust systems

many years, I have observed

public and private sector.

fearing such talent may

public and private sector. fearing such talent may Let’s get some of our top talent, give

Let’s get some of our top talent, give them security clearance and challenge them to build systems that assure security”

If there exists any, it is not

felt. Such leadership would be evangelistic in nature,

pushing for an appreciation

also expose his failings! Only when the organisation was hit did they hire an external consultant whose report exposed the fraud the


technology risks and how

manager had perpetuated


deal with them. My experience in North

for years.

America tells me that in

Kenya and Africa, this area

is very much under-funded

and whatever little funding comes through will be

Dr Nyanchama is a director and managing consultant at

Agano Consulting Inc, an ICT services firm with offices in Canada and Kenya .


Friday July 25,


Opinion 13

EDUCATION | Korir Sing’Oei

School principals have no legal right to withhold certificates from graduates

H igh schools would like to place holds on the release of KCSE

examination certificates because of students’ failure to pay fees. This position has been clearly advanced by Knut secretary-general, who says high schools across the country are owed more than Sh14 billion in unpaid fees. The non-payment of this sum, in his view, imperils the financial sustainability of many schools, leaving them with no choice but to withhold the certificates. While the position held by the schools’ administrative fraternity is not without justification, it runs counter to the law and principles of justice. Section 10(1) of the Kenya National Examinations Council Act (Cap 225A), the statute that establishes Knec, is explicit in providing in part that “the functions of the Council shall be to award certificates or diplomas to candidates in such examinations; such certificates or diplomas shall not be withheld from the candidate by any person or institution.” The plain reading of this provision reveals the following. First, the KCSE certificates are awarded by, and are the property of, Knec. At no one time does the certificate belong to any of the high

no one time does the certificate belong to any of the high Deputy President William Ruto:

Deputy President William Ruto:

Issued order on certificates

schools in which a candidate sat for examinations. Second, once the certificate is issued by Knec, no person or body is authorised to withhold it from the beneficiary. The law does not contemplate any circumstances in which a high school principal can decline to release a KCSE certificate from a graduate on account of outstanding fees. Essentially then, high schools that withhold certificates are transforming the legal character of these certificates from documentary evidence of an individual’s academic performance to a debt instrument. This approach is problematic because, aside

from the absence of a contract by which a student commits his or her certificate as a security for any outstanding financial obligations, there are serious justice issues implied in the decision to withhold. First, it must be understood that most students who are indebted to schools are from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds because their

parents are unable to raise the necessary fees. After years of toil, such students hope that

a good education will afford

them an opportunity to break free from the poverty trap. A policy that permits

schools to decline to release such certificates would have

a disproportionate impact

on students from poor backgrounds whose hopes for either further education or employment remained illusory. The effect of implementing such a policy would be entrenched inequality. Second, given the right of every child to free and compulsory basic education, any policy in favour of withholding of certificates must be viewed as a clear limitation of this right. While the Constitution does not define what constitutes ‘basic education’, by applying this right to a ‘child’, defined as a person under 18 years, it suggests that basic education

encompasses persons attending both primary and secondary schools. This interpretation is borne out further by a reading of section 30 of the Basic

Education Act which obligates

a parent to ensure a child

is in regular attendance at an institution offering basic education and imposes penal or pecuniary sanctions upon those parents who default from this obligation. If a poor parent of a 16-year-

old secondary school learner runs the risk of jail for a term should they be convicted of failing to ensure their child’s attendance in school, it must follow that their inability to

pay fees cannot be used to

later penalise their child due to financial delinquency. When the Deputy President supported the immediate release of high school certificates to graduates notwithstanding any outstanding debt to their schools, he was propounding

a policy supportable by both

our Constitution and various statutory instruments. Of course, the burden on the State to ensure the financial sustainability of schools is another challenge that must be grappled with.

Mr Sing’Oei is a legal adviser to the Deputy President

QUEST FOR JUSTICE | Wasai Nanjakululu

Rape victims should be paid reparations

R ape is a heinous crime. How does one even begin to envisage compensation as part of a justice

package for a rape survivor? Before you get the wrong end of the stick, consider the real story of a rape and post-election violence survivor who we shall call Cherotich. “That fateful evening as I walked home worried about my two little brothers who now depended on me, suddenly a strong sweaty hand grabbed and quickly pushed me into the thicket. I began to scream. Two other cigarette stinking men joined him. They brutally raped me as I begged for mercy. They went on until I passed out. “Later, I learnt I had developed fistula and had contracted HIV. My womb had been infected and had to be removed. To the world, I am another statistic. No one understands my pain.” People who rape should be locked up for a long time and, as some argue, the prison keys thrown away. In some countries like the US, rapists are profiled and in extreme cases isolated. However, after the perpetrator has been locked up, what mechanisms exist to help the survivor onto her feet again? Granted, locking up Cherotich’s tormentors will save other girls from such beasts and serve as a warning to others. What is not clear is how Cherotich will get her health back and be able to fend for her brothers, let alone live a normal life again. These are difficult matters to venture

a normal life again. These are difficult matters to venture In international law, reparation is the

In international law, reparation is the process of the wrong- doing party redressing the damage caused to the injured party”

into, but we must face them if only to see life from the survivors’ eyes. In what could easily go down as

a seminal publication, the Agency

for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) has a very

interesting read in a policy brief titled, Our Bare Minimum. Arguing its case in this publication, ACORD observes that, “sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya has reached alarming heights with hardly a single day passing without reported cases of rape and violence against women.” What however stands out in this new argument about justice for rape survivors

is the concept of reparations.

In international law, reparation is the process of the wrong-doing party redressing the damage caused to the injured party. Rape perpetrators, according to this thinking, must, besides being punished, be forced to foot the medical bills of the survivors and made to pay to restore the livelihoods destroyed by

their heinous crime. This, it is argued, helps in a small way to transfer the guilt of rape that is often on the survivor to the real person who should own it – the perpetrator. He must suffer material deprivation in addition to being denied freedom! Reparation is a concept that exists in law. It is, therefore safe to argue that, “as we look into having more forceful provision in our laws, there is an urgent need to begin utilising provisions that already exist to ensure victims of sexual violence are effectively compensated”. To anchor this argument in Kenyan law, check our Penal Code, Articles 139-169. Chapter 24 provides compensation as one of the forms of punishment that can be imposed by a court in crimes mentioned in the Penal Code. While locking up rapists and imposing fines is quite in order, it is not enough. In cases where fines are imposed, they go to the State. What goes to the survivor? The Legislature must rise to the occasion and enact the requisite laws that take into consideration reparations for such crimes as rape as was envisaged under the Constitution. The Judiciary needs to re-examine its rulings especially with regard to rape and apply the full extent of the law as provided for in our statutes.

Mr Nanjakululu is the Acord Kenya country director (Jacob.nanjakululu@acordinterna tional.org)



ROAD IN A MESS. Though his hands may be full, with all manner of challenges, Muhib Noorani still beli- eves Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero should find some time to attend to the specific problems of some of the residents. He should, Muhib appeals, go to the rescue of the residents of Rose Avenue, “which is a very important link between Ngong Road and Hurlingham shopping centre”. The road, he adds, is not only “in very bad shape and full of potholes”, it is also the cause of traffic jams when dusty or muddy.

TIRED OF WAITING. A resident of the city’s

Eastlands, Kahihu Wamwere, is tired of waiting for the promised reconstruction of Outer Ring Road to begin, as it continues to degenerate. Many businesses, he reports, have moved out, as there is no sign that the reconstruction of the road, which is now in a shambles, will begin soon. As a result, he adds, traffic jams are the order of the day, and the feeder roads such as Komarock, Mutarakwa and Kangundo are equally in a mess. “Is the road project still on?” asks Kahihu.

LET DOWN BY AIRTEL. Has Airtel quietly

increased its charges? asks Wangui Kamau. She recently noticed that something was amiss after being charged Sh6 for her first message of the day, while the subsequent ones “cost the normal Sh2 each off-the-net”. A loyal customer since the year 2000, Wangui is livid about being “cheated out of Sh4 every day”. She also wonders what became of the customer loyalty points scheme, Rewardz. At this rate, she warns, they risk losing a customer. Her contact is wanguikm@gmail.com.

risk losing a customer. Her contact is wanguikm@gmail.com. Thika Superhighway: Streamline flow of vehicles MONITOR

Thika Superhighway: Streamline flow of vehicles

MONITOR SUPERHIGHWAY. To get the best out

of Thika Superhighway, Muhib Noorani says, there is

a need to ensure some traffic discipline which has

been sorely missing. The goal of the hefty investment

– streamlining the flow of motor vehicles remains a

dream. The first measure should be to have all slow- moving vehicles, including trucks and motorbikes, use the service lane. The second is to deploy police on motorbikes to monitor and help restore sanity on the road. His contact is muhibnoorani@hotmail.com.

KENYANS STILL HONEST. There are “still a few

honest Kenyans” out there, says a grateful Dr Omija TB. His confidence in the goodness of his fellow Kenyans was restored following an incident at a hotel in Nakuru County. He was at Sentrim Lodge in Elementaita on Saturday, July 12, and as he checked out, he did not realise that he had dropped his mobile phone. “You can imagine my relief when I was called on my second line and informed they had my phone. Kudos to the staffer who found the phone in the room!” His contact is olootb@yahoo.com.

WHY FOCUS ON DEATH? Why do Kenyans

“focus so much on the dead, either through accidents, wars or even suicide, but never on births”? asks X.N. Iraki. While several pages of obituaries are published in the newspapers daily, there are none that cater for newborns. “Would it not be great to announce the births with the children’s photos? We are always talking about those who have died, but rarely about those born. Baby showers have fewer attendees than funerals. Why this obsession with death?”

Have a living day, won’t you!

E-mail: watchman@ke.nationmedia.com or write to Watchman, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Fax 2213946.

14 | Letters

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

To the editor

The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ ke.nationmedia.com. You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.

