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Meta-tag Creation Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on three meta-tag areas:

<META NAME=keywor! "#NTENT=!$$$>
<META NAME=escri%tion! "#NTENT= $$$!>
1 Basic Company Information
Company name List company name, parent company name and any
derivatives, including misspellings or abbreviations.
Company description Write a brief description about the company (20 30
ords! hich ill be coded in the "#$%& '&#$
()description*+ and appear in search engine results.
,ey principals-
management team
List names and misspellings of all .ey individuals in the
company, (include maiden names if a principal recently
/nde0-homepage title Create a "%/%L$+ tag for your home page that is clear,
descriptive and concise. %his content usually appears as
the lin.able te0t hen your site is returned as a search
criteria match.
Location 1elevant cities, states, regions or areas.
2 Industry/Service Information
,ey industry terms or
List all .ey industry terms that describe your business,
services, and offerings.
3roducts or services offered List any and all .ey products or services offered, list
specific product names if relevant.
3 ser-!riented Information
4ample searches 5o might your target audience search for your site6
Come up ith several sample search 7ueries for different
results, industry8, 9ob8, investor8, product8, or service8
%heme : content What is the theme of your site6 What .ind of content do
you have on your site that users might find relevant6
(c) gotomedia, llc 2001 all rights reserved
4ub8page searches ;esides the home page, are there any other sections of
your site that users might find and go to directly6 /f so,
create "#$%&+ information for these sub8pages.
,ey 3hrases What might someone trying to find you type in hen
they search6 %hin., especially of people ho don<t .no
ho you are. )bed and brea.fast* isn<t as good as )bed
and brea.fast in san francisco* or )small hotels in san
francisco*. ;e creative. %hin. li.e your users.
(c) gotomedia, llc 2001 all rights reserved