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The Kayeff EP is a collection of four songs composed

by Kristian Freeman from April to July 2011. Most music

was composed with Ableton Live and Logic Pro, in the
comfort of a warm bed or outside in the reclusive Pacic
Northwest sun.
Thanks to: My #1 fan Claire, the most supportive
girlfriend I could ever ask for. My sister Ava for the
positive reinforcement through silly dancing, my family
and friends as well. Akai, Apple, Ableton, M-Audio
helped make this sound musical. Thank you for the
inspiration FlyLo, Samiyam, the entire Zelda franchise.
If you received this from Bandcamp, you hopefully
entered your email in the next couple days I will start
sending out download codes for a collection of bonus
tracks that include other music projects Ive been
involved in. Enjoy!
The Kayeff EP (and other bonus things)