Stop political duels and let Safaricom secure us

The hullabaloo surrounding the single sourcing of Safaricom to pro- vide security communications sys- tem is uncalled for. This is a pioneer- ing project in Kenya, and if it has the capacity, then it should get un- hindered support. In any case, many Safaricom shareholders are Kenyans who stand to benefit, unlike the case when it’s given to foreign firms. Safaricom has initially been al- lowed to provide the system only in Nairobi and Mombasa. There are still other areas like Lamu, where terrorist threats are rampant. If other firms can provide a security system, they will get a chance to do so. Political duels should be shelved at this experimental stage. AGGREY KULALI, Luanda

Footbridges are stinking dens of petty criminals

Latest efforts to compel motorists to use footbridges seem commend- able, but the authorities should es- tablish why they are avoided before setting up courts along the roads to instantly fine offenders Sh500. It is no secret that most foot- bridges are in a pathetic sanitation state. Since there are barriers cre- ated by advertising bill boards, some people have turned these places into toilets and the pungent smell would discourage any would-be user. Again, most are insecure at any time of the day. The one at Muth- urwa has some scary street children who block your way, demanding “tax”. It’s worse at night. EDWIN OKOTH, Nairobi

Let young writers hone their skills on Internet

I refer to an article by Joyce Nyairo (Nation, July 23). Dr Nyairo laments the “negative energy which makes us laugh but one day will be disastrous”. Although she was referring to the type that hacked the KDF twitter ac- count, there was a hidden message in the statement about writing. Budding writers are frustrated. Their manuscripts to publishers are just tossed in the dust bin. What should be done is to provide guidelines on what to write. Not all Internet writers are criminals. Some sell their writing through the Inter- net. The youth do not have to de- pend for example, on the 30 per cent of the tenders they were told about, since one never gets them. MUNGAI MWANGI, Nairobi


Use energy spent chasing hackers to make software that’s less vulnerable

F or those of us in the ICT industry, regular reports of hacking and accessing web-

sites, and even more dangerously, online databases, is the last news we want to hear. This is particularly so when “our clients” have hosted members contributions, academic grades, cash deposits and the like on our so-called dynamic websites. A defaced website can be restored with relative ease, but what a about thousands of sacco members who find their savings not showing on their statements, for example? So how does the hacking hap- pen over and over again? Our best programming practices for online management systems regularly rely on external content manage- ment tools such as cpanel.

Targeted by hackers

Cpanel is a generic name for tools used to develop the website; it is the “windows” of website de- velopment. And it is the tool often targeted by hackers. The hacking that is sometimes perpetrated on big corporations and government agencies all over the world, is a sad story. It is not ac- ceptable that so many years down the road, no government seems committed to developing a two-tier access cpanel or its equivalent that would leave a customer safe if the hosting server is violated. All current cpanel models are equivalent of a house owner who entrusts the master key to the watchman. Practically all host- ing companies keep a list of their

Practically all host- ing companies keep a list of their FILE | NATION Hacking is perpetrated


Hacking is perpetrated on big corporations and government agencies all over the world.

customers’ names, username and password — master keys as it were — on their servers. One server ac- cess can reveal access codes for all the customers they host. This is the security flaw for us programmers that we cannot save our customers from, no matter how secure our programmed systems are. As long as my hosting com- pany has my super username and password, that is one door I will never secure my customers from when my hosting company server is accessed. Hacking reduces the most respected among as to babbling squawks because we are confused, angry, scared and out of control. Yet all over the world, efforts by cy-

ber security agencies, including the FBI, are a frantic effort to “catch” hackers. This is not the solution. If thieves keep entering your premises, isn’t the correct solution to put a metal gate instead of going to the field to look for the thieves every time they rob? Hackings can be stopped if na- tional IT departments of the world cooperated in the direction, not of hackers, but of software vulner- ability. It boggles the mind that so many governments and firms around the world wait in apathy as hackers test vulnerable websites using tools as freely available as google search. PETER KAMAKIA, managing director, goTech ICT Company

Ministry should conduct impromptu audits in schools

Secondary education has become inaccessible to many due exorbitant fees. Poor planning, corruption, and failure to audit accounts are factors that have put many intelligent children out of school. Every year, principals issue a fees structure in line with ministry guidelines. However, as soon as children report, they are asked to pay more. In some schools, parents are asked to buy sports kits like hockey sticks yet their children may never use them. Charges on computer papers, development levy and others not included initially in the fee structure are demanded on the day of reporting. The hard question is, why do ministry officials fail to do impromptu auditing of school accounts? There

are two possible explanations. Either they are also compromised by the school managers or the ministry lacks staff do so. But since DEOs offices have audit personnel, the first reason seems to be the case. Again, why has TSC and the ministry failed to vet school principals? There is no significant rise in the salary of a teacher who has been promoted to princi- pal, so how then can one explain the lavish lifestyles of some school managers just a year after promotion? Again, public officers have been charged with fail- ure to observe procurement laws. The principals, in some schools, do all the functions despite not having the capacity to meet procurement law demands. PATRICK MUTUA, Makueni


Emails from correspondents

AN ARM AND A LEG: Government agencies seek too many certificates from those applying for a job. Why not ask for the relevant documents only? Asking a jobless person to sub- mit ID or passport copies, academic and professional certificates, clear- ance certificates from EACC, KRA, CID, credit reference bureau, Helb, not to mention wealth declaration forms, and other letters from rel- evant professional bodies is asking too much. Downloading bulky mate- rial and again sending it via the post is expensive for the unemployed. ABDIKADIR ADEN-DEVII, Garissa

STEREOTYPE ADVERT: A new advert shows a man ignoring his woman and then suddenly becom- ing enamoured when she “upgrades” through the use of Camay products. This presents men as easily manipu- lated, superficial individuals only interested in the physical aspects of women, and the woman as not enough for her man as she is. It’s unfortunate, coming when body so- cialites are sprouting with the notion that a woman can only catch a man’s attention through body as opposed to personality and intellect. CIRU MBOGO, Nairobi

ROAD HOUNDS: I agree with columnist Macharia Gaitho (Na- tion, July 22) that top government honchos are behaving badly on our roads. They endanger other road us- ers as they hurtle down the wrong side of the road at devilish speeds. Most notorious are the political nou- veau riche who were burdened on us by the Constitution, and suddenly feel entitled to this privilege other- wise reserved for the President, fire engines and ambulances. Talking of ambulances, they seem to be buzzing all over, just to escape jams. JAMES OMBEGA MAGETO, Nairobi

SEEK A FRESH MANDATE: I’m fully in support of Cord’s idea of cracking the whip on those among its ranks who are more Jubilee than Jubilee leaders. MPs, county reps and gover- nors who feel they can’t push Cord’s agenda for a referendum now that the much touted national dialogue failed should be shown the door to head back to the electorate through a party they feel can accommodate them. The idea of a party giving a candidate a certificate, that they use to get to elected and then abandon- ing the party agenda less than a year after elections is trashing the rel- evance of political parties. DANIEL CHIBATA, Chianda



Do you think the recent police recruitment was fair and transparent?


Was the NGO board right to deny transgender group registration?

Send your comments to:

SAMUEL OWITI: Expecting the force that “recruited” the infamous Waiganjo (it’s not yet service) to conduct a clean recruitment is akin to planting beans and expecting maize. RONALD TANUI: No, it was char- acterised by a long chain of corrup-

tion from the junior to the senior. FELIX LILECHI: I don’t think so; in Kenya, it’s who you know. DAN TUMBO: It was a sham, an in- sult to the gains of our Constitution. AMBROSE MUTHAURA: Yes, it was fair and transparent.

KIRUI PHILE SENIOR: The exer- cise was unfair and opaque but in Kenya, even if you gave the job to another organ, corruption is the rule. KAGWE WARUTA: It was fair and transparent since it was done in the full glare of the media.

IBRAHIM A. ISSACK: No. Calling it unfair is an understatement. CHARLES NZIOKA: Police recruit- ment has never been fair. This one was the worst. LUNGAI VINCENT: Rushing into conclusions will hinder investigation.


DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 15

16 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

16 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


MUTUA DEPUTY WOES > MATATU PARKING FEES > Machakos deputy governor expresses optimism he will
Machakos deputy governor expresses
optimism he will get fair hearing before
Senate. Page 23
Waiver comes as Governor Evans Kidero
effects deal reached with Saccos in April.
Page 20
Mombasa | Tenants move out while hotel employees unable to pay rent
Land buyers strike good
deals due to insecurity
Many are now
buying because
prices have
“We have reduced the prices
going for Sh200,000.
Mombasa >
our four-bedroom houses at
Vipingo to Sh30 million from
“For the real investor, this is
the time to buy. We are confident
that insecurity will be contained
so we are buying land from
those who are worried about
the situation,” Mr Majani said
Despite the insecurity, mort-
gage lenders are still financing
developers who, however, are
holding the funding while moni-
Muslim leaders fault Atwoli
over strike push in NSSF row
the starting price of Sh35 mil-
lion and are experiencing low
inquiries because people are in
a state of panic.”
Property deals have gone
down by at least 50 per cent
compared to last year, accord-
ing to the businessman.
“But those in the business
land buying and selling are
S ome property dealers in
Mombasa have taken ad-
vantage of insecurity at the
excited. They are aware that
people fear taking risk and will
shun these areas but they also
know the situation will not re-
main volatile.”
Coast has been hit by violent
attacks recently in which nearly
100 people have died. Lamu
County was the most affected.
Other regions affected are Kilifi
and Mombasa.
toring the situation, according to
Mr Paul Kinoti, a consultant at
Coral Property Limited.
Bad publicity
Coast and are buying chunks of
land anticipating that prices will
rise when peace returns.
Insecurity has resulted in
slow movement of property
and reduced prices, but inves-
tors are buying land, according
to Vipingo Holiday Homes direc-
tor Malusha Majani.
An eighth of an acre on Links
Road in Nyali, one of the areas
where land prices skyrocketed
over the past three years, is going
for Sh6 million, down from Sh10
million a year ago.
A quarter of an acre at Vipingo
that was selling at Sh3.5 mil-
lion is going for Sh2 million,
he said.
Some Muslim leaders
have criticised Central
Organisation of Trade
Unions boss Francis Atwoli’s
threat to call a workers’
strike over his ejection from
the NSSF board. The Council
of Imams and Preachers of
Kenya organising secretary,
Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa
(left), urged workers to
ignore the August 4 strike
threat. He accused Mr Atwoli
of using workers to advance
his personal interest.
Nyeri >
Time to buy
According to Mr Majani,
although attacks in Kilifi have
dampened hopes of investors
who were banking on the tar-
macking of Mavueni-Kaloleni
road, land buyers are enjoying
prices which have dropped from
Sh2.5 million to an average of
“We are also experiencing
a situation where foreigners
who own apartments in Nyali,
Shanzu and Vipingo are eager to
sell them due to the bad publicity
out there.
“But Kenyans are taking the
advantage of their desperation.
Our local clients say clashes
cannot stop them from buying
property so they are exploiting
the chance to strike good deals,”
he said.
Rental prices have also been
affected. “Tenants are moving
out but there are those who
are not worried. We cannot run
away from our homes so we are
Marketer to pay coffee
farmers’ dues next month
Sh1 million per acre in Kaloleni.
similar plot at Mavueni was
selling at Sh600,000, but is now
putting up with the situation,”
said Mr Idha Mbarak, who owns
rental houses in Majengo.
Myspace Properties executive
officer Mwenda Thuranira said
while tenants have moved out,
hospitality workers are experi-
encing difficulties in paying rent
after they lost jobs due to closure
of some hotels.
“We know this is a difficult
moment for tenants since they
are not working so we have to
bear with them. But it’s weigh-
ing down on house owners,” he
Insecurity in Lamu and Tana
River counties has affected busi-
nesses in Malindi and Watamu.
Hardest hit are hotels, 70 per
cent of which are closed down
and may not reopen despite
the onset of the high tourism
Mr Roberto Mancini, an inves-
tor in the hospitality sector and
owner of Karen Blixen, Malindi,
said he was contemplating mov-
ing out of the resort town.
He said that since April, his
business has suffered huge losses
despite retaining all employees,
when other hoteliers closed shop
and reduced their workforce.
“July is usually a busy month
in this town but not anymore,”
he said. “The situation is bad for
us and we don’t know what will
come next.”
A commercial
building in Nyali
Mombasa. Prop-
erty dealers at
the Coast say
that prices have
dropped due to
insecurity and
buyers are taking
Coffee farmers in Nyeri County will receive their
payments mid August after sale of remaining
produce. Through a statement published in the Daily
Nation yesterday, the Kenya Cooperative Coffee
Exporters (KCCE), their marketer, said it had
committed 100 per cent of the coffee and sold over
90 per cent. The balance awaits price confirmation,
the marketer said. Farmers had received Sh20 per
kilogramme, including Sh10 per kilogramme cherry
advance payment, after harvesting, the marketer
said. A further Sh10 per kilogramme was paid in
May as school fees advance, KCCE Chief Executive
Officer Mrs Lucy Murumba said. She added that the
agency had marketed good volumes of coffee this
season, resulting in good returns for small holder
farmers. She said milling losses that had been
up to 30 per cent had reduced to 16 per cent for
parchment coffee, resulting in more quantity.
Kirinyaga >
Ward reps deny allocating
Sh10m for entertainment
Coast was
Besides recent
terrorist attacks,
Mombasa County
has for the past
two years been
at the centre of
sporadic riots
over the killing of
Members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly
yesterday denied that they have allocated
themselves Sh10 million for hospitality this financial
year. Led by the chairman of Budget committee
David Mathenge, the members dismissed the
reports as falsehood. He was speaking at a press
conference in Kerugoya town yesterday. The ward
representatives accused the local Union of Kenya
Civil Servants of peddling false claims for their
selfish interests and asked the residents to ignore
them. “Infact these days we only take water because
we have no money to buy tea. Even when we host
visitors, we have nothing to entertain them with,”
the chairman said.
On Wednesday, the union claimed that the assembly
was misusing money set aside to pay salaries and
for development.

18 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


Narok > Deliver or face the sack, health workers warned

Non-performing health staff will be shown the door, Governor Samuel Tunai has said. “Since we are a team, you must assist the county government in delivering its pledges to the people,” Mr Tunai told the staff. He spoke when he toured the Narok District Hospital. The governor also told those operating private hospitals while they are also on the government payroll to leave the public service. He said he would not tolerate divided attention among the staff. — George Sayagie

Vihiga > Akaranga reads riot act to senior officers

Vihiga > Akaranga reads riot act to senior officers Governor Moses Akaranga (above) has warned inefficient

Governor Moses Akaranga (above) has warned inefficient senior county officers that they face the sack. He also said he would reshuffle county executives. “There is no reason why people we employed should not serve the people,” he said yesterday. “I am ordering them to start working or I sack them immediately. I will also reshuffle the executive committee members,” he said. This is not the first time the governor has warned senior officers. Early this year, the county assembly recommended that four out of the 10 executives be sacked for alleged incompetence. — Derick Luvega

Nandi > Two students killed by lightning while playing

Two students died, while six others were seriously injured after being struck by lightning. The AIC Kemel Secondary in Kipkaren students were playing in the field when the incident occurred at 4pm yesterday. Headteacher Leonard Wafula said the incident occurred while students were waiting for their classrooms to be cleaned before attending a Christian Union session. Form Ones Abel Kipkorir and Emmanuel Kipkoech, who were cousins, died on the spot, while Raymond Kipkecho was taken to the Moi Teaching Referral Hospital

Eldoret in a critical condition.

Gerald Bwisa

Kwale > Heritage site grabbed, says Museums official

The National Museums has raised the red flag over the grabbing of a historic seafront community land in Kwale County. Custodians of the property in Shimoni have sold it to developers, according to the Museums’ Slavery and Heritage site curator, Mr Patrick Abungu. The land, he said, has remnants of 16th century mosques and an indigenous forest, both of which have spiritual and cultural significance. “This land has a rich bio-diversity and the worst thing will be to allow grabbers to sell it,” he added.

Bozo Jenje

Nyandarua > Rider hospitalised after attack by passenger

A boda boda operator is recovering at the Nyahururu District Hospital after his passenger turned on him and stabbed him several times yesterday. Mr Benson Kibe, 23, was attacked at Ndaragwa, as he ferried the man. Nyandarua North OCPD Benjamin Onsongo said police were hunting for the attacker, who was well-known to the operator. However, the motive of the attack had not been established, Mr Onsongo said. — David Macharia

Kisumu > Youth demand county jobs with no experience

Kisumu youth have demanded that the county hire young people without regard to experience. They were responding to a motion by nominated county assembly member Eunice Miruka that proposes to reduce the experience required for county jobs from five to two years. “The youth have just left school. Where do you want them to get the experience?” Kisumu Youth Alliance spokesman Gerry Owiti said. — Patrick Langat

Baringo > Conflicts chasing away investors, leader says

County Deputy Governor Mathew Tuitoek has urged rival communities to live in peace. “We cannot develop if we do not learn to co-exist,” he said. The leader said animosity was not conducive for investment. Mr Tuitoek said more than 100,000 people were in need of relief food. A recent National Drought Management Authority assesment indicates that more than Sh650m million is needed to feed the people in the next three months. He said drought was fuelling conflict as pastoralists scrambled for resources. — Florah Koech

Meru | Can’t keep a good tree indoors


Can’t keep a good tree indoors

Florah Koech Meru | Can’t keep a good tree indoors PHOEBE OKALL| NATION A tree planted


A tree planted over 20 years ago at Farmers Pub and Restaurant in Makutano, Meru County has now grown right out of the building. The door has been con- structed around it to ensure the tree finds its way out.

Trans Nzoia > Ward leader wants forest land freed up for market

A ward representative has urged the

National Government to de-gazette some 100 acres of forest land at Suam, Trans Nzoia, on the Kenya- Uganda border, to build a market. Mr Patrick Kisiero (Endebess)

said the county was losing revenue due to lack of a market. “We want the National Government to fulfil


its promise to de-gazette part


the forest so that the county

government can put up a trading centre,” he said in Kitale Town. The only market is situated on the Ugandan side. As a result, the regional government loses revenue as Kenyan traders and buyers go to the Ugandan market, according to the ward leader.

Philip Bwayo

Turkana > Locusts on 18,000 hectares wiped out

Locusts that had infested over 18,000 hectares in Turkana County have been eradicated after the second phase of spraying. National Plant Protection Services Division Principal Agricultural Officer Roy Kithae said there had been “a relative outbreak from about 10 breeding grounds in five sub-

counties not well-covered in the

first phase of spraying”. Since the locust invasion in August 2013, the first spraying was conducted between December 2013 and January, this year. The second phase was in June and this month. “Upper Kalokol, Kibish, Loima, Lokitaung and Kaaleng Kataboi were densely populated with the

insects,” he said.

Sammy Lutta

Uasin Gishu > Bar licences revoked as boxes of liquor seized

Nacada has confiscated about 300 cartons of spirits at Ziwa in Uasin Gishu. In an operation against the sale of illicit alcohol, National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse officials also revoked the licences of 13 bars and seized 90 sackfuls of empty bottles. The raid followed an outcry as some traders defied a ban on the sale of wines and spirits that County Commissioner Abdi Hassan imposed recently. He took the action after more than 20 people died after consuming alcohol. —Arthur Situma

Elgeyo Marakwet > Students to be moved over cracks on building

A secondary school in Elgeyo

Marakwet County has been

ordered to move its students


an alternative location due


cracks on a block with eight

classrooms and three offices. The situation at St Michael’s Boys Boarding Secondary School has

put the lives of students and staff

at grave risk. “You should have

kept off these classrooms from the time you noticed the cracks,” said MP Kangogo Bowen. — Philemon Suter

Migori > Boda boda protest shuts down town

Hundreds of boda boda riders yesterday demonstrated in Migori Town against alleged police harassment and extortion, bringing business to a halt. They marched to the police

station to demand the release of seven colleagues, who had been arrested. They only dispersed after police boss Joshua Owino freed the suspects and promised to look into their grievances. The protest, which took several hours, caused a snarl-up on the


Elisha Otieno

Kilifi > Involve locals in drive, security chiefs urged

Kilifi Deputy Governor Kenneth Kamto yesterday asked national security chiefs to involve local leaders in fighting crime, as they know the area and its people better. Mr Kamto acknowledged that some local youths could have been induced into joining criminal gangs, but faulted the way the National Government was handling the matter. “It only helps induct into crime the innocent youth arrested and

locked up with criminals.” He was speaking in Kilifi Town during a reception ceremony for Mijkenda elders and youth who completed a 250-km walk to promote peace

in the region.

