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Professor Jerome McKeever

Corporate College West

August 1, 2014

Dear Professor McKeever
Thank you for your help and support. I enjoyed been in this class. I remembered the first day of
this class I was nervous and anxious because I thought I will not be able to finish my three
papers on time. But the help of your courses made me finish on time. I had some difficulties with
the first paper because that time I didnt have any experience writing paper with the length of
1200 words. I choose to write about Islam because I want to clear some ideas about the Origin,
pillars of Islam. Also to write about the Prophet Muhammad and the hardship that he went
through during his prophetency.
The first paper was a review about Islam: Origin and Pillars. Islam means Peace,
submission, and obedience to God. Islam has five pillars which are Shahadah, Prayer, Zakat
(charity), Sawm (fasting), and Pilgrimage. These pillars are practiced by Muslims around the
The second paper was a profile of the Prophet Muhammad. His life time as little boy when his
both parent died. How he grew up as an orphans in the house of his uncle Abu Talib. The
Prophet Muhammad mission calling people to this new religion secretly and publically was
affected by the death of his beloved wife Khadija and his uncle Abu Talib. He call people to
Islam in Mecca his home town and the cities around it. Also in this paper I wrote about his
characters before the revelation when Meccans used to call him trustworthy (Alamine). After he
started his mission as Prophet the got angry and afraid about their ancestors religion. They
refuse his mission. They started calling him names like: layer, crazyetc. But his kindness never
changes toward the Meccans. He always helped the orphans; needy Muslims or non-Muslims,
and widows. He never cause harm to anyone.
The third paper it was challenging one. I never wrote a narrative essay in my whole life. This
paper was about the difficulties and obstacles that faced the prophet Muhammad in his mission.
How the Meccanss torture of his followers and him forced them to migrate from Mecca to
Medina. The Muslims minority survived the hardship that cause by the idolaters. They built their
first Islamic state in Medina by the help of the Prophet Muhammad, and defeat the idolaters and
the Arabia became the land of Islam.

Sincerely Abdeslam Elhachdani