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AP Language and Composition Binder

Over the course of this year, you will be expected to keep a three-ring binder. Be prepared for
Binder checks. The notebook is a good way to stay organized and earn points. Please label and
organize your notebook for each of the following sections.

Class Notes:
- Use the Cornell Notes System (see example)
- Please write down any questions you would like to pose as well.

Reading Annotations:
Being able to annotate is important. Please annotate directly on the texts that belong on you.
However, when you are given texts that belong to the school, you will still need to annotate. You
may use post-it notes, or the following annotation types:

- Cornell Notes: This is exactly how you will be taking notes during class discussions.
Treat the text as if it is the discussion. Follow your arguments and organization as well as
the style. Do no limit yourself to plot driven comments.
- Dialectical Notes: You will be asked to identify most important sections of the texts
based on style and argument and respond to them. They are a bit more like a style
analysis exercise. (see example)

Class Handouts and Resources:
Please keep all handouts. They often serve as reminders and overviews for elements of the class.
Many of these handouts will be referenced over the course of the year, and it is helpful to have

Returned Materials:
You are expected to keep all returned materials. All of your writing will be kept in your AP
LANGUAGE PORTFOLIO. This will be updated frequently and will be returned to you at the
end of the year.
Mrs. Ripple
AP Language &