George Kikami


Friday July 25, 2014

County News



Makueni > Agency laments poor services in ministries

Some government offices do not open and others have been turned into business centres, the office of the Ombudsman said yesterday. The Education office for instance, was not open for two days. The agency’s chairman Otiende Amollo, however, commended the Makueni referral hospital for what he called “excellent service”. Risk and Compliance officer Roselyn Kibaki said officials from the Ombudsman camped at the county headquarters on July 16 and 17 and noted that services in most government offices were poor. — Lilian Mutavi

Tharaka Nithi > Students from poor families to receive help

The county government has introduced a bursary fund to assist learners from needy families. Speaking in Maara Constituency, Governor Samuel Ragwa said the county had a role in supporting education even though the function was not devolved. He said a lot of support was needed in the education sector and that leaders, teachers, parents and other interest groups must work together. — Lucas Barasa

Makueni > Residents find bodies dumped near railway

Bodies of two men were on Wednesday evening found dumped near a railway line at Kai Village in Makindu Location. Confirming the incident, area chief Jackson Kimende said the bodies were found at 6pm. The bodies, he added, had cuts. He said that the killings might have been committed elsewhere and the bodies dumped near the railway line. He urged the public to give information that may lead to identification of the victims. — Lilian Mutavi

Homa Bay > Leave education to counties, says governor

Governor Cyprian Awiti (below) yesterday renewed calls for devolution of education services. County governments were better placed to address the myriad problems facing the education sector, he said while visiting Homa Bay High school on Monday. — Maurice Kaluoch

Homa Bay High school on Monday. — Maurice Kaluoch Kirinyaga > Owner of illegal distillery arrested

Kirinyaga > Owner of illegal distillery arrested

A man was busted distilling

and packaging alcohol illegally

at Kutus. An anti-drug abuse

crusader yesterday led police

to the man’s home, where

they found him packaging the alcohol in bottles. They

confiscated two crates of an unidentified liquor for tests and prosecution. The man was taken

to Wang’uru Police Station for

questioning. Police said he did not have documents from the Kenya Bureau of Standards or the county’s public health department authorising him to engage in the trade. — George Munene

Isiolo > Drought drives herders into pasture reserves

Herdsmen from Pokot and Samburu counties have moved into pasture reserves in Isiolo due to drought. Leaders said the situation could cause a conflict if not managed. Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal said the counties would assist the herders to share the scarce resources. Isiolo Governor Godana Doyo said his government had increased budgetary allocation to counter effects of the drought. — James Ngunjiri

Kisumu > Protests over money uncalled for, IDPs told

Kisumu East sub-county commissioner Moses Ole Tutui has accused politicians of inciting internally displaced families to engage in protests. Mr Tutui told representatives of the IDPs in his office yesterday to reject lies that his office had their money, adding that plans to pay them were still in the pipeline. “The series of demonstrations within the county over claims that your money is being misused are uncalled for,” said Mr Tutui. — Nyaboga Kiage

Mombasa > Businessman wants EACC report trashed

A businessman seeking to have

a report by the Ethics and

Anti-Corruption Commission declared null and void says the report was meant to sanitise the image of the organisation. In submissions filed at the High Court in Mombasa, Mr Jackson Maina Ngamau says that EACC

failed in proving its integrity in dealing with corruption issues. The Auditor General also erred

in giving the commission a clean

bill of health over expenses it

incurred, he said. Mr Justice Edward Muriithi gave the

respondents a week to file their submissions. The case will be mentioned on September 25.

Philip Muyanga

Mombasa | Clerics hold interfaith meetings in search of peace


Clerics hold interfaith meetings in search of peace

| Clerics hold interfaith meetings in search of peace Ushindi baptist church bishop Joseph Maisha together

Ushindi baptist church bishop Joseph Maisha together with Kenya National Muslims Advisory Council (Kemnac) Sheikh Maalim Sineno after an interfaith meet- ing to forge peace between communities in Likoni yesterday.


Makueni > Liquor board rejects over 50 applications

Nzaui Sub-County Liquor Licensing Board yesterday rejected 58 out of 288 applications submitted for vetting. The board’s chairman, Mr Frankline Ongori, said a large number of rejected applicants operated bars less than 300 metres from schools while others failed to meet public health standards. Mr Ongori told the successful applicants to abide by the laws governing sale of alcohol.— John Kisu



Counties which have entered into a deal with Maseno University on train- ing of health personnel


Hectares of forest land recovered by Kenya Forestry Service following evictions in Elgeyo Marakwet


This year’s budget for Kakamega County, which was approved by as-

sembly members yesterday

200km Distance of roads Vihiga Gov- ernor Moses Akaranga (above) has pledged to build


Distance of roads Vihiga Gov- ernor Moses Akaranga (above)

has pledged to build

Nakuru > Improved varieties of wheat, cassava released

West Pokot > Senator roots for irrigation in Turkwel

New varieties of wheat and cassava have been introduced to improve productivity. The wheat variety is meant to help reduce the cost of protecting the crop from rust because it is highly resistant to the disease. The varieties were developed under the East Africa Agricultural Productivity project, which also produced a fabricated wheat thresher and a seed dresser that will be distributed to farmers countrywide at a subsidised price. — Joyce Kimani

Senator John Lonyangapuo yesterday petitioned the government to set up irrigation projects around River Turkwel to increase crop production and ensure food security in the dry region. Such projects will also encourage local pastoralists to invest in agriculture as an alternative source of income. “We want to reduce reliance on rain-fed farming,” he said in an interview. — Oscar Kakai

Kisumu > Judiciary halts services to mourn magistrate

Vihiga > Gunmen shoot gold dealer, chemist dead

Judicial officers and staff at the Kisumu Law Courts yesterday halted services to mourn Senior Principal Magistrate Samwel Atonga who died on Friday. They stopped work until 11am to pay tribute to the magistrate, who collapsed and died at his home in Milimani estate, Kisumu. Judiciary staff described him as a dedicated public servant. Resident Judge Hillary Chemitei said he related well with his colleagues and lawyers. — Patrick Langat

A chemist and gold dealer were shot dead by gunmen on Wednesday evening at Cheptulu shopping centre in Hamisi. The gunmen struck as their accomplice engaged the two men — Mr Julius Cheti and Mr Benard Muhindi — in talks. Area chief Josephine Khalwale told the Nation the killers pretended to be interested in doing business with Mr Muhindi — the gold dealer. The gang escaped on a motorbike.— Derick Luvega

Taita Taveta > Matatu crew protest against Probox cars

Mandera > County seeks to expand solar power

Matatu drivers and conductors yesterday held a demonstration, claiming that drivers of Toyota Probox cars used as PSVs were flouting traffic rules with impunity. The matatu operators accused traffic police officers of failing to ensure that the vehicles complied with safety measures. Voi Deputy Police Commander Jonathan Muli promised to look into the complaints. — Lucy Mkanyika

The County government plans to expand solar power usage in the region’s towns to complement the rural electrification programme. Governor Ali Roba said the county would also regulate exploration of natural resources and charcoal trade and improve vegetation cover. He said the county would also focus on food security. — Lucas Barasa

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DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

20 | County News DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 Local is best Luchtime at a
Local is best Luchtime at a Baringo eatery
Local is best
Luchtime at a Baringo eatery


It’s lunchtime for these residents of Amaya centre in Baringo County yesterday. The eatery is con- structed using local materials. Poor roads, logistics and long distances to the towns hamper access to building materials such as cement, timber and iron sheets.

Nairobi | Relief for public service vehicle operators

Kidero slashes parking fees for city matatus

Waiver comes as governor effects deal reached with Saccos in April




N airobi Governor Evans Kidero has ordered a reduction in parking fees for matatus.

The waiver, benefiting matatus registered to about 70 Saccos, takes effect next month. Owners of 14-seater matatus will now pay Sh3,650, down from Sh5,000 monthly while 41-seater buses will part with Sh5,500, down from Sh8,000. Matatus which carry more than 41 passengers had their fees slashed from Sh10,000 to Sh7,250. Dr Kidero made the announcement at the launch of an e-payment facil- ity for matatu operators in Nairobi yesterday.


Passengers carried by matatus whose fees were cut to



Number of

Saccos that

will benefit

from the


Kisii >

Principals reject ministry’s five-year contract proposal


Secondary school heads in Kisii have opposed a proposal by the Ministry of Education to put them on contract. Their association’s chairman, Mr Jairus On- choki, said the proposal, contained in the draft of a basic education law, which also recommends that no headteacher should serve

in a school for more than 15 years, was unfair. “We don’t understand why the five-year contracts are being proposed,” Mr Onchoki said yesterday. “What happens after the five years? Do we go back to class to teach or what?” he asked. He also criticised an order to release certificates being withheld due to fees arrears.

In April this year, matatu opera- tors staged protests after the governor reneged on a deal to slash parking fees. Although the protests were foiled and the new rates were effected, there has reportedly been bad blood between the Saccos and the county government. County Executive Committee member for Trade, Industrialisation, Co-operative Development, Tourism and Wildlife Anna Othoro said the ex- ecutive had consulted the assembly and stakeholders to approve the new waiver. “We followed procedures and the governor, working with the County Executive Committee Finance, proc- essed the request for a waiver and agreed with the county assembly to reduce the charges. It is also within the governor’s powers to grant this waiver,” she said. The waiver will, however, not include operators who are not mem- bers of the Saccos that negotiated the deal. Dr Kidero has said there are over 30,000 matatus operating in Nairobi and only 11,000 paid fees.

