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The movie which always give more excitement and nice moral value. Thats my opinion about
animation movie. I have watched a lot of it, like Toy Story first until third sequel, Puss In Boots which
always remembering me about my ex-girlfriend when i watch it, turbo, shrek , and many more. But
last time i watched A Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball
This movie tells me about a young boy who like make an invention very much. His name is
Flint Lockwood. But unfortunately he always fail. He live with Tim, his father who dont like
technology and misunderstand flints talent.
One day Flint invent a machine which can make a food from water, called Flint Lockwood
Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator. But when he turn the machine on,something
trouble happen. His machine fly over the town like a rocket ,make lot of damage and finally flew up
to the sky. Because of that, Flint meet one girl named Samantha Sam Spark, the weather reporter.
Flint have some conversation with Sam and it end when the rain of cheeseburger happen. Flint feel
happy and the people of the town thankfull to him. But he dont know the next effect of his machine.
I think this film is funny and have an unique plot. I like Phil Lord and Christoper Millers way to
make this movie. And if we talk about the visual quality, this movie have a nice one and not lose with
Toy Story 2 and another 2009s animation movie. This film is good to be seen for childhood because
this film can teach us about passion, not to be give up and arrogant, and to be future-thinking
people from the story about flint lockwood in this movie. Flint is a scientist who never give up when
he failed and because of that he get his succesfullness. But he miss to think another effect of his
machine. Thats why he get his problem after his glory.
Although a Cloudy With a Chanc of Meatball dont have a punch line as good as Toy Story 3,
im still recommend all of you to watch this film. Especially for an animation movie lover. Because it
movie will give you another taste of animation movie, i think.

Rakai Achmad Usamah