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Operating and Spooling system

Please confirm if you are a JES2 or JES site

What Control-M version is installed on your system
What time does New Day processing begin on your system
How many jobs are defined on your Control-M database, please list by Group/Table name
Are you using automatic job restart facility
List all JCL submission libraries defined to Control-M on your system
List details of dataset triggering , dataset names and triggered jobs
List JCL members that contain Control-M Auto-Edit variables
Is JCL contained in catalogued procedures?

Programs / Interfaces
What automation software is in used on your system
List details of tracked events that cause manipulation of Control-M jobs, resources or conditions.
1. What other BMC products interface with Control/M?
2. If interface with other BMC products, please describe how it interfaces in
3. Are you issuing commands to Control/M from your automation package?
Yes No
a) If yes, explain in detail the types of commands being issued to
b) If using Control-O, please send report with Control-O rules.
4. Please explain in detail any processes, external interfaces, products, or
programs that interface with Control/M or Restart Package:

Please describe any additional features or functions being used that are not
listed above.