Nakuru > Lawyer roots for Bill to empower residents

The Constitution will only be fully implemented if counties pass the crucial Public Participation Bill, a human rights lawyer has said. Mr Harry Gakinya urged all counties to pass the Bill, which empowers people to demand for good governance and better services. Speaking to members of the Rotary Club at the Rift Valley Sports Club in Nakuru yesterday, the lawyer noted that only the Laikipia County Assembly had passed the Bill, which he termed “as critical”.

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 21
DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 21
DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 21

22 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

22 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
22 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
22 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


Friday July 25, 2014

County News


Machakos | Senators to have final say

Why Assembly impeached Mutua’s deputy

But DG expresses optimism he will get fair hear- ing before the Sen- ate




M achakos County

Assembly Speaker

Bernard Mungata

yesterday defended the move by county representa- tives to impeach the Deputy Governor. In an interview, Mr Mungata said the report presented in the House had numerous grounds justify- ing Mr Bernard Kiala’s impeachment. “The voting was based on the final report tabled in the House. The thresh- old to impeach the Deputy Governor was met,” said Mr Mungata. Machakos County As- sembly has 59 members of which 40 voted to send Mr Kiala home. Mr Mungata added the final report would be sent to the Senate where the matter will be dealt with before the end of the week. The Sen-

ate will consider the matter and set up a committee to investigate Mr Kiala, if it establishes that the report has merit. Mr Kiala was impeached on allegations of insubor- dination to Governor Alfred Mutua, nepotism and abuse of office among other grounds. Mr Kiala told the Na- tion he had expected the outcome but was confi- dent of a fair hearing in the Senate. “The motion is clearly sponsored by the Macha-

kos Government and I did not expect the Assembly

to give me a fair hearing. I was never called to appear before the committee at any one point,” he added. The motion was tabled in the assembly last week and

a committee tasked with the

responsibility of generating

a report in seven days.

The Secretary to the Ad Hoc Committee Leonard Katela however said the committee had invited Mr Kiala to appear before it but he chose to send his lawyer instead. “We gave the lawyer who appeared all the documents for the report but since they were trying to stop the impeachment in court, they did not present anything to the committee,” he added. Earlier lawyer James Orengo had gone to the High Court in Machakos seeking to block the censure motion against Mr Kiala.

seeking to block the censure motion against Mr Kiala. The voting was based on the final

The voting was based on the final report tabled The threshold to impeach the Deputy Governor was met”

Mr Bernard Mungata, Assembly Speaker

Elgeyo-Marakwet >

Agency set to restore forest after evictions from 16,000 hectares


Some 16,000 hectares of forest land have been recovered following evic- tions in Elgeyo-Marakwet County. Kenya Forest Service’s North Rift region Conservator Solomon Mibey said surveillance officers had been sent to Embobut Forest to ensure no one returned to the water tower. The move was part of efforts to restore the forest, which had been massively degraded, he said. The settlers were ejected after they were compensated by the government. Last year, 2,874 families occupying forest land were paid Sh400,000 each to buy alternative plots. Mr Mibey said the agency would move to other forests which are still home to various communities in its

drive to save the water towers. He spoke to journalists in Eldoret during a stakeholders’ workshop. The official said the agency was committed to reaching out to eve- ryone on the need to conserve the environment.

Carbon financing

KFS is conducting workshops with communities living around forests in the North Rift to educate them on carbon financing, he added. “The Kenya Forest Service is determined to protect the country’s indigenous forests,” said Mr Mibey. At the same time, Mr Mibey said all county governments should be engaged to ensure residents ben- efit from forests and other natural resources.

Mombasa| Agony of a child
Agony of a child


Ms Farida Haby holds her grandson Ali Mohammed Maulid after a bullet was removed from his right foot yesterday, days after his left leg was amputated at the Bomu Hospital in Mombasa. The four-year-old was shot two weeks ago by gunmen who killed Shahid Butt, the proprietor of Modern Coast Bus.

Kakamega >

Ward reps approve Sh10bn budget but oppose ceilings


The county assembly has ap- proved a Sh10 billion budget for the county. The approval comes amid a row between the Commission on Rev- enue Allocation (CRA) and ward reps, who have opposed budget ceilings set by the agency. The caps, which CRA is partner- ing with the Controller of Budget to enforce, control the salaries and allowances that MCAs can earn. The County Executive for Eco- nomic Planning Paul Otsola said he had worked closely with the county assembly to prepare what he called a focused and balanced budget. Nominated MCA Alex Kha- masi said tackling poverty, which

currently stands at 52 per cent, was a top priority for the county government. The county government had good news for traders operating small businesses after a Sh20 million kitty was set up to advance loans to them. The traders can now access loans of between Sh10,000 and Sh250,000, to be repaid in two years at an interest rate of five per cent. Trade minister Robert Sumbi said the assembly was expected to come up with a policy on the management and disbursement of the loans. “Traders will be required to provide collateral for the loans which will include title deeds and logbooks for motor vehicles,” said Mr Sumbi.

Mombasa > HIV test kit for quick results introduced

A new kit for testing HIV has

been introduced. The kit reduces

the waiting time for people who have to undergo a third test when the first two conflict, according to Coast General Hospital Laboratory Technologist Kazungu Kalu. That helps to reduce anxiety as previously, samples would have to be sent to Nairobi, which would take up

to two weeks to get the results.

Mr Kalu has been training HIV testing and counselling service providers on how to use the new kit, since January. Nine classes of 24 participants each have already been trained, he said.

Mombasa > Joho challenger wants degree case to proceed

Mombasa > Joho challenger wants degree case to proceed A petitioner has urged a court to

A petitioner has urged a court to allow him to continue with a case for removal of Governor Hassan Joho (above) from office. Mr Silas Otuke, who claims that Mr Joho did not have a degree when he was nominated by his party, and is therefore not qualified, yesterday urged the High Court to dismiss the governor’s request to strike out the matter. His lawyer, Mr Gikandi Ngibuini, urged the court to give him a chance to present witnesses. Mr Joho wants the petition struck out, arguing that it was an election dispute presented as a constitutional petition. The court will deliver a ruling on September 26.

Turkana > Sh10m drive to educate residents on oil projects

The Turkana county government intends to spend Sh10 million on educating residents about the mining industry, including oil exploration. County Chief Officer for Environment and Natural Resources Joseph Epuu said with resources such as oil, water and gold in the area, the residents should know how to interact with investors. Mr Epuu said it was important for them to be familiar with compensation procedures in case their land is taken over for mining projects. “Part of the funds will be spent on organising quarterly forums that will bring together investors, civil society groups, community representatives and county leaders to ensure smooth extraction industry operations.” he said.

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DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014



Mandago runs after growing athletics market


Keino stadium will hold 13,000 people when it is completed by August. The county government will charge Sh1 million to host competitions at the

meant for the developments. Mr Mandago has since issued a notice to those who have encroached on road

reserves and other public utilities in the

diately. They should not even waste their money by moving to court because they will be wasting their time,” said Mr Mandago when he inspected the con-






Governor Jackson Mandago will repair stadiums in Eldoret to attract in- vestors to the North rift. The rehabilitation is part of efforts to woo businesses from various sectors to one of the country’s bread baskets. Kipchoge Keino and 64 stadiums will be repaired so they can qualify to host international competitions. The county is known for producing world beating athletes including Moses Tanui, Ezekiel Kemboi and Kipchoge Keino to name just a few. This has made it earn the title “Home of Champions”. The athletes have also invested heav- ily in the town. According to Mr Mandago, Kipchoge

two stadiums. “We are projecting that this stadium (Kipchoge) will be the first to host regional and international events. We want our people to reap fully from their rich athletic talent,” Mr Mandago told the Nation in his office. He said his government had also set its eyes on expanding infrastructure in the county. The Eldoret bypass, which will decongest the town, is already under construction. The project is expected to be complete by the end of the year. However, efforts to build infrastruc- ture have ran into headwinds due to grabbing of land

area to move or their buildings will be demolished. “The law is clear on use of public utili- ties such as road reserves

and those


them should

move imme-

as road reserves and those occupying them should move imme- We are projecting that this stadium

We are projecting that this stadium will be the first to host regional and international events”




struction of the Sh900 million Eldoret Town-Kapsoya road. The county government, in its 2014- 2015 financial year budget, has set aside Sh50 million for bridges and another Sh10 million for fish hatcheries. Mr Mandago said the county govern- ment was working with the University of Eldoret to produce fingerlings to boost the fish industry. To cope with emergencies, Mr Mand- ago said the county government had set aside Sh3 million to train 6,000 tech- nicians who will respond to disasters. He said the county was in the process of automating health centres to fast- track services to wananchi. To diversify farming, the county gov- ernment recently secured a passion fruit supply tender in Namibia.

PICTURE speak | SAFETY> Base commander instructs riders on road safety Nakuru Traffic Base Commander
PICTURE speak |
SAFETY> Base commander instructs riders on road safety
Nakuru Traffic
Base Commander
Isaac Kimutus
and motorcycle
riders during a
meeting on road
safety measures
held at Afraha
Stadium yester-
day. The meeting
between boda-
boda operators
and traffic police
was called to
discuss issues af-
fecting the trans-
port sector.

Kiambu > President Kenyatta urged to remain neutral in Gatundu South by-election

TNA man loses key ally to opponent

Moses Kuria’s campaigner switches camp, claiming he is being imposed



G atundu South TNA candidate Moses Kuria’s key campaigner has switched camps to back

his opponent ahead of the August 7

switched camps to back his opponent ahead of the August 7 He (Mr Kuria) said he

He (Mr Kuria) said he was not

going to ask for votes because already has been


elected, which amounts to utter disrespect of Gatundu voters”

Mr George Kaimburi, who has left the TNA candidate for New Democrats Party’s man

by-election. Mr George Kaimburi said he de- cided to support Mr Joachim Kamere of New Democrats Party after he real- ised that the TNA candidate was being “imposed in Gatundu by outsiders”. Addressing a news conference in Gatundu Town with other defectors, Mr Kaimburi said he did not like Mr Kuria’s “arrogant” campaign style. “For instance, during a recent meeting attended by Deputy Presi- dent William Ruto, he said he was not going to ask for votes because he already has been elected, which amounts to utter disrespect of Ga- tundu voters.” He accused some TNA officials of messing up the party’s nomination

and denying the people a chance to elect a candidate of their choice. He urged President Kenyatta to intervene to ensure discipline and fairness in future party preliminaries. He also appealed to the President not to take sides in the contest be- tween Mr Kuria and Mr Kamere, saying both were Jubilee coalition members. “We ask the President not to in- terfere in any way and therefore he should let the people elect a repre- sentative of their choice.” He said he met with more than 2,000 residents and voters and they decided to support Mr Kamere “who resides in Gatundu and has been with us all along”.

