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Herramientas Teraputicas:

1. Family ties that bind, Dr. Ronald W. Richardson. (Desarrollo de
genogramas e historias familiares)
2. Reparative Therapy of male homosexuality, Joseph Nicolosi.
3. Healing homosexuality, Joseph Nicolosi.
4. Clearing out the closet, Dr. Christopher Austin.
5. Piense y hagase rico, Napoleon Hill.
6. Ten days to self-steem,David Burns.
7. Feeling good handbook,David Burns.
8. Dont sweat the small staff, Dr. Carlson.
9. Its all small staff, Dr. Carlson.
10. The search for significance, Robert S. McGee.
11. Reinventing your life, Dr. Jeffrey E. Young and Dr. Janet S.
12. Focusing, Eugene Gendlin.
13. Healing the children within, Dr. Charles L. Withfield.
14. Selfparenting: The complete guide to your inner
conversations, John K. Pollard III.
15. Recovery your inner child, Dra. Lucia Capacchione.
16. The inner child workbook, Cathryn L. Taylor.
17. Recovery from co-dependency: its never to late to reclaim
your childhood, Dres. Laurie Weiss and Jonathan B. Weiss.
18. Terapia Bioenergetica, Alexander Lowen, John Pierrakos.
19. Where were you when i needed you, dad?, Dra. Jane Myers
20. The Broken image, Leanne Payne.
21. Healing of memories and healing for damaged emotions,
David Seamands.
22. The Gift of inner healing, Ruth Carter Staplenton.
23. Making peace with your inner child, Rita Bennet.
24. You just dont understand, Deborah Tanen.
25. Men are from Mars Women are from venus, John Gray.
26. Getting the love you want Harville Hendrix.