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Daily Writings 1101

1. Mother & Father Started teaching me how to read at a young age using coach books and basic
K-12 Teachers Taught me everything I have learned ever since I was in kindergarten up to
now. They also helped me improve my reading and writing skills constantly.
Sister My sister is a professional reading coach, so ever since I can remember she has helped
me speed up my reading, comprehension, and made my writing a little more complex.

2. A place that has been very significant in shaping my literacy narrative would probably be my
grandmothers house in Miami, Florida. I say this because this is probably one out of few places
where I actually have many memories of me writing and reading. When I was young, my
grandparents use to make my cousin and I read and write every single day in the summer.

3. All of my elementary school Book Fair experiences were pleasant. I say this because there was
never a time where I went to the book fair and came out empty handed. I always bought a book
or a group of books. Back in that time I was really interested in the Harry Potter series and a
variety of books about different animal species.

4. I had many childrens books that I enjoyed reading throughout my childhood. However, out of
all of them I would say that The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales would have
been my favorite. It was my favorite because the illustrations in the book were very different in
detail and the stories taught me life lessons through silly characters experiences. The book in
general was very fun and enjoyable to read.

5. The first time I used a computer was at home in the back room. It was an old bulky computer
that ran pretty slow. It affected my literacy narrative in many ways because it was the source of
where I played all of my educational games that taught me about reading, writing and typing. As
I got older it also became the source of where I collected all of my information that I had to read
about and write about.

6. UNC Charlotte was and has always been my first choice school for college. I did a lot in my high
school years to get here, and after comparing all of the schools that I got accepted into I decided
that this school was the best fit for me, it was diverse, and there are many surrounding
opportunities for me to get involved with. Im glad I chose this school because I feel like it will
open many doors for me.

7. Throughout all of my high school years I was taught and told to write in MLA format. I know in
MLA format things have to be lined up, cited, and gone about in a certain way. At this point I am
not sure what I still need to know or want to know about MLA format. Honestly, I havent really
looked at the MLA section of the book simply because whenever I am unsure about something I
usually go to the Purdue Owl website.

8. What Greek organizations are on this campus? How do you get selected to be in a Greek
organization? Where are they housed? What are the benefits? What was the 1
Organization at UNCC?

9. Quote #2 speaks to me the most. Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a
purpose; that is basically what it is. Whenever I am researching whether it is on my own time or
because its a part of my schoolwork, I am doing it because I am somewhat if not fully curious
about the subject. Im not just randomly searching the internet for the heck of it, but I am doing
it because there lays a purpose behind it.

10. One of my best techniques when it comes to researching is probably surfing the web on multiple
websites and jotting both key points and the sources on index cards. I believe both the web and
books gives me the best information. I verify the validity by looking at different source and
comparing the information to make sure it is the same.Nclive.org

11. It was my 10
grade year and I had a research paper that was due at the end of the week. It had
been snowing literally that whole week, Monday thru Thursday, and they were calling for snow
again on Friday. I kept putting off the rest of my paper until that next morning. School ended up
operating normally on Friday; luckily I was able to finish the paper that morning when my mom
called me.

12. In the wallet was a note from that persons dead mother and a photo of her. If I was in his
position and I saw a photo and note from someones dead mother then I would immediately
throw the wallet back.

13. During an oral presentation of Judge Denise Hartsfield at my school, I got really fired up with her
speech because it was so encouraging and entertaining. She kept my attention the whole time
because her speech wasnt boring, it made me laugh, and it helped me in the long run about
how to act and stay focused in high school. Overall, she knows how to give a great presentation
and keep the audiences attention.

14. Demon leopard is the most terrifying to me because it would be a demonic creature that could
possess you and also catch you with help from its ultimately fast speed.I am afraid of leopards
and if demons are real I would be afraid of them too; I figured that everyone else would be
afraid of them as well, so thats why I chose these two creatures.

15. I want to make three note cards, and I also want to make sure my group points out the most
effective and important information during my presentation. Our topic is very broad, so we
want to make sure that we can minimize that broadness and go about the topic in a clear

16. A tough decision that I had to make was going back to seasonal on my part time job at Best Buy
because I decided to come to college early for UTOP. This decision was hard for me because it
was the first time where I actually was making money for myself and I had to let the go for a
while until I return home for the holidays. I had the option to get transferred to the store in
Charlotte, but I decided to get acclimated to the college life and classes before working again.

17. The exercise we did in class wasnt really hard for me because I dont have a problem talking in
front of people. I dont think the presentation on our topic will be hard because we will know
the information prior to presenting; it was different when presenting on the spot about a topic
you know nothing about. Good advice was to present the information as if you are interested in
it and well informed.

18. UTOP is not exactly what I expected. I didnt expect the course load to be so rigorous and
packed. I didnt expect to meet so many new people and become close with some great
mentors. Ive formed bonds and good friendships while I was here; Ive also been introduced to
important people that work at this university. Networking has already started in this program
and will help me along the way while Im in college.