Nyeri > Police gun down three robbers, find toy guns

Police shot dead three men who had carjacked a woman on Wednesday night, and found toy guns. One gangster escaped. The gangsters had carjacked the woman, who was driving home at 10pm, and demanded Sh500,000 from her husband to release her. They also took her three ATM cards and three mobile phones. Deputy County Commissioner John Marete said police had received information from Mr Johnstone Njagi, the husband. Mr Marete said police recovered the car, the ATM cards and two phones and were looking for the fourth robber, who escaped with one phone.

Vihiga > Akaranga pledges to tarmac 200km roads

phone. Vihiga > Akaranga pledges to tarmac 200km roads Governor Moses Akaranga (above) has said he

Governor Moses Akaranga (above) has said he intends to tarmac 200 kilometres of road by the end of his term. Mr Akaranga said the aim was to make the county’s 1,000 kilometres of roads accessible. He said the region was behind in infrastructure development. The department of roads had renovated 116 kilometres in the past one year, against a target of 200 kilometres, he said. “We have only rehabilitated 11 bridges at a cost of Sh50 million. This is a small number. We should do more than this,” he said when he received Sh75 million construction equipment.

Kisumu > Lenku agrees to restore citizenship for seven

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku has agreed to reverse withdrawal of Kenyan citizenship for seven men. The government withdrew citizenship of Mr Bhavin Jayeshbhai, Mr Brijeshkumar Patel, Mr Dakshesh Maganbhai, Mr Jignesh Ranchhokdhbai, Mr Bhavinkumar Patel, Mr Vengadesan Rengasammy and Rakeshkumar Manharbhai last year during a crackdown on illegal immigrants. The group contested the decision at the High Court in Kisumu, claiming it was not approved by the Citizenship Advisory Committee. Yesterday, a State lawyer told the court that the minister was willing to reverse the decision “save for the thorny issue of costs” of the suit.

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014





Tel.202381720 Meru County Headquarters Email:merucounty@meru.go.ke P.O. Box 120-60200 MERU


The Meru County Government wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 and section 451, 150 and 510 of the County Government Act No.17 of 2012.


a. Director of Audit – Job Group ‘R’


a. Liquor Administration and Licensing Director –Job Group ‘Q’

b. Liquor Education and Community Mobilization Director – Job Group ‘Q’

c. Administration Officer – Administration & Licencing –Job Group ‘P’

d. Administration Officer - Education & Communications Mobilization – Job Group ‘P’


a. Director of Polytechnics and Home Crafts Centres – Job Group ‘R’

b. County Education Officers – Job Group ‘Q’ ( 4 posts)

c. Programme & Circulation Implementing Officer - Job Group ‘Q’ (3 posts)


a. Biostatician – Job Group ‘K’ 1 ( post)

b. Nutritionists – Job Group ‘H’ (1) post treasury

c. Clinical Officers – Job Group ‘H’ – (10) posts

d. Medical Laboratory technologists – Job Group ‘H’ (4) posts

e. Nursing Officers – Job Group ‘H’ (40) posts

Important information to the applicants;

• Meru County Government is an equal opportunity employer. Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

• For more information on the requirements, duties and responsibilities, visit the Meru County website:

www.meru go.ke

• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

• The applications should reach the Secretary on or before Friday 8 th August 2014

the Secretary on or before Friday 8 t h August 2014 How to Apply: All applications

How to Apply:

All applications should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the left hand-side the position you are applying for and addressed to:

The Secretary, County Public Service Board, P.O. Box 120-60200, MERU.

26 |

26 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 WORLD MIDEAST VIOLENCE 15 dead as Israeli shell

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


MIDEAST VIOLENCE 15 dead as Israeli shell hits school sheltering Palestinians. Page 30

TOUCHING | Even non-believers congregated in churches for remembrance services

Bodies return to Netherlands as newspapers tell of how to mourn

Dutch military men carry a coffin contain- ing the remains of a victim of downed Ma- laysia Airlines flight MH17, during a cer- emony at Eind- hoven Airbase, after a Hercules transport plane carrying the coffins landed from Ukraine.


The day

had no



but it


out that



instruction book, but it turned out that wasn’t necessary BY CHARLES ONIANS EINDHOVEN, Thursday T his



T his is how you honour the dead,” Dutch daily NRC headlined today,

contrasting the solemn return to the Netherlands of the first MH17 bodies with the traumatic chaos of the plane’s crash site in rebel-held Ukraine. The NRC and several other papers printed front page photo- graphs of flowers being dropped from a motorway bridge as the cortege of 40 hearses drove from Eindhoven airport. Many contrasted the traumatic images of rebels handling bod- ies and personal belongings following the July 17 crash with the solemnity of the first plane’s arrival and welcome by Dutch armed forces. “Soldiers wore hats instead of balaclavas,” wrote Thomas de Veen in the NRC daily after Dutch troops unloaded the

40 coffins from two planes. “At last, a respectful homage,” headlined the AD, with 193 of the 298 people killed aboard the Malaysia Airways flight Dutch. Ahead of the first national day of mourning since the death of queen Wilhelmina in 1962, many wondered what they were sup- posed to do. “The day had no instruc- tion book, but it turned out that wasn’t necessary,” wrote Maaike van Houten in Protes- tant daily Trouw. “Throughout the country colleagues, manag- ers, volunteers, Facebook users, festivalgoers decided to be silent for this, such an exceptional oc- currence for the Netherlands,” she wrote. “Finally in good hands,” wrote conservative tabloid De Tel- egraaf, with a front-page photo of the cortege and police outrid- ers arriving down a crowd-lined road at a military base where the


Prove claims, Russia says

From rebel area: A senior Russian official has called on the United States to prove its claims that the Malaysian passenger air- liner shot down last week was hit by a missile fired from rebel-held territory in Ukraine. Records: Russian military officials on Monday said their flight records showed a Ukrainian fighter jet was close to the Malaysian pas- senger airliner just before the Boeing 777 crashed on July 17 and that Kiev was operating radar stations used for missile systems.

bodies are to be identified. “That must be what bereaved relatives felt who had to wait so unbearably long for their loved ones’ bodies.” “It remains an unimagina- ble scandal that perhaps still a third of the victims have

been left behind in the ‘killing fields’ of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s bandits,” the paper wrote. Pro-Russian separatists have been widely accused of acciden- tally shooting down the plane, and Putin accused of not doing enough to help get the bodies out. “This must be resolved as

quickly as possible

national police or military force must intervene then there should be no hesitation. We owe it to the victims and the bereaved to be steadfast,” De Telegraaf wrote. With even non-believers congregating in churches for remembrance services, the left- leaning Volkskrant daily quoted pastor Jannie Nijewing. “The Netherlands has churches because we know we’re fragile, we know that some things are too big for us. Too big to be carried alone,” said Pastor Nijewing. (AFP)

If an inter-

Algerian airliner ‘likely crashed’ says French foreign minister

PARIS, Thursday

An Air Algerie jet that went missing over Mali today has probably crashed but there has been no trace of the plane yet, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said. Mr Fabius said there were 51 French nationals aboard the flight from the

Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou to Algiers, which had more than 110 people on board in all. “Despite intensive searches, no trace of the plane has been found as we speak,” he said. “The plane has probably crashed. The searches are focusing at this stage on a vast strip of Malian territory around the region

of Gao,” in the restive north of the west African nation, he said. Fabius said according to information from Burkinabe officials there were 51 French nationals on board. He said there were people from 14 other na- tions on board, including the plane’s Spanish crew. “Contact was lost with the McDon-

nell-Douglas 83 at 01:47, a little after the pilots said they were diverting from the route due to meteorological reasons,” he said. There were reports of heavy storms in the region. Late today, President Francois Hol- lande vowed to deploy all of France’s military means to track down the missing Algerian plane. (AFP)



Queen’s past forces Dutch to halt threat

BRIEFLY THE HAGUE Queen’s past forces Dutch to halt threat Calls to expel Russian Presi- dent

Calls to expel Russian Presi- dent Vladimir Putin’s daughter from the Netherlands over flight MH17 have fallen flat, with many noting that their Argentine-born Queen Maxima Zorreguieta (pic- tured) has not been punished for her father’s junta past. Despite calls from Ukrainian activists and right-wing Dutch newspapers for Maria Putin, 29, to be punished for her father’s alleged role in bringing down flight MH17, most here noted that you cannot blame a child for the sins of his or her father. The mayor of wealthy city Hilversum, which lost several inhabitants in the July 17 crash that killed 298 people, 193 of them Dutch, hit the headlines on Wednesday after calling for Maria to be kicked out. (AFP)


UK experts examine second black box

British investigators have started examining the second black box from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine, the trans- port ministry said on Thursday. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) in Farnborough, southwest of London, is looking at the flight data recorder, which records information from instru- ments on the plane. On Wednes- day AAIB experts downloaded “valid data” from the first black box, the cockpit voice recorder, which should give them hours of the pilots’ conversations. “They have started examining the Flight Data Recorder,” a Department for Transport spokesman told AFP


Western sanctions ‘point to cover-up’

Russia’s ambassador to Britain said that Western sanctions over Ukraine are illegal and further measures would indicate a cover- up over the fate of Malaysia Air- lines flight MH17. Alexander Yak- ovenko told a news conference in London that the Kremlin was not responsible for supplying weap- ons to pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine accused of downing the airliner. “The Western sanctions against Russia, first of all we believe they are illegal, unreason- able and counterproductive,” Mr Yakovenko told reporters. (AFP)

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The Kenya National Highways Authority would like to notify the general public that we shall close a section of Nairobi – Mombasa road (A104) at General Motors on SUNDAY 27 TH JULY, 2014 as from 5.00 am to 9.00am. The closure is due to the hoisting of the superstructure for the pedestrian footbridge crossing currently under construction.

