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Hello everybody! I’m adding some few questions to help your learning at home.
These questions remark some important issues of the chapter. They are a
complement to the questionnaire at the end of the chapter. Be sure you read the
whole chapter while finding the answers: do not attempt to read strictly what it is
asked because you will fail later. Texts need reading, chewing and digesting the
information in them.
 First solve problems 1 to 4.
 Then, the questions I am sending and
 after answering these questions solve the others at the end of chapter.

Maybe you will find some difficulties on problems (7) and (8). Don’t worry! We
will come over them when you’re back at school.

1- What are the principal ideas of the collision theory of reaction rates?
2- Draw an energy profile (diagram energy / course of reaction) for an exothermic
reaction. Label it (take as a guide the profile shown in the text beside the roller
3- Name the factors we can change to influence a reaction rate.
4- Explain in terms of the collision theory why these factors affect the rate of a

Good Luck!