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Hello my name is Richard

This is my science project called The Electriciquids. The purpose on why I chose this project is because I
am very curious and fascinated on how electricity works especially electrochemistry and I wanted to find
another electrical source for us to use for our electronics that are cheap and efficient.
What I think on which liquid will produce more volts is the lemon juice and it is because according to my
research the more acidic the liquid is the more ionic particles it have for it produce more electricity, and
so that is why I think the lemon juice is the liquid that we can use to power our electronics in the future.
Over here we have the list of materials that we need for the experiment and this is the procedure for
the doing the experiment. Now after the experimentation these are the results on what had happen
which is on my amazement, as you can see on the data table it says that the coffee produces the most
voltage because it has an average of 0.67V while the others like water and coke which has the same
average of 0.61V and especially the lemon juice which I thought that It is the one that will stand out the
most, it only has a voltage of 0.41.
Another thing that this experiment got me wrong is in fact that earlier I have said that the more acidic
the liquid is the more volts it will produce, well in what my experiment showed is that it acidity is not
the factor on which liquid will produce the most electricity because as it showed here on the data table
and the graphs coffee which has a pH of 6.2 and lemon juice has a pH of 2.4, especially this, water has a
pH of 8.8 which it is not acidic and it is a base, but still it produces more volts than the lemon juice .
So the conclusion is that my hypothesis was wrong that lemon juice is the liquid that can produce more
volts which is the outcome, the coffee is the one that made more volts than all of the liquids that I have
and that acidity is not the factor on which is if it will make more electricity.