Mombasa bound traffic will join Nairobi bound at General Motors and return to Mombasa bound at Imara Daima at the U turn next to Total Petrol Station. Please follow the traffic signs and instructions that will be erected along the corridor.

Any inconveniences caused are highly regrettable.



Enterprise road only

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DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

SELFLESS | He personally treated over 100 patients with the Ebola since the outbreak in May

Fear engulfs Sierra Leone as doctor catches Ebola

The famous virologist once famously said that his biggest problem was getting people to accept that the disease exists

problem was getting people to accept that the disease exists He made the ultimate sacrifice by

He made the ultimate sacrifice by putting his own life on the line to treat and save Sierra Leoneans of the Ebola virus’’


minister, Miatta



NATION Correspondent

FREETOWN, Thursday

T here is anger and anxiety in Sierra

Leone as the man who is leading the

country`s battle against the Ebola

outbreak has himself tested positive for the virus. Dr Sheikh Umar Khan is head of the Lassa Fever program and lead expert in viral haemorrhagic fevers in the country. The Lassa Fever Centre which accom- modates the only testing facility for Ebola in Sierra Leone is housed at the Kenema Government Hospital in the east of the country. It`s at the center of protest by nurses who want it relocated. The ministry of Health and Sanitation yesterday asked for prayers for his speedy recovery. Dr Khan has been in charge of the center located at the headquarter town of Kenema for about 10 years and fell ill after personally treating over 100 patients with the Ebola since the outbreak in May, the ministry said. He was taken to the second treatment

center in Kailahun, which is run by MSF. Health minister, Miatta Kargbo, per- sonally confirmed the news of Dr Khan`s health status and described him as a “national hero” and vowed to see that he gets cured. But already, the authorities are struggling against persistent rumour on social media that he is died. “He made the ultimate sacrifice by putting his own life on the line to treat and save Sierra Leoneans of the Ebola virus.’’ Dr Khan treated and discharged more than 100 Sierra Leoneans of the deadly Ebola virus. ‘‘By going into that treatment Center and spending more than 12 hours daily just to save lives is a tremendous sac- rifice. I will do anything and everything in my power to ensure he survives,” the minister said. The virologist once famously said that his biggest problem was getting people to accept that the disease exists. And cam- paigners now hope his tragic situation could serve to change the minds of those still in denial as, 143 people have died so far with 422 cases, as per the count of the Ministry of Health. But WHO put the numbers a little higher at 206 deaths and 442 cases. Guinea and Liberia are also battling the illness, but the pressure is presently on Sierra Leone and Liberia and the two

is presently on Sierra Leone and Liberia and the two PHOTO | AFP A member of


A member of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) putting on protective gear at the isolation ward of the Donka Hospital in Conakry, where people infected with the Ebola virus are be- ing treated. In Sierra Leone, a top doctor has caught the disease.

countries are planning a meeting to discuss how to attack the issue at their common borders. News of Dr Khan’s illness added fuel to fire within an already chaotic health system. It comes a day after the death of three nurses in one day and rekindled debate over availability of protective gears for healthcare workers at the center of the Ebola fight. One hundred nurses working at the Ebola center in Kenema on Monday abandoned the Ebola ward leaving patients by them-

selves. They accused the government of poorly managing the outbreak. Even antibiotics are hard to come by, the nurses claimed. The main hospital ward is itself virtually empty as residents of the town have stopped visiting for fear of contracting Ebola. And this has raised further concern with fears that Ebola patients might resolve to seek treatment at home. The government Tuesday said it was down scaling its presence at the hospital for eventual relocation of the Ebola ward in line with the nurses` demand.

was down scaling its presence at the hospital for eventual relocation of the Ebola ward in
was down scaling its presence at the hospital for eventual relocation of the Ebola ward in


Friday July 25, 2014

Africa News


FINALLY | She became Catholic in 2011

Woman spared death sentence meets the Pope

Meriam Yahia Ishaq flew to Italian capital

accompanied by husband, minister

ROME, Thursday

A Sudanese Christian

woman whose death

sentence for renounc-

ing Islam sparked a global outcry that eventually led to an acquittal, met Pope Francis today after arriving in Italy en route to the United States. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her family were received by the Argentine pontiff at his home for a 30-minute meeting in which he thanked her for her “courageous testament of faith” and her “tenacity”, the Vatican said in a statement. Ishag and her American husband Daniel Wani in turn thanked Francis for the “great support and comfort” they had taken from “the pope’s and many other believers’ prayers.” The meeting was “a sign of closeness and solidarity for all those who suffer for their faith, in particular Christians who suffer persecution,” the Vatican added.

Rosary beads

The 77-year-old pope gave Ishag rosary beads after an “affectionate and warm” chat about her plans in the US, where she is expected to fly with her family in a few days time, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said. The family flew into a military airport in Rome early Thursday and were greeted by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, as well as Foreign

Minister Federica Mogherini.

“Today is a day of celebration”, Renzi said. Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli, who accompanied the family on the flight to Rome, tweeted

a photo of the young mother

aboard the plane cradling her

infant daughter as her toddler son drank from a bottle. “Mission accomplished,” he wrote. A global outcry erupted in May after Ishag was sentenced under Sharia law to hang for apostasy. Days after her conviction, the 26-year-old gave birth to

a second child in prison.

Ishag’s conviction was over- turned in June, but she was immediately rearrested while trying to leave Sudan using what prosecutors claimed were forged documents. Two days later, Ishag was released from prison and she and her family — including her American husband Dan- iel Wani and the two infant children — took refuge in the US embassy. Ishag was born to a Mus- lim father who abandoned the family, and was raised by her Ethiopian Orthodox Christian mother. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Khartoum says Ishaq joined the Catholic church shortly before she married in 2011. She was convicted under Islamic Sharia law that has been in force in Sudan since 1983, and that says Muslim conversion to another faith is punishable by death. The court had also sen- tenced her to 100 lashings because under Sharia law it considered her union with her non-Muslim husband to be adultery. (AFP)

her union with her non-Muslim husband to be adultery. (AFP) PHOTO | OSSERVATORE ROMANO Pope Francis


Pope Francis blessing Sudanese Christian Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her daughter Maya during a private audience at the Vatican yesterday.

SA targets screening whole population for Aids

CAPE TOWN, Thursday

South Africa’s govern- ment plans to extend Aids tests to the country’s entire population and speed up antiretroviral treatment of those who test positive for the virus, the health minister said yesterday. “We come from very far in the past five years,” Mr Aaron Motsoaledi told parliament. “But a lot still needs to be done,” the minister said

while presenting his annual budget. With 6.4 million people in-

fected with HIV, the virus that can cause Aids, South Africa has the largest seropositive population in the world, but also the largest programme

to treat them.

After a recent spike in Aids infections, the country aims

to eradicate the virus by 2030,

a goal echoing guidelines

adopted by the world Aids conference in Melbourne

this week. Within 15 years the conference wants 90 per cent of people to know their status, 90 per cent of those infected to be treated and 90 per cent of those on treatment to have no viral load. “There are leakages in the HIV/Aids


The year by which country wants to eradicate virus

cascade,” said Motsoaledi, whose country saw a 27 per cent rise in new infections in 2012. South Africa will step up its programmes to reach the 90 per cent target, he said. “This means testing most if not all of the population annu- ally, initiating everyone who is positive on treatment. “It will mean mass testing in every possible setting: schools, universities, workplaces, churches and communities,” said Motsoaledi. (AFP)

testing in every possible setting: schools, universities, workplaces, churches and communities,” said Motsoaledi. (AFP)

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DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

CASUALTIES | Deaths from a 17-day operation to halt rocket fire by militants tops 788

15 killed as Israelis bomb school

Hamas has so far refused all ceasefire efforts

GAZA CITY, Thursday

F ifteen Palestinians were killed today when an Is- raeli shell slammed into a

UN-run school where hundreds of civilians had taken refuge, sending the death toll in Gaza soaring to 788 despite world efforts to broker a ceasefire. The strike hit a school shel- tering some of the 100,000 Palestinians driven out of their homes in search of a safe haven after weeks of deadly fighting be- tween Israeli troops and Hamas militants. The shell crashed down in the middle of the courtyard where people had set up camp, leaving the ground covered in bloodstains. Gaza’s emergency services said 15 people had been killed and more than 200 injured in the school strike, sending the Palestinian death toll from 17 days of fighting to 788. Meanwhile in Cairo, US Secre- tary of State John Kerry sought to further regional efforts to broker an end to the bloodshed, reach- ing out to Turkey and Qatar, both allies of Hamas. The US diplomat is seeking to garner support for an Egyptian- drafted proposal, with an official saying he had spoken to his counterparts in Doha and Ankara

LIVES One of the highest loses in combat
One of the highest
loses in combat

Toll: Thirty-two Israelis sol- diers have been killed in the army’s ground operation, and three civilians have died in Israel from rocket fire. Four: A UN official told AFP that four schools had been hit in Israel’s latest operation to stamp out rocket fire from Gaza — the bloodiest cam- paign since 2009.


Palestinian woman is arrested by Israeli border police following clashes outside of the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday during a demonstration by Palestinians in support of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

in the hope they would use their influence to encourage Hamas to accept a ceasefire plan. Hamas has so far refused all ceasefire efforts, with its exiled

leader Khaled Meshaal vowing late Wednesday there would be no end to the fighting without an end to Israel’s eight-year blockade on Gaza. (AFP)



Taiwan plane crash toll hits 48: officials

Taiwanese officials on Thurs- day defended flight clearance given to a plane which crashed in torrential rain, killing 48 peo- ple, as angry relatives blamed authorities for the worst air dis- aster in a decade. The domestic TransAsia Airways flight was carrying 54 passengers and four crew members when it crashed in Magong in the Penghu island chain, with 10 survivors. Two French medical students were among the dead, the foreign min- istry in Paris said. The ATR 72- 500, a propeller plane, was flying from Kaohsiung in southwestern Taiwan to the islands off the west coast when it crashed into two houses near Magong airport. (AFP)


Girl found hanging in India triggers revenge

A seven-year-old girl was found hanging from a tree Thursday in a village in eastern India after locals suspect she was raped, po- lice said, the latest in a string of reported attacks against children. Angry villagers sought revenge after discovering the body in West Bengal state, hunting down and attacking three men they ac- cused of kidnapping, raping and murdering the girl, a police of- ficer said. (AFP)

and murdering the girl, a police of- ficer said. (AFP) Raising the profile of research for
Raising the profile of research for health among young Kenyans The Fifth National Call for

Raising the profile of research for health among young Kenyans

The Fifth National Call for Research Internships - 2014

The Consortium for National Health Research (CNHR) is a Kenyan non-governmental organization whose mission is to contribute to the strengthening of national research for health in Kenya. This is done by providing support for multidisciplinary research to individuals and institutions, and engaging policy makers in formulation of health research policies that are evidence based. The Consortium also contributes to the building of networks and communities in research for health. A documentary on CNHR’s achievements in supporting research for health activities in Kenya can be found at the following link: https:


The Research Internship Programme CNHR sponsors an annual research internship exposure programme that enables young graduates to make informed choices of pursuing a life-long careers in research. Through this Programme, CNHR will offer ten competitive scholarships for a maximum period of six months (October 2014-April 2015). Successful interns will benefit from close mentorship and supervision by senior researchers in various institutions across the country. Some of the selected interns will have hands-on experience in multidisciplinary settings; others will work in laboratory/field conditions and be exposed to modern approaches of research using sophisticated diagnostic or analytical equipment, health systems research environment etc. At the end of the internship period, exceptionally performing candidates may be considered, through a competitive selection process, for further training scholarships at Masters and Post-Doctoral levels under CNHR’s research capacity strengthening and training programme.

Applicants invited from medical, biomedical science and social science disciplines: Recent first-degree graduates from both public and private universities are eligible. In addition, recently qualified graduate doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, biomedical, social sciences, who have an interest in developing a career in research for health, are also encouraged to apply.

Thematic Focus of the Competitive Essay The new constitutional dispensation in Kenya has introduced a County focus for development. Article 43 of the Constitution provides for the right to the highest attainable standard of health. Numerous challenges are being faced in the realization of health care delivery to the newly established counties. In response to this very topical subject, applicants are required to write an essay of not more than 1200 words on ‘Resolving challenges of devolving healthcare delivery to ensure reasonable access and equitable health services in all parts of the Republic. In developing a convincing position, applicants are encouraged to acquaint themselves of the provisions of the Kenyan Constitution (2010), the Vision 2030, as well as numerous government policies (both National and County) and strategies for the health sector.

Eligibility The successful interns must satisfy the following criteria:

• Be Kenyan citizens;

• Be recent (past three years) first degree graduate from a recognized university qualified in a medical/biomedical or social sciences discipline with a minimum of an upper second (or credit for non-classified first degrees);

• Have no previous health research internship experience for a period greater than 3 months;

• Be currently unemployed; and

• Applicants from medical and allied health professional (medical doctors, dentists, pharmacy, nurses etc) should have completed their respective professional internship

Application procedure:

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online giving preferred internship possibilities as guided by the form and prospectus. Application forms and the prospectus are available at www.cnhrkenya.org.


Applications can only be submitted online on the CNHR website at www.cnhrkenya.org

Applications must be received by 0500 pm Monday 25 th August 2014

Only successful applicants will be contacted. For any clarifications, please contact info@cnhrkenya.org Visit www.cnhrkenya.org for details of CNHR and its programmes

CNHR is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 31 RONGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (A Constituent College of Moi University)
DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 31 RONGO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (A Constituent College of Moi University)
(A Constituent College of Moi University)
Rongo University College, a Constituent college of Moi University wishes to invite bids from
eligible Building Construction Companies registered by National Construction Authority in Class
ranging between NCA 1 to 4 for construction of an augmented water treatment plant and ancillary
Item Description
Tender No.
Tender Closing Date
Bid Bond
Construction of Water
Treatment Plant
Friday, 8 th August,
2% of the bid price.
Tender documents may be obtained from the Procurement Office, Rongo University College,
Administration Block, on normal working days from 9.00am to 4.00pm upon payment of a non-
refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000/= (Kenya shillings one thousand only) in cash deposit or Bankers
Cheque payable to the Rongo University College at Co-operative Bank, Rongo Branch, A/C. No.
01129477027400 or National Bank Awendo Branch, A/C. No. 01021047041000. Tenderers who
have paid are required to obtain an official receipt from the cash office at Rongo University College
and thereafter collect the tender document from the Procurement Office, Administration Block.
Completed tender documents must be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with
tender name and tender number and be deposited in the Tender Box situated at The Administration
Block or be addressed to:
The Principal,
Rongo University College
P.O. Box 103-40404
Rongo, Kenya.
To be received on or before Friday, 8 th August, 2014 at 12.00NOON.
Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their
representatives who choose to attend in the Boardroom.
Price must be quoted in Kenya shillings and must be inclusive of all taxes, and should remain valid
for 90 (ninety) days from the date of the tender opening.

32 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

32 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


Friday July 25, 2014

International News


PURGE| Government forces accused by rights watchdogs of having executed more than 250 prisoners

60 killed in Iraq convoy attack as UN chief visits

prisoners 60 killed in Iraq convoy attack as UN chief visits Iraq is facing an existential

Iraq is facing an existential threat but it can be overcome by the formation of a thoroughly inclusive government’’

UN chief Ban Ki-moon

BAGHDAD, Thursday

A n onslaught on a convoy transferring

inmates north of Baghdad left doz-

ens dead today, as visiting UN chief

Ban Ki-moon said Iraq’s survival hinged on a more inclusive government. Most of the 60 killed in the spectacular pre-dawn ambush were prisoners convicted of terrorism charges being transferred from Taji prison, barely 25 kilometres north of the capital. Explosions from the attack were heard in some neighbourhoods of Baghdad, where UN chief Ban Ki-moon landed Thursday on an unscheduled stop in his Middle East tour. “At least 60 people, prisoners and policemen, were killed in a suicide attack followed by several IEDs (im- provised explosive devices) and shooting,” an interior ministry official told AFP. One security source said the inmates were being transferred as a precautionary measure after Taji prison was hit by mortar fire on Wednesday. The exact circumstances of Thursday’s attack were not immediately clear, nor how many attackers were dead or how the prisoners they were apparently trying to free were killed. The bus was believed to be transporting around 60 prisoners, and medics said 54 of those killed in the attack were inmates. Most of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition, they said. Government forces

were recently accused by rights watchdogs

of having executed more than 250 prison-

ers since June 9.

Among the allegations are that members

of the Iraqi security forces shot prisoners,

on the grounds they were sympathetic to advancing forces from the Islamic State (IS)

jihadist group, that jails were set on fire and that grenades were tossed into cells. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s alliance comfortably won elections in April but he has faced mounting domestic and foreign pressure to step aside since the flare-up. The Shiite premier has accused the Sunni mainstream of condoning the IS offensive and “dancing in the blood” of the onslaught’s victims. But many retort it was Maliki’s own brand of sectarian politics that brought the country to the brink of collapse. “Iraq is facing an existential threat but

it can be overcome by the formation of

a thoroughly inclusive government,” Mr

Ban said at a joint news conference with Maliki. Meanwhile, Kurdish politician Fuad Masum became the new president of Iraq today, in a step towards forming a new government that Mr Ban said must be inclusive for the country to survive. In another development, Jihadists in Iraq have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 must undergo female geni- tal mutilation, which could affect up to four

female geni- tal mutilation, which could affect up to four PHOTO | AFP The remains of


The remains of a bus that was transferring convicts from a prison north of Baghdad af- ter it was attacked by suicide bombers and gunmen, in Taji, some 25 kilometres north of Baghdad, yesterday.

million women and girls in the war-ravaged country, a UN official said Thursday. The UN’s second most senior official in Iraq, Jacqueline Badcock, said, “It is a fatwa (or religious edict) from ISIS, we learnt about it this morning.’’ (AFP)



Surgeons remove 232 teeth from teenager

Surgeons in Mumbai have removed 232 teeth from the mouth of an Indian teenager in what they believe may be a world-record operation, the hospital said on Thursday. Ashik Gavai, 17, sought medical help for a swelling on the right side of his lower jaw and the case was referred to the city’s JJ Hospital, where they found he was suffering from a condition known as complex odontoma, head of dentistry Sunanda Dhivare-Palwankar told AFP. “We operated on Monday and it took us almost seven hours. We thought it may be a simple surgery but once we opened it there were multiple pearl- like teeth inside the jaw bone,” she said. After removing those they also found a larger “marble-like” structure which they struggled to shift and eventually had to “chisel out” and remove in fragments, she added. (AFP)


India train rams school bus killing 20 children

A passenger train rammed into a school bus in southern India yesterday killing 20 people, mostly young children, officials said in the latest fatal accident on the country’s rail network. The train collided with the bus carrying about 30 children as it drove across an unmanned level crossing in the state of Telangana, dragging the mangled vehicle down the tracks, officials said.

across an unmanned level crossing in the state of Telangana, dragging the mangled vehicle down the

34 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014
34 | DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014


DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 35
DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014 35

36 |

DAILY NATION Friday July 25, 2014



US FOOD FIRM SORRY OVER CHINA ‘BAD MEAT’ SCANDAL Calls for tighter regulations intensify as company at the centre of expired meat deal apologises. Page 39

CONSEQUENCE | Commission says board member Joseph Irungu should be relieved of his duties

Selection of KAA boss was ‘skewed’



accused of




very high


so